Review: Hit the track in addictive Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D gives you all of the options, graphics, and challenging gameplay you could ever ask for in a mobile racing game. It's on par with some of the racing games you'd find for 64-bit consoles that you might have grown up playing. If you'd like a similar experience on your tablet or smartphone, this is the game you want to download.

Fast Racing 3D looks and performs like your standard racer, letting you take on computer opponents as well as time trials. Top performances in these levels earn you cash, which you can spend to … Read more

Taqueria vending machine? Say hola to Burrito Box

In Los Angeles, a city full of taquerias and Mexican restaurants, you'd think a vending machine selling burritos at a gas station would be met with eye rolls from foodies and the burrito bourgeois. However, Burrito Box appears to be one of those novelties that even the most jaded hipster can't help but try. After all, Burrito Box is on Instagram.

The self-proclaimed "world's first burrito kiosk" (located at Mobile Gas, 8380 Santa Monica Blvd.) sells five kinds of burritos: chorizo sausage with cage-free eggs and cheese; uncured bacon with egg and cheese; roasted potato with egg and cheese; free-range chicken with beans and rice; and shredded beef and cheese. Sour cream, hot sauce, and guacamole sell for extra cost. Burritos are $3 plus tax by credit card. … Read more

Seagate adds Fast, new style, mobile app, and higher capacities to its Backup Plus portable drive

LAS VEGAS -- It's here: the first 4TB portable bus-powered USB 3.0 portable drive. It's the Backup Plus Fast, which Seagate showed off at CES 2014 today.

The new drive is the latest in the Backup Plus family that was first introduced a year and half ago. It shares almost exact the same dimensions as a typical backup drive, with one exception: it's about twice the thickness.

This is because, on the inside, it comes with two 2TB internal hard drives that are blended together in a RAID 0 configuration. This translates into a single volume … Read more

Top 40 must-have Blu-ray discs

As 2013 winds to a close -- and as many of you will soon be looking to spend gift cards -- we thought this was a good time to update our list of must-have Blu-ray discs. We've added three new 2013 films, each of which will max out your home theater system, both visually and aurally.

Though my face is at the top of the column, the list was compiled with input from editors John Falcone, Matthew Moskovciak, and David Katzmaier, who look at a lot of video content in their day-to-day testing of products. We also keep an eye on AVS Forum's Blu-ray picture quality and audio quality threads, and have always appreciated the site's tiered rating system.

This list is not set in stone, and we'll be adding and removing discs as new ones come out. As always, feel free to make comments and suggest your own personal favorites. They may get added to the list in the future. … Read more

How to use facial recognition on your iPhone

iPhone and iPad users waiting for Apple to bring facial recognition to the iOS world may want to check out a couple of apps in the meantime.

A few different apps in Apple's App Store use the camera to identify your face, thereby granting access to certain stored information. The two apps that I took for a spin are FastAccess Anywhere and FaceCrypt. Both of them use facial recognition to lock and unlock specific content. How do they fare?

FastAccess Anywhere FastAccess Anywhere lets you use your face as a password to access any Web site that you choose.… Read more

Review: Fast Five for Mac offers a basic racing game experience

Fast Five for Mac brings to your Dashboard a racing game inspired by the film with the same name. While its gameplay and graphics feel limited compared to other racing simulators, it can still be an enjoyable game now and then, when you want to kill some time. Don't expect too much from it, though, and you won't be disappointed.

Fast Five for Mac installs quickly as a widget in the Dashboard area of your Mac OS X. After you move it to the active area, it opens into a large window, likely requiring you to move other … Read more

Pinterest CEO: Going public is not the goal

SAN FRANCISCO -- Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann didn't reveal many details about his company's future at a scheduled talk Wednesday, but he did express one thing: Pinterest is not angling to go public.

When asked if the company wanted to go public next year, Silbermann didn't rule it out completely, but said it wasn't the priority.

"That's actually not the goal," he told a crowd while onstage here at Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored conference. Silbermann added that the company wants to "stand on its own two feet," and he didn'… Read more

Review: Fast Shutdown shuts your computer down in seconds

Fast Shutdown delivers on its promise to shut your computer down in a matter of seconds. It lets you avoid the countless prompts that usually come with rebooting or closing your computer. It isn't exactly clear how it works its magic, but it does the job and doesn't wreck your computer in the process.

There are a few add-on programs attached to this program's install, so make sure you opt out of them if you want to keep your browser's settings intact. As far as interfaces go, Fast Shutdown gives you one of the most minimalist … Read more

Review: Convert, crop, & edit images on the go with FastStone Photo Resizer Portable

FastStone Photo Resizer Portable is a great choice for travelers or anyone who takes a lot of pictures on the go, and not just because it runs on almost any Windows machine (XP to 8, server included) without being installed or leaving traces when you remove it, or because it's free (both work for us). But with Photo Resizer Portable on your thumb drive, you can resize, rename, rotate, crop, or convert images, alter colors, and apply text and watermarks from any PC you can access. We tried FastStone Photo Resizer Portable in 64-bit Windows 7.

Since FastStone Photo … Read more

Review: Convert and edit your snaps with FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer 3.2 makes quick work of batches of digital snapshots. It not only resizes and renames images quickly and with minimal fuss, but it also crops, rotates, adjusts, and edits your pictures, too, and even applies text and watermarks. It has everything you need to take those huge folders of megabyte snapshots with cryptic names and, in one step, convert them all to JPEGS (or whatever), resize them to manageable dimensions, and rename them all, even sequentially (such as: RoadTripAug2012_1). It's better than Plan B, which is to just forget about them and then spend hours … Read more