Save up to $250 with Rosetta Stone's Autumn Sale

Ever dreamt of an all-expense-paid tour of Europe? While we can't swing that, we can offer you the ability to order dinner, ask for directions, or whisper sweet nothings to locals in the native language when you get there. Blending reading, writing, listening, and speaking, Rosetta Stone's unique, immersive curriculum is guaranteed to get you speaking in foreign tongues faster. You'll receive up to 50 percent off on all available courses right now with Free Shipping or Instant Download. With these savings, you'll be able to sock more away in that vacation fund.

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Star Apps: Phantogram

Electronic rock duo Phantogram is named after an optical illusion that makes 2D images appear 3D, but the talents of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are plain to see and hear. I chatted with Carter about the twosome's most recent album, "Voices," the meanings behind some of their most heartfelt lyrics, keeping their almost 20-year friendship alive, and his favorite apps.

On both of your albums, the name Lucy keeps coming up. Who's Lucy? Lucy is an imaginary character that we made up. When I was writing "When I'm Small," there was a … Read more

Sesame Street, Fall Out Boy Flappy Bird clones arrive. Where's yours?

Everyone! Stop what you're doing and clone Flappy Bird, the recently departed mobile gaming sensation, before...

Oh, sorry. I got distracted there for a second. I had to address a bug that popped up in a new app I'm working on, a hipster-themed Flappy Bird clone called "Flappy Beard." It's going to be great -- old-timey looking facial hair styles flap their way through corncob pipes.

Anyway, as I was saying, it's not too late for you to join the party! If we all get busy creating and then playing everyone else's Flappy Bird clones, it will solve climate change...I think.… Read more

Woman falls into bay while browsing Facebook

"She wasn't splashing around too much."

With these words, Senior Constable Dean Kelly of the Melbourne (Australia) Water Police offered his description of a woman who had walked straight off the St. Kilda Pier and fallen into the water.

"She was just floating, really," he explained.

Perhaps she was in shock. Or perhaps her priority was to make sure that her phone was fine and that she hadn't missed anything in her News Feed.

Before she'd made her splashing exit from dry land, this Taiwanese woman, said to be in her mid-20s, had … Read more

The 404 1,383: Where we hurry up and wait for the Sony PlayStation 4 (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- CNET's PS4 review: The next generation is here. Now wait.

- Jeff's first-ever PS4 screenshot.

- Why you should wait before buying an Xbox One or PS4.

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Apple's product revamp to come before October, CFO suggests

If you want to be excited about new Apple products, you'll have to wait until fall, the company reiterated on Tuesday.

During a conference call with analysts to discuss its better than expected third quarter results, Apple's chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer sidestepped questions about when -- exactly --the company would be unveiling new products, though hinted they'd come before September's up.

Apple will have a "very busy fall," Oppenheimer said, adding that he'd "like to leave it there and go into more detail in October."

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A quadcopter's view of Niagara Falls

On the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls combined have the highest flow rate of any waterfalls in the world -- more than 168,000 cubic meters per minute.

The largest of the three falls is Horseshoe Falls, which is the most powerful waterfall on the North American continent. Although the falls are a fantastic source of hydroelectric power, they're also incredibly beautiful.

Of course, seeing them from the air is not something many people get to do, so YouTube user Questpact decided that footage of the falls would make a wonderful entry into the DJI Phantom Video Contest. … Read more

Jimmy Fallon goes hands-on with PS4 -- with console out of sight

Jimmy Fallon was the first person since Sony's PlayStation event earlier this week to publicly take one of the console's games for a spin.

Sony last night brought the PlayStation 4 to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," allowing the host to briefly play Killzone: Shadow Fall. His time on the new PlayStation 4 controller -- which was detailed ad nauseam -- was short-lived. One of Fallon's guests also had the chance to play Killzone, but that, too, was a quick experience.

Interestingly, the person from the Killzone team who was playing the title had no … Read more

The 404 1,212: Where there's a PS4...in the controller? (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Sony PS4 is official: Coming in 2013, but design and price remain a mystery.

- Five unanswered questions about PlayStation 4.

- Sony: Fear not, the PlayStation 4 will play used games.

- Making sense of the PS4 game lineup.

- Sony plans second-screen app for PlayStation 4.

- Sony mum on PlayStation Vita price drops for U.S., Europe.

- Microsoft spokesman takes potshot at PS4 event.

- Sony PS4 event skewered in animated parody.… Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall will light up PS4

Do you need a digital distraction? Travel more than 300 years into the future and experience a captivating, futuristic metropolis featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall -- an upcoming, pulse-pounding first-person shooter for the PlayStation 4.

Developer Guerrilla Games exposed a series of stunning high-resolution screenshots from the title, which will launch alongside the PS4 later this year.… Read more