What if Red Bull's season didn't improve?

As Britain's greatest bard put it; "Now entertain conjecture of a time".

Pre-season testing has not gone well for the Red Bull F1 team. They've started on the back foot (or perhaps hoof in the case of Red Bull, and err, also Ferrari for that matter). The Renault power unit has proved troublesome, and Adrian Newey's tight packaging has simply exacerbated those problems. From this moment on, they are playing catch-up, and, as they say in Formula One "If you are not going forwards then you are.. just plain f*#3d".

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The Formula One London Grand Prix: Why it could, and should be done

Next year will see a bigger shakeup in Formula One than we've seen for many years. Not only are the beloved shrieking V8s to be replaced with Turbo V6s, but also the calendar itself is set to be the biggest in the history of the sport. Subject to final approval, 22 races in all will be run, compared with this year's 19.

This includes a record six street circuits, with the addition of New Jersey (battling in the piercing shadows of New York's striking skyline) and Russia joining the likes of Melbourne, Singapore, Montreal, and, of course, … Read more

Profiles: Turbo: Just the boost F1 needs

Turbo engines take over in F1 next year thanks to a regulation change that takes the sport back to the future. It's exactly 30 years since the world championship was first claimed by a turbo-powered driver.

Turbos first appeared in F1 in 1977. It was Renault who first realised the potential of an exhaust-driven turbocharger to take on normally-aspirated engines. Renault won Le Mans in 1978 with a V6 turbo sports car, and powered Jean-Pierre Jabouille to the first turbo F1 win at Dijon in France in 1979. The Frenchman was chased home by an epic battle between Gilles … Read more

Jeff Bezos IDs recovered Apollo 11 rocket

Saturday marks 44 years to the day since the late Neil Armstrong set the first human foot on the moon. And on the eve of this milestone, Jeff Bezos -- a guy who wants to sell you everything on Earth while also preserving our means for escaping its bonds -- says his team has finally identified the remains of one of the rockets that took that Apollo 11 team the first leg of the journey toward our satellite.… Read more

Maxis F1 2013 for iPad 1.4 Review

The F1 Circuit starts in early March and lasts until late November, covering six continents and dozens of races. It is consistently one of the most popular events in the world and the sheer volume of information about it is overwhelming if consumed from multiple sources. That's why Maxis F1 2013 is such an incredible app; it succinctly organizes and presents every relevant piece of information about F1 you could ever need, whether as a fan or a racing enthusiast.

The app opens to an array of information, including a countdown clock to the next race, a list of … Read more

Tech powers F1 cars in Austin

Did you know that a modern F1 car incorporates 130 sensors, transmitting a large volume of data during each race and practice session? During this weekend's Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas, teams from all over the world will be examining reams of data covering their cars' engine and driver performance.

Data storage company NetApp, the solutions of which are used by such F1 teams as BMW's Sauber, created a graphic (above), showing technology and other facts about modern Formula 1 racing.

For instance, did you know that active suspensions were banned in 1994, but kinetic energy recovery … Read more

Amazon's Bezos to raise Apollo rockets from watery grave

Not to be outdone by "Titanic" director James Cameron, Amazon's Jeff Bezos has just announced that after searching the seafloor, he's located the rockets that thrust Neil Armstrong toward the moon more than 40 years ago and plans to bring them back onto dry land.

Writing on his "Bezos Expeditions" blog today, the e-commerce guru and would-be space explorer said his team had located the five F-1 rockets that lifted the Apollo 11 mission spaceward and then plunged into the Atlantic.… Read more

Sony struggles to meet demand for popular NEX lens

Those looking to buy the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T E 24mm F1.8 ZA lens may have a hard time finding it for sale anytime soon.

In an announcement today, the Japanese company informed consumers that it cannot keep up with demand for the popular E-mount lens, which starts at around $999. The shortage situation is on the path to a resolution, as the Sony notice says that "we are working diligently in order to meet the needs of customers as much as possible."

Why is this lens so popular? "It's fast (wide aperture), sharp, and bright with nice bokeh, plus it has a good feel and comfortable manual focusing," says CNET Senior Editor Lori Grunin. Read her review of the most current cameras that use the lens, the Sony NEX-7 or NEX-5N, at CNET Reviews. … Read more

Mozilla Labs absorbs Thunderbird group

Mozilla, which had hoped its Thunderbird e-mail software would rise to financial self-sufficiency like its better-known Firefox project, unveiled a Plan B yesterday that instead increases the organization's focus on other communication technology.

The Thunderbird group, called Mozilla Messaging, will become part of Mozilla Labs--a research center rather than a profit center--and lose its official name. David Ascher, who has led the Mozilla Messaging group, "now will lead a new innovation group within Mozilla Labs focused on online communications and social interactions on the Web," said Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation, in a blog postRead more

Playseat F1 game sim revs up virtual racing

First off, you can't exactly start driving with the Playseat F1 race game simulator right out of the box. It's actually an awfully pricey $1,320 racing bucket seat on a F1 car-styled nose with built-in mounting provisions for your steering wheel and pedals, which are not included in the package.

The high cost is probably due to its Red Bull Racing livery, which is officially licensed from the Formula One team. Still, users will get durable vinyl leather upholstery and universal compatibility with all brands of steering wheel kits for PCs and game consoles. The Playseat F1 race game simulator is expected to launch in June.

Need a stronger reason to get one? Here's the sales pitch from Fernando Smit, the company's founder: "The user feels every bump in the road surface. People will experience the race as if they are real racing drivers."

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