F-Secure Key for Mac review

An encrypted, password-protected manager, F-Secure Key for Mac helps you handle multiple log-in credentials, proving handy if you constantly forget your passwords. It works well, making a positive impression with its accessibility.


Useful online and offline password storage: With F-Secure Key for Mac, you don't have to worry about forgetting your passwords as long as you remember the master password you use for accessing the app. It securely stores your passwords online as well as offline, to make sure that you will still have access to them even when you can't connect to the Internet.

Automatic form … Read more

Review: F-secure Internet Security

F-Secure Internet Security 2014 has a very corporate, systematic feel: the utility's overall design isn't decorated with bright, attention-grabbing colors. Its layout, user flow, and functionality are organized to stay out of your daily PC routine so you can go about your session with one less thing to worry about.

Installation was light and quick; F-Secure took just a few minutes and it doesn't ask about any toolbar offers or extension add-ons (though SafeSearch is an extension you can choose to add later). When you're finished, you'll be introduced to Launchpad, a central dock that … Read more

Malware masquerading as Bad Piggies found on Google Play

Heard of the game Bad Pigs? Or is it Bad Piggies?

Some clever hacker decided to create a malicious app deceivingly similar to one of the top games in the Google Play store. And, it was downloaded more than 10,000 times before people took notice.

Security company F-Secure wrote on Wednesday that it had located Bad Pigs -- which had the same artwork and app description as Bad Piggies -- and let Google know. The only apparent differences between the two apps were the names of the app and the developer -- who was "Dan Stokes" rather … Read more

Review: F-Secure Mobile Security gets the job done

F-Secure Mobile Security is an all-encompassing service that provides antivirus scanning, parental controls, and anti-theft solutions in an attempt to provide an all-encompassing protection package.

Upon installation, the app will walk you through a series of steps that include accepting some guidelines and allowing permissions, like the ability to wipe your device without warning, check your location, and other sensitive administrative actions. It'll then guide you through an anti-theft setup process, first with Android's stock security and then with F-Secure's own security code. You'll then be asked to add an optional trusted number to send an … Read more

New Mac spyware found in the Oslo Freedom Forum

F-secure is reporting on new malware found for OS X, which appears to be a backdoor application that so far is known to take screenshots of the user's computer and then attempt to upload them to remote servers. The malware is being called OSX/KitM.A.

It's a small application called macs.app and was found on the Mac of an African activist who was a member of of the Oslo Freedom Forum. When installed, the application is appended to the current Mac user's log-in items so it runs whenever the affected user account is logged in. … Read more

Apple marketing chief jabs Android security on Twitter

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller has been a semi-regular Twitter user since 2008, though mostly tweets about things like music, movies and sports.

But that changed earlier today with a post linking to F-Secure Labs' latest quarterly Mobile Threat report, with a casual mention to "be safe out there."

The 29-page report's (PDF) key finding is that malware on Google's Android is getting worse, in part because of the platform's brisk growth and a new variant of malware that spread using SMS.

"Android malware has been strengthening its position in the mobile threat scene,&… Read more

F-Secure gets an A in protection

Review: The Finnish security firm F-Secure gains a large percentage of its business from corporate accounts and platform operators, but that doesn't mean that it treats its consumer security suites as a ginger-haired child of indeterminate parentage and poor temperament. F-Secure 2013 focuses on keeping its security ahead of the curve, along with some ease-of-use improvements. However, as other suites emphasize their engine improvements along with an ever-expanding feature set, F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013 ($39.99) and F-Secure Internet Security 2013 ($59.99) remain steadfastly lean while still providing top-rated security.

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Will tweaks keep F-Secure competitive?

A firewall that boosts outbound protection, browser protection that almost doesn't care which browser is your favorite, and compatibility with Microsoft's big October gamble are the highlights of F-Secure's 2013 suites, released today.

There's actually quite a few changes to F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013 (download) and F-Secure Internet Security 2013 (download) this year, but nearly all of them are focused on enhancing security already in last year's suites -- as opposed to providing entirely new features.

The most notable changes in F-Secure come to how it interacts with your Web browser, and how its firewall works … Read more

Nokia: We have a Windows Phone 'contingency plan'

Nokia has a plan in its back pocket should a deal with Microsoft fall through, or the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 software update fail to generate interest, according to Nokia's board chairman.

Speaking on his debut television appearance, F-Secure's founder and former chief executive Risto Siilasmaa, who became Nokia's board chairman in May, defended the move to Microsoft's Windows Phone, which replaced the ailing Symbian operating system last year.

But he said Nokia has a "contingency plan" should the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 "fail to live up to expectations," according to a … Read more

Flashback malware removal tool roundup

The Apple community is tackling the Flashback malware threat for OS X. Despite these efforts, the malware is still out there with the potential to infect unpatched Mac systems or even those that are patched, but for which the user fell for the fake Flash updater traps used by earlier variants of the malware.

You can check for the presence of the malware using our instructions or others, or use automated online options such as Dr. Web's checker to determine if your system may be compromised. So far, a number of tools have been released by some reputable security … Read more