Netflix to test extra features for its original shows

SAN FRANCISCO -- One of the things that's gotten lost with the popularity of streaming TV shows and movies is the extra features that come on DVDs.

But those days may not be so bygone on Netflix.

At the GigaOm Mobilize conference here, Todd Yellin, vice president of product innovation at Netflix, said that the company will bring those DVD-style extras to its original programming.

"The core of the experience is watching the story that the directors and writers contended, and that's like 99 percent of what it is," he said. "But supplemental content, whether … Read more

The 404 1,357: Where Banksy wears glamoflage (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Mysterious NSA billboard pops up in Tribeca (no, it's not Banksy).

- Best 404 page ever makes man a temporary trillionaire.

- This woman claims to be the original voice of Siri.

- Custom T-shirts made to foil Facebook recognition.

- Donate to 404 listener Ryan Hatfield, who plans to play video games for 24 hours straight to benefit the Children's Miracle Network on October 26.… Read more

Quickly navigate OS X menu extras with arrow keys

Menu extras are the small utility menus at the top-right of your screen that give you quick access to some of the system preferences and other central options in OS X, such as options to select Wi-Fi networks, change system volume, and access Time Machine backups. Third-party developers may also include menu extras to give quick-access to their program's settings and features.

While you can access these menus by clicking them, at times this may be a touch cumbersome, especially if you are actively using the keyboard and not a mouse or trackpad.

For standard system menus (those to … Read more

Banish stubborn menu extras in OS X

Menu extras in OS X are small menu bar additions that appear on the far right of the system menu; they include a number of built-in controls such as the volume, Wi-Fi, and date and time menus. Third-party developers can also create their own menu extras. I've written about managing menu bar additions before -- usually you can just hold the Command key and drag the menu extra off the menu bar to remove it. But sometimes, depending on the development method used to create it, the menu extra won't allow you to disable or delete it.

These … Read more

Troubleshooting a freezing or hanging OS X menu bar

The OS X menu bar is a central location for accessing system resources in the Apple menu, application-specific menus, and also a number of system settings through menu extras that can be appended to the right side of the menu bar. Some extras that are on by default include the time and date, battery level, and volume control, but others can be added to the bar, including VPN status, keychain, the script menu, and Bluetooth status.

Though these menu extras are convenient, there may be times when problems occur with this part of the system menu, such as freezes and … Read more

Audio recorder and file manager

eXtra Voice Recorder Lite is an audio recorder and audio file manager. The free Lite version is a subset of the full product available for $9.99. eXtra Voice Recorder Lite installs on your Mac OS device quickly and easily.

The eXtra Voice Recorder Lite interface is clean. The audio recording capabilities are simple to work with. The audio file manager lets you import audio files and see all of them in a simple window. Once you have an audio file selected you can annotate it with metadata, and a search function can examine the metadata as well as file … Read more

Follow the 2012 Olympic games on your iOS or Android phone

There are few events quite as exciting as the Olympics. With athletes from all over the world competing for their respective countries, it's easy to get excited as you root for your country to win. Obviously, I'll be rooting for my American compatriots, but seeing the drama of each event, no matter who the winner is, can be appreciated by anyone.

This year, the apps for tracking Olympic events are better than ever before, but still not quite perfect. Since NBC is covering the Olympics, it's the only app in this collection that will have live streams … Read more

How to extract images from Office documents

Including images in an Office document can ensure that all relevant data is located in one spot for everyone's convenience. Maybe you need to include a schematic or blueprint diagram to help illustrate a point, or feel photos documenting a problem or demonstration could give your work a bit more power. In any case, the easy part is putting the images into the document, but what if you need to pull the images out of a file?

Sure you could use a screen grabber for small files, but what about large, high-quality images that don't fit into one … Read more

Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature in which we answer questions e-mailed in by our readers.

This week people wrote in with questions about the best way to move data from an old user account to a new one, the purpose for the key given to you when you enable FileVault, and how to add new menu extras to the menu bar. Others asked how to manage exceptionally large virtual memory used by programs, and how best to move an OS installation to a new partition. We welcome alternative approaches and views from readers, so if you have any suggestions, post … Read more

Get an extra 4.5GB of Dropbox storage for free

Dropbox rolled out a beta version of the popular file-sharing service a while back that allowed users to automatically upload photos to their Dropbox accounts.

Following the recent release of the latest beta, Dropbox is now giving beta testers the chance to earn up to 4.5GB of additional space in their Dropbox accounts. Here's a brief rundown of how it works.

To get the additional space, you need to download and install the latest beta build from the Dropbox forums. Make sure to create a backup of your Dropbox folder before installing the beta. The easiest way to … Read more