Get the Google Now Launcher on your Android device

When the Nexus 5 launched, it had its own custom launcher, which at that time was called the Google Experience launcher. Google announced the launcher was going to remain exclusive to the device, but as Donald Bell covered there are workarounds to get the Google Experience on other Android devices.

Then earlier this week Google updated the Google Search app and as Droid Life pointed out, it contains some interesting changes. The Google Experience launcher is now named the Google Now launcher and it includes the ability to import your current icon and folder settings.

The Google Now launcher is … Read more

Start Google Now with your voice on the Galaxy Note 3

Handsets with the Google Experience Launcher, like the Moto X, allow you to launch Google Now by simply saying "OK Google." To add this functionality to most Android phones, you'd have to install the Google Launcher, which would override the launcher currently in use (even custom ones).

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you don't have to override your current launcher to get convenient access to Google Now; the always listening feature is built-in, it's just pointed to the wrong app (S Voice). By using one app, S for Switch Voice, you can use the … Read more

Teacher 'slices' student with knife for science

When I was forced to study science, we had to cut up frogs. Some found this enormously thrilling. I found it like trying to reason with a bank manager.

I was never asked, though, to cut up a human being. In Russia, however, schools seem not to distinguish between animals and humans.

For here is a delightful video of a science teacher slashing a student. The purpose was not dissection, but, one assumes, elucidation.

I am grateful to Gawker's sanguine arm for spotting this quite elegant step forward in education.… Read more

Dome is where the Marvel superheroes are

Want to hang out with your favorite Marvel superheroes under giant domes? Of course you do.

Set to tour the US and Canada this spring, the Marvel Experience is a roadshow that promises a range of activities for Marvel fans. Interactive games and animated films will be on tap as will "the first-ever traveling motion-based ride." Visitors also will be able to interact directly with different Marvel superheroes and SHIELD agents.

Offered by Marvel and live entertainment producer Hero Ventures, the Marvel Experience will invite fans into a complex built to mimic a SHIELD installation, aka a "Mobile Command Center." Inside the complex is a maze of domes through which you travel to interact with the various exhibits. Filling up more than two acres of space, the complex will reach into the sky at more than six stories high.… Read more

Yes, tossing boiling water in cold air makes snow (but it also burns you)

Man enjoys the idea of being God. Especially technological man.

So when the big freeze hit so many parts of the US over the past few days, it was inevitable that technological man would try and take advantage.

It's too easy licking a metal pole to see if your tongue will stick to it. It's time for something more exalted -- like making snow.

So people have been taking to their balconies and gardens to prove that they can do as the deities do.

The chosen method is to take some boiling water, throw it in the air, … Read more

Man sets tap water on fire, sparks debate

I confess that I've tried to set many things in my life on fire.

The curtains at my house, for example. Oh, and then there were my ambitions.

But I've never thought of turning a lighter on next to a running tap to see what happens. Possibly because I imagine that nothing would.

However, a North Dakota resident called Jacob Haughney decided to see whether he could make a little magic occur.

He posted a video of the proceedings to YouTube, where it has stirred scientific imaginations.

For here appears to be running water that is flaming water. Just the mere contact with a flame and it breathes fire.

The video was posted a couple of weeks ago and it has since inflamed quite a debate.… Read more

Hobbits, trolls, and elves invade Google Chrome

Turn your Chrome browser into a fantasy portal complete with dwarves worthy of Bilbo Baggins. Journey through Middle-earth is an interactive Chrome browser experience inspired by the new movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" and developed by North Kingdom.

Explore Hobbit locales such as Trollshaw Forest, Rivendell, and Dol Guldur. Other locations, such as Thranduil's Hall, Lake-Town, and Erebor, will be unlocked as the movie's December premiere gets closer.

In the wild upland woods of Trollshaw, the hunting place of Hill-trolls who terrorize unsuspecting travelers, we learn about its dangerous inhabitants and Bilbo's encounter with them. Run through a maze surrounded by Hill-trolls and hopefully escape without being snatched. … Read more

Experience the Galaxy Note 3 on nearly any Android device

Do you currently have an Android device? And are you on the fence about whether or not the Note 3 is the right device for your next purchase? Samsung has an answer for you if you said yes.

By downloading and using the Galaxy Note 3 Experience app, available for free in the Play Store, you can get a firsthand experience of what the Note 3 offers. You'll need to be using a device running Android 4.1 and above.

As noted by Android Authority, you'll be guided through selecting different functions you value, and then walk through … Read more

Blog re-creates every burger from 'Bob's Burgers'

One of the ongoing visual jokes in the animated Fox show "Bob's Burgers" is the Burger of the Day, a pun-tastic food-stravaganza on a bun, written on a small blackboard behind the counter. (You can see the burgers here thanks to another enterprising Tumblr blogger who's screencapping them all.)

A 10-month-old Tumblr blog by the name of The Bobs Burgers Experiment is going a step further -- by bringing Bob's Burger of the Day into the real world. Initially, the updates were slow, and then the blog went dead for seven months -- coming back a month ago, when it promised a new burger every Tuesday. … Read more

Google breaks old promise by working on search banner ads

Nearly eight years ago, Google's then-vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, wrote a blog post saying that the company would never run banner ads in search results or on the Google home page.

That promise appears to be in the process of being broken, reported SearchEngineLand, as a screenshot by Dallas-based Web marketing app maker Synrgy shows an experimental, enormous banner ad at the top of search results for "Southwest Airlines."

"There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or Web search results pages. There will not be crazy, flashy, … Read more