Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud review

Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud lets you keep all of your important emails and dates in one place. Stay on top of everything you have to do when you link all of your accounts to this calendar program.


Nice navigation: This app features a smooth and intuitive interface that lets you swipe back and forth through days, and view the details of an event by tapping it on any screen. You can also view events in a list view organized by date, by week with blocks of time outlined, or by month with a split-screen … Read more

Police probe death of Bitcoin exchange's young CEO

Autumn Radtke, the young CEO of a small Bitcoin exchange, was found dead last week in her home in Singapore. The circumstances or her death are still unknown.

Radtke, 28, joined First Meta as CEO in the beginning of January 2012 to help build a "next generation" exchange for virtual currency. The company posted a statement on its Web site regarding Radtke's death.

"The First Meta team is shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and CEO Autumn Radtke," the statement reads. "Our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends … Read more

Mt. Gox CEO: I'm working to find fixes for our Bitcoin exchange

Mt. Gox has been through a rough month. But its CEO is trying to keep hopes alive through a new message directed at the exchange's customers.

On Monday, the exchange's Web site went offline amid reports that Mt. Gox was insolvent after losing hundreds of millions of dollars. On Tuesday, the site resurfaced with the message that the exchange was halting all transactions for the time being following the news reports and their "potential repercussions."

On Wednesday, the site was updated with the following statement from CEO Mark Karpeles:

February 26th 2014

Dear MtGox Customers,

As … Read more

Bitcoin sinks after exchange pauses withdrawals

Bitcoin's value was hammered following a pause in withdrawals by one major exchange.

After trading at around $850 this past week, the virtual currency fell both Thursday night and Friday morning and is now hovering at around $732, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index. So what triggered the freefall?

MtGox, a major Bitcoin exchange, had announced that it was temporarily stopping all Bitcoin withdrawal requests in light of a technical issue in the withdrawal process. The process needed to be frozen for MtGox to fix the problem, according to a statement on its Web site:

In our efforts … Read more

Microsoft offers free gifts with online exchange

It's a classic game show conundrum: keep the gift you're given or swap it for a chance at winning something better. That's the idea behind Microsoft's new online gift exchange.

Each day from Monday, December 9, until Friday, December 20, Microsoft's gift exchange page will offer you a chance to win a surprise holiday present. After the gift pops up, Microsoft plays virtual Monty Hall by giving you the option to exchange it for something else. The grand prize of an online gift code worth $500 will end up in the stockings of 12 lucky … Read more

Twitter stock hits high marks with new ad rollout

Since going public last month, Twitter has been rolling out various features to snag marketers' attention. It appears this work has paid off. The social network's shares are the highest they've been since the company's first day on the New York Stock Exchange.

Gaining 9.3 percent on Monday, Twitter's shares closed at $49.14. The only other time the social network saw those types of numbers was on its first day of trading when its shares soared from $26 to $50.09, and then closed at $44.90. In the last few weeks, Twitter's … Read more

Twitter picks NYSE over Nasdaq for IPO

Both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq have been courting Twitter to list the company's shares once it goes public. And it appears the social network has chosen a victor: the NYSE. The news comes via Twitter's updated S-1 filing on Tuesday.

While this doesn't make much of a difference to investors, it does deliver a blow to the Nasdaq, which is the home to most public tech companies, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Facebook is listed on the Nasdaq but it hasn't had a great experience with the exchange. In fact, on … Read more

The 404 1,356: Where we've come to the end of the Silk Road #boyzIImen (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- The jig is up: FBI seizes online drug marketplace Silk Road, outs owner in indictment.

- The initial purpose for "#" is now completely dead.

- Post "revenge porn" in California and you may go to jail.

- New trend: People tweeting photos of themselves falling down stairs.… Read more

Samsung targets business users -- and BlackBerry -- with new app store

Just when it seemed like things couldn't get more grim for BlackBerry, rival Samsung has made another grab for the company's core group of business users.

The Korean electronics giant on Wednesday unveiled its latest push in the mobile enterprise market -- the "Samsung Solutions Exchange," a sort of app store for business programs. The company isn't simply rounding up apps ideal for enterprise users. Rather, Samsung is talking with customers to find out what they need and then working with software developers to provide programs that use features specific to Samsung devices.

To do … Read more

SEC accuses Texas man of running Bitcoin Ponzi scheme

A Texas man is in trouble with the feds for allegedly ripping off investors via a Bitcoin-inspired Ponzi scheme.

The SEC announced on Tuesday that it has charged Trendon Shavers, the founder and operator of Bitcoin Savings and Trust, with several violations of federal law.

Shavers reportedly raised at least 700,000 Bitcoin in investments through his company in 2011 and 2012. At that time, his Bitcoin investments were worth $4.5 million. Today, they're worth more than $60 million.

The government accuses Shavers of generating all that money by promising investors 7 percent in interest each week for … Read more