Plan your workout in 3D

iMuscle helps you work out by showing you a 3D representation of the human body with the musculature exposed and animations of the muscle groups used for specific exercises. The app offers over 450 3D animations to show how stretches and exercises effect your body--a great workout aid when your at the gym and want to know how to best focus on specific muscle groups.

The interface of iMuscle lets you choose an area of the "Muscleman" you want to work on and then zooms in on the area. You then get a list of thumbnails that work … Read more

Control your music with swipes

CarTunes Music Player is the perfect app for the road or the gym. It lets you use gestures as music controls so you don't need to look at the device to control your music.

Upon launch, CarTunes will go through a brief tutorial showing you the main gestures to play a song, how to quickly move from track to track, and other options using a swipe-controlled interface. Simply touch to play, swipe left or right to switch tracks, or touch and hold in the middle to control a volume knob. To add songs and control the apps settings, swipe … Read more

Jogger's iPhone companion

RunKeeper Pro is the paid version of the already great free fitness app RunKeeper. Like the free version, RunKeeper Pro can help track your speed, pace, distance, and location of workouts on any GPS-enabled iPhone. Whether you're running, cycling, or walking, RunKeeper can track your location so long as you have adequate GPS strength.

The simple two-button interface--Stop/Start and Pause--and a large display shows time elapsed, current speed, pace per mile (or kilometer), distance traveled, and GPS strength, with live graphs and the ability to check your current location and post pictures and status updates. You can track … Read more

Track your workouts

RunKeeper Free is a no-cost but still full-featured version of RunKeeper Pro, a fitness app that helps runners (and even hikers and cyclists and the like) track the speed, pace, distance, and location of their workouts. The app has a streamlined, two-button interface--Stop/Start and Pause--and a large display that shows time elapsed, current speed, pace per mile (or kilometer), distance traveled, and GPS strength. What makes RunKeeper Free so useful--and motivating--is its ability to track the history of your runs, showing a quick list of the date, start time, duration, and distance covered for all your runs, and even … Read more

Follow a calorie budget

Lose It is a free, simple-to-use weight-loss app that can help you set long-term goals and track calories consumed and burned. The Lose It interface is very intuitive, making it quick and easy to log both food and exercise--which is a must for any good diet and exercise tracker. The first time you use Lose It, you enter your gender, age, weight, height, and desired weight and weight-loss rate, and the app sets a goal date and gives you a daily calorie budget. The app then helps you track your progress with graphs, logs, and daily feedback (such as useful &… Read more