Restaurant offers cell phone bribe

A meal isn't a meal without a cell phone.

You need to photograph the food and get it onto your Twitter feed, before any of the other diners does the same. It isn't called A Twitter "feed" for nothing, you know.

You need to be able to Google "the collected works of Al Green," just in case there's a dispute about who wrote "Let's Stay Together."

And you need it to go on Wine Spectator's site to check just how many points this haughty little Grenache Noir might have earned for its reticence.

Then along comes some upstart restaurant in, of all places, Los Angeles to try and take your iPhone away from you. Worse, this place is prepared to bribe you.… Read more

'Siri, is there a comparable Android alternative?'

Of all the features introduced in the iPhone 4S, Siri is the one that has people really talking. Literally.

The concept of using a smartphone as a personal assistant is certainly appealing, but it's not necessarily new. Take for instance Voice Actions, a Google feature introduced for 2.2 devices, that lets users call contacts, send messages, complete common tasks, and more.

There are also many applications already in the market that let users ask questions or use commands, although none is quite as well-rounded as Siri. However, a new app recently landed on the scene that looks to … Read more

Netgear unleashes its Digital Entertainer Live

If you're a fan of devices that play media from USB drives, such as the WD TV, you'll probably find the newest toy from Netgear interesting.

The company announced Tuesday the newest Internet-connected set-top box in its Digital Entertainer product family, the Digital Entertainer Live (model EVA2000). The device is similar to the WD TV as it also has two USB ports and supports playback of a long list of digital media files, including DivX and Matroska MKV, a popular compressed format for high-definition movies.

The EVA2000 incorporates an Ethernet port that gives it access to Internet-based media … Read more

A designer water flask to complement your accessories

It's a hot summer day, and you're out shopping. You've got your look together and your accessories are perfect. With the minor exception of the plastic water bottle in your hand.

In addition to the environmental faux pas, it just looks...cheap. Dress up your outfit instead with a stainless steel water flask from Eva Solo.

The flask, which costs $75, will keep your water cool and refreshing all day long. Yes, you can freeze your plastic water bottle for the same effect. But it'll sweat all over everything in your bag, and depending on just … Read more

An easy-to-clean garlic press

I love garlic. Mincing it, I'm not so much a fan of. But eating it? Yeah, I like that. I add minced garlic to nearly everything I cook. But you know what I hate even more than mincing garlic with a knife and a cutting board? Cleaning out the ridiculously tiny holes in a garlic press.

I know, they give you that little plastic tool to help, but it really doesn't. At least, mine doesn't. And there I am, hunched over the sink with a toothpick, going tiny square by tiny square, trying to get rid of … Read more

Netgear adds storage, Draft N to content streamer

During CES 2007, Netgear joined the home entertainment department with the Netgear EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD, a networked digital content streaming device. Two years later, Netgear unveils the device's successor, the Digital Entertainer Elite EVA9150, which offers a few significant improvements.

First off, it now comes with a 500GB internal hard drive for extra local content storage. This means the device now not only works as a media-streaming device but it can also store content on its own. The hard drive is even removable so you can change or replace it with a larger hard drive.

Secondly, the new … Read more

Column: Will you be ditching your antivirus app anytime soon?

For the last few months, I've been hearing some well-regarded security people tell me they are considering ditching their antivirus protection all together. They haven't done it, but these individuals feel the days of having a special application scan to remove malware on your desktop are numbered. Malware has changed, but the applications to ferret them out have not.

Antivirus programs, as we know them today, are based on 20-year-old technology of pattern matching. Pattern matching may have worked in the days of the Micheangelo virus and even as recently as Netsky, but methodically matching each and every … Read more

Security Bites 105: Does antivirus protection matter?

This week CNET's Robert Vamosi talks with Eva Chen, co-founder and CEO of Trend Micro.

For more than 20 years Chen has been active in the antimalware community and has kept her company competitive worldwide against competition such as Symantec and McAfee

Chen visited CNET to talk about Trend Micro's ambitious goal of putting anti-malware protection in the cloud. She argues that signature-based protection is still faster than running a full heuristic sandbox to detect new malicious software.

Chen thinks that by having your desktop ping a signature database in the cloud you'll get a faster, lighter, … Read more

Trend Micro gambles on 'in the cloud' technology

On Wednesday, Trend Micro CEO and co-founder Eva Chen unveiled a new vision for her company that includes "in-the-cloud" malware analysis.

Unlike the computer viruses of 20 years ago, which were slow to evolve and infected thousands of systems worldwide, malware today evolves rapidly and infects relatively few systems, creating thousands of new variants each day. Chen admits that traditional signature-based antivirus strategies may seem a bit outdated, but argues that pattern matching is still faster than running a full heuristic check of each new malware specimen. Her answer is to throw all the unknown samples up into … Read more

Netgear's Apple TV competitor plays DRM-encoded songs purchased from the iTunes Store

Kudos to Laptop magazine for getting the scoop, with the one of the first hands-on reviews we've seen of the Netgear EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD. There's just one problem: they got one big detail of the product dead wrong. The Netgear product does play songs purchased from the iTunes Store, as confirmed by hands-on tests in the CNET Labs.

We purchased and played two songs from the store, and were surprised to see that the Netgear was able to stream them to the TV/stereo system in the next room just as easily as it could with DRM-free … Read more