Ticket to Ride review

Ticket to Ride is a brilliant adaptation of one of the bestselling board games of the last decade. Perfectly capturing the look and feel of Days of Wonders' first and most ambitious game, Ticket to Ride plays seamlessly on the iPad, whether you want to take on the computer AI, connect with players through Game Center, or challenge your friends in a pass-and-play match.


Fast and intuitive play: Whether you've played Ticket to Ride before or not, the app is very easy to pick up and learn. A tutorial mode shows you the basics, and the variable difficulty … Read more

Google Map Maker expands to more corners of Europe

Google has opened up its Map Maker service in Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, letting people in those corners of Europe add their own contributions to Google's massive online mapping service.

Map Maker lets people contribute geographic features like roads, buildings, paths, and parks to Google Maps, a crowdsourced effort that can speed up improvements for people in an area where Google hasn't invested its own resources.

"Whether you add a biking route through Tallinn or a landmark in Vilnius, each improvement to the map will help locals and tourists alike better understand the … Read more

Mac Pro treks back to Europe following sales ban

The Mac Pro is no longer on the outs in Europe, following a redesign that obeys regulatory requirements.

On March 1 of last year, Apple stopped selling the Mac Pro in most European countries because the computer failed to comply with electrical regulations. Specifically, the ports and fans didn't pass muster with a new safety amendment that went into effect at that time. An Apple reseller in France had said that a new and compliant Mac Pro would replace the old version, and that time has finally come.

The new canister-shaped Mac Pro launched by Apple in December apparently … Read more

European antitrust case targets US movie studio contracts

The European Commission has opened an antitrust case involving licensing agreements between US film studios that can preclude European TV broadcasters in one country from showing movies in another.

The investigation involves licensing agreement provisions in contracts between Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, NBCUniversal, and Paramount Pictures on the one hand, and on the other "the largest European pay-TV broadcasters, such as BSkyB of the UK, Canal Plus of France, Sky Italia of Italy, Sky Deutschland of Germany, and DTS of Spain," the commission said Monday in a statement. At issue is whether such contracts hobble … Read more

Privacy ruling forces Google to delete racy images

Photographs from a sex party could change Google's search results in Europe, as a French court ruled against Google in a privacy case on Wednesday.

The decision will force Google to hide from its global search results links to the photos, which depict Max Mosley, the former head of the International Automobile Federation, at a sadomasochistic orgy in 2008. The ruling by the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris does not affect the Web sites that host the photos, only Google's results pointing to them.

Google said that it would appeal the decision. "This is a troubling … Read more

NSA spying revelations could hurt AT&T in Europe

AT&T may face a tougher time convincing European officials to approve future takeover deals in light of its role in the NSA's surveillance program.

Like many other US companies, AT&T was compelled by the government to provide the National Security Agency with phone records of its customers as part of the agency's hunt for terrorist activity. At the same time, AT&T has expressed an interest in acquiring a mobile carrier in Europe as a way to expand its global presence.

But some European officials told The Wall Street Journal that approval for … Read more

European homes now have 100 percent broadband coverage

Every citizen in the European Union now has broadband Internet access at home, a goal the European Commission said it reached before its year-end deadline.

Pushing the needle all the way to 100 percent is satellite-based Internet access, which reached the 0.6 percent of homes that wired connections and mobile networks couldn't reach, the EC announced Thursday. DSL, cable TV, and fiber-optic lines reach 96.1 percent, and mobile networks reach 99.4 percent.

"For those in the most isolated areas, satellite is a good option to stay connected, and it's likely to remain so," … Read more

Pinterest creates exclusive Android widget for Telefonica

Pinterest has inked a deal with Telefonica, one of the world's largest cellular companies, to feature an exclusive widget on the carrier's Android smartphones and tablets.

The widget will appear by default on the home screen of Android devices on Telefonica -- letting users see new pins and notifications without having to open the app. If users aren't signed into Pinterest, they'll still be able to see popular pins on the social network.

Telefonica is based in Spain and provides access throughout Europe and Latin America. It has 316 million customers, which is most likely one … Read more

Death Star soccer ball: Kick 'em while they're Darth

"Star Wars" celebrations are known for offering exclusive merchandise as special lures for attendees. Sometimes, those exclusive items sneak out and become available to the general public. That's what happened with the limited-edition Death Star soccer ball.

ThinkGeek is selling a small quantity of these exclusive balls that were originally offered at "Star Wars" Celebration Europe. Naturally, they were originally called the "Celebration Europe Death Star Football." Other European items may be destined to stay exclusive, like the Death Star paper lantern and Endor speeder bike floaty pen.… Read more

Epic point-of-view video lets you fly like an eagle

Only birds and aerial vehicles can soar around the European Alps, but a thrilling point-of-view video lets you vicariously take flight over the amazing vista from the alleged perspective of an eagle.

The point-of-view footage, uploaded by YouTube user Srachi, supposedly shows an action camera (e.g. a GoPro) attached to the back of an eagle that's flying around at extreme heights. According to the video description, the near 1.5-minute clip took place near the Chamonix village located at the Mer de Glace glacier of Mont Blanc in the French portion of the Alps.… Read more