'Star Trek'-inspired ring boldly goes where no jewelry has gone before

Pittsburgh-based jewelry designer Paul Michael Bierker of Paul Michael Design created a ring worthy of any captain of someone's heart.

The "Boldly Going Somewhere" ring, for sale on Etsy for $595 plus shipping, is available in a choice of metals and gems, including white gold with color-enhanced blue diamonds and white diamond galaxy; white gold with topaz and white diamond galaxy; sterling silver with blue topaz and cubic zarconia; or platinum with blue color-enhanced diamonds and white diamond galaxy.

"My rings are about passion," Bierker told Crave. "Love and knowing what your love cares about are key to the symbolism of your relationship. If your significant other loves R2-D2, 'Star Trek,' art deco design, or anything else, why not get them what they want? In my studio, we are custom; we base our designs on what people want." … Read more

Geek's guide to subverting Valentine's Day

Mushy love e-mails. Giant boxes of chocolates. Teddy bears holding red satin hearts. Valentine's Day can be enough to make any self-respecting geek run screaming from society. The objections are many. Perhaps you're single. Maybe you disapprove of it as a "manufactured holiday." Maybe you don't think love can be expressed with the same greeting card that thousands of other people are giving to the objects of their affection.

It's OK to say "no." You don't have to participate in the schlocky madness. Take some suggestions from our handy guide to geeky ways to avoid dealing with the dreaded V-Day.… Read more

Cat Tardis: Paws-itively perfect for your Doctor Mew

Humans aren't the only ones who can fly the Tardis. Remember Tom Baker's robot dog companion K-9? Well, now your cat can have fun napping in everyone's favorite blue police box from "Doctor Who" with this Tardis cat condo made by MonksHomefurnishings on Etsy.

The cat Tardis is custom-made from plywood and carpet, and is built to order. It stands 47 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. There are three levels for the cat to sleep and play on. … Read more

Wear a mini 3D-printed container garden as a necklace

Plants as fashion accessories shouldn't just be relegated to corsages at prom time. Etsy seller Wearable Planter offers itsy-bitsy 3D-printed containers made to hold plant life as necklaces, rings, and boutonnieres.

The products are essentially little vases, made from watertight 3D-printed acrylic polymer or nylon plastic. They can hold a cut flower or a succulent, such as an air plant. Some of the vases are made from translucent material to show off the roots below. You provide your own plant life.… Read more

Taxidermy chess: Play with rooks and dead rodents

Yelling "Checkmate!" is even more rewarding with a dead mouse clasped in your hand. Or that appears to be the thinking behind this one-of-a-kind wooden chessboard that comes with taxidermy mice dressed as kings, queens, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns.

Created by Florida-based artist Rachael Garcia, the unusual taxidermy chess set is made with white and brown mice that were originally destined to be snake snacks.

"Every mouse was a unique creature in life, making each piece of this set a one-of-a-kind creation, hand-stuffed by me," Garcia writes on her Etsy page. "The set includes 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice, in various sizes, pawns being the smallest... All specimens were acquired from a captive breeding facility that distributes frozen rodents for reptile feeding, so don't feel sad if these little guys were not battling it out on the chess board they would be deep in the belly of a snake." … Read more

Crave Ep. 143: Superhero gerbils, the best kind

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This week on Crave, we take a look at the $35,000 UBR-1 robot from Unbounded Robotics. This thing has one arm and it intends to use it. We explore the phenomenon of dead oarfish washing up on California beaches, and do you have a costume for your gerbil yet? Look no further than the rodent superhero costumes on Etsy. Read more

Superhero costumes for small rodents: Yes, please

Look! Down on the ground! It's a gerbil! It's a naked mole rat! It's Super-Hamster! Just because Halloween doesn't even register in the rodent mindset, doesn't mean you can't dress up your small furry friend for the occasion. Or any occasion.

Etsy seller Chez Marmota is here to help you assemble your very own Legion of Super-Pets. The online store includes a wide selection of superhero costumes specially sized for the Rodentia set. Even better, there are plenty of photos of the seller's pets modeling those costumes.… Read more

Power-fluff-up! Super Mario cat furniture is surprisingly stylish

If you have trouble peeling your cat away from epic sessions of Super Mario, then consider Etsy seller CatastrophiCreations' custom-made Mario cat furniture. It's about time retro-gaming-fan felines got some cat condos designed for their specific interests.

The wall-mounted pieces are done in stylish earth tones, but the design is unmistakably Mario. The $190 Super Mario cat complex features two sisal-lined warp tubes for your geeky cat to crawl into and out of. There is a question-mark prize box in the middle.… Read more

'Star Wars' wedges are made for skywalking

The world of "Star Wars" fan fashion is a wild and wonderful place full of Wampa-skin dresses and Boba Fett ski hats. No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes, however. Etsy seller DeckoFab offers a pretty stunning set of "Star Wars" wedges.

The made-to-order wedges are crafted from decoupage with pictures of Stormtroopers, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Darth Vader plastered across them. DeckoFab also takes custom orders, so you could specify an all-Jar Jar Binks pair if you really want to be obnoxious.… Read more

'Game of Thrones' Legos spice up the toy box

My bet is that somewhere out there in the Crave audience, some dedicated "Game of Thrones" fan has constructed a scale version of The Wall and Castle Black, if not the entirety of Westeros, out of nothing but Legos.

I admire such dedication to both the universe of George R.R. Martin and to brickcraft, so here's a tip to add a bit more realism to your project.… Read more