White House embarks on climate change mapping project

The White House wants people and communities to be prepared for extreme weather events spurred by climate change, like coastal flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires. So, it's making data sets and maps from some of the country's top agencies available to the public in it's newly launched "Climate Data Initiative."

The maps and data sets are being collected in one Web site,, which is full of open government data on the country's infrastructure and geographical features, like bridges, roads, tunnels, canals, and river gauges. The information comes from agencies such as NASA, … Read more

Horror movie locations plotted out in Esri's interactive map

Want to find a real haunted house to explore on Halloween? Well, look no further -- mapping software company Esri has come out with an interactive map that explores where in the world horror movies supposedly took place.

For example, that massive mansion in "The Shining" where Jack Nicholson's character famously axed through a bathroom door and yelled "Here's Johnny?" That was in Estes Park, Colo.

What about the haunted home inhabited by evil spirits and paranormal activity in "Poltergeist?" That was in the fictional town of Cuesta Verde, Calif. And, not … Read more

Avoid Oklahoma! Social-media map warns of flu hotspots

There are many ways of discovering just how bad the flu is in your area. You and all your friends and co-workers could get sick. You could hear about it on the local news. Or you could check Esri's social-media flu map tracking tweets, YouTube videos, and Flickr photos having to do with Flu Invasion 2013.

The nice part of the Esri map is you can check it from the sterile safety of your own home where you've locked yourself up in a hermetically sealed environment with weeks worth of Spam and Top Ramen to tide you over until flu season subsides.… Read more

Torch-tracking map humanizes spectacle of Olympics

Wow, are the Olympics here again already? It seems like just yesterday we were all gasping over the opening ceremony in Beijing.

But yes, they're here, or will be as of July 27 (in London of course). And mapping-software company ESRI has provided the technological muscle behind a nice little Web site that could help you wake up to the coming arrival of the games and get your Olympic juices flowing (along with your feelings of international brother- and sisterhood).… Read more

EU greenlights TomTom deal for Tele Atlas

TomTom , Europe's largest maker of car-navigation devices, Wednesday received approval from the European Commission to buy digital-mapping company Tele Atlas.

The deal was accepted by the EU without conditions after a six-month antitrust probe. The deal is worth $4.5 billion and is expected to be finalized in June, according to a statement from TomTom. Both companies are based in the Netherlands.

For TomTom and Tele Atlas, this was "the best possible outcome allowing the new combination to go ahead with the full execution of its strategy," the companies said in a joint announcement.

The decision came … Read more