Bill Gates' reported $8.7M Florida equestrian estate

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is putting down roots in Florida, according to the blog Gossip Extra.

A trust called the Mallet Hill Trust is linked to Gates through one of the trustees, Bill McCaughan, Gossip Extra reported last week. McCaughan is a partner at the Miami branch of the Seattle-based K&L Gates law firm founded by Gates' father. Mallet Hill Trust is named as the buyer of the property which was recently purchased for $8.7 million in cash.

That's pocket change for Bill Gates, who as the richest American, is worth around $66 billion.

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Compete in summer games that are almost impossible

With almost 550,000 active apps in the iTunes App Store, you get plenty of variation, and one developer continues to release games that are downright silly.

Many iPhone gamers will probably remember Justin Smith's Enviro-Bear 2010 (99 cents) from Captain Games. When the game came out in 2009, our Mac and iOS freelance reviewer, Paul Hughes, started the review by saying, "Enviro-Bear 2010 is part game, part joke, part art piece, and part game-design experiment." In Enviro-Bear 2010, the premise is that you are a bear getting ready to hibernate and you must drive a car … Read more

Virtual exercise for equestrian society

Virtual fitness games may be fine for the masses, but what about the landed classes of society's upper eschelons? Surely they can't be expected to partake in such commoner activities as stock car racing, skateboarding, or--gasp--bowling.

Take heart, subscribers of the Robb Report, there's now a fitness machine worthy of your station: an equine simulator. The "Ridemaster Pro" from Racewood Simulators provides "all the thrills that a real horse can but minus the spills and nasty bruises," according to BornRich, while giving "a nice workout courtesy of its real horse-like movements.&… Read more