PDF to Word Converter review

PDF to Word Converter is a quality utility for converting PDFs into several other file formats to facilitate editing, saving, and sharing. Through its straightforward interface, you can quickly start loading and converting files with just a few clicks.


Multiple output formats: When you begin the conversion process, you have multiple options for what you want the new document to look like. For starters, you can choose between DOCX, DOC, RTF, and XML file formats. You'll also be able to decide how you want the program to handle page breaks, tables, columns, and other aspects of the original … Read more

BlackBerry could turn BBM into an ATM in emerging markets

BlackBerry might soon become a mobile ATM.

Speaking to Recode in an interview published on Tuesday, BlackBerry enterprise president John Sims said the company is meeting with firms in emerging markets around the world to explore the possibility of transferring money through BBM.

"Money movement is an important thing," Sims told Recode.

If BlackBerry delivers a full payment service, it wouldn't be the first time the company has dipped its toe in the water. Last year, in fact, BlackBerry provided a money-transfer service through BBM on a test basis in Indonesia.

Although BlackBerry's 85 million monthly … Read more

Intel takes on big data with new Xeon E7 v2 chips

SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel is upping the ante for crunching big data, promising to double the performance over the previous generation with the new Xeon E7 v2 chipset.

The Xeon processor E7 8800/4800/2800 v2 product family is designed to support up to 32-socket servers with configurations of up to 15 processing cores and up to 1.5 terabytes of memory per socket.

Unveiled at the Exploratorium museum during a media presentation on Tuesday, the chipset falls within Intel's game plan for tackling the Internet of Things movement, which the processor maker projected will grow to consist of … Read more

Now running on a Chromebook near you: Windows

Armed with rising Chromebook sales, Google and VMWare have partnered up to allow legacy Windows software to run on Chrome OS, the companies announced on Wednesday.

The deal will allow Windows-only enterprise software, such as accounting applications, to work on Google's low-cost Chrome OS laptops and desktop boxes. With most of its line priced at or under $300, Chromebook laptops have jumped in sales, capturing 21 percent of US notebook sales and 8 percent of the total PC and tablet market in 2013. That's up from negligible market share the year before, reports NPD.

Up until now, Chrome … Read more

BlackBerry CEO: Our Foxconn phone will cost under $200

LAS VEGAS -- BlackBerry will likely have at least two smartphones hitting the market this year.

That's according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, who spoke to the media in a roundtable at the Consumer Electronics Show here Tuesday. The company is working on a Foxconn-built touch-screen smartphone that he said will be priced under $200. He also teased another, and higher-end, smartphone that would include a traditional keyboard, which would be designed in-house.

The devices signal that BlackBerry isn't quite ready to give up on selling smartphones to consumers, although it won't repeat the flashy -- yet … Read more

BlackBerry CEO: We'll focus on enterprise, BBM in 2014

All of us have resolutions and things we'd like to work better at in 2014, but there are few who have as tough a road ahead as BlackBerry's latest chief executive officer, John Chen.

Getting the ball rolling early on a Monday morning when many in the tech world are still on vacation if not slowly meandering back into the office, Chen penned a memo for CNBC outlining the beleaguered phone maker's revised strategy.

Bottom line: BlackBerry will concentrate on what it already does best, likely shuttling away any rumors or hopes (if there are any) about … Read more

Dropbox to allow users to mix business with pleasure

SAN FRANCISCO -- Cloud storage company Dropbox on Wednesday announced a rebuild of Dropbox for Business, giving business users the ability to toggle between personal and work accounts.

"Some people think there's a consumer version of Dropbox, and there's this different enterprise version of Dropbox, and we think that's ridiculous," said CEO Drew Houston, at a press event here.

With the new version of the product -- which will launch fully early next year -- notifications are labeled either "personal," or with the name of the company. IT administrators can control different elements … Read more

'Space' tourism goes ballooning for $75,000 a head

Space tourism has been a hot topic for years, with passengers shelling out up to $20 million for a shot at getting out of Earth's atmosphere. You could end up saving a lot of money if you're willing to settle for near-space instead. World View Enterprises is planning to launch passenger balloons to more than 98,000 feet above the planet's surface.

Naturally, a regular hot air balloon won't work. World View's concept is to use a massive helium balloon carrying a capsule with up to eight passengers. Those passengers will travel in "shirt sleeves" (aka regular clothes) rather than require pressure suits.… Read more

Google Maps charts new territory into businesses

SAN FRANCISCO -- Is the map the next big shared file type to revolutionize businesses, the way that the spreadsheet and the document have? Google thinks so, and it's betting on enterprise maps in a big way.

Google's new Maps Engine Pro lets businesses import their data onto a map, from which they can then analyze it and share. Enterprise accounts will cost $5 per user per company.

Brian McClendon, vice president of Google Maps, was not shy about his intentions for the new tools.

"We believe this will be the new document type, and Google's … Read more

Hackers crack major data firms, sell info to ID thieves, says report

An illegal service that sells personal data "on any U.S. resident" -- which can then be used for identity theft -- hacked into servers at several major data aggregators including LexisNexis and Dun & Bradstreet, according to a report.

The service's customers have, the report said, "spent hundreds of thousands of dollars looking up SSNs, birthdays, driver's license records, and obtaining unauthorized credit and background reports on more than 4 million Americans."

In an article Wednesday, former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs, who now writes the KrebsOnSecurity blog, outlined how a site called … Read more