The 404 1,341: Where we're ready for the build-a-phone revolution (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Yes, a DJ school for babies is happening in Brooklyn.

- 4-year-old producer makes his own beat.

- "The Brick" takes mobile phones back to the 1980s.

- Phonebloks: A utopian world where smartphones are a bit more like Lego Mobile.

- AT&T apologizes, removes 9/11 tweet that offended many.

- Another 1.8 million people just ditched cable TV.… Read more

BioShock Infinite DLC heads back to Rapture

One of 2013's brightest moments in gaming is poised to get even better.

Today, Irrational Games, the Boston-based development studio responsible for BioShock and BioShock Infinite, has announced two of the three promised DLC packs to complement BioShock Infinite, and has clued us in as to what the third pack will be.

Clash in the Clouds, which is available today for $4.99 or 400 MS points, features four new maps spread across Columbia where Booker will take on wave after of wave of the game's iconic baddies. Completing challenges unlocks achievements and players can compete online by … Read more

Internet pioneers to collect first Queen Elizabeth Prizes

Sweden has the Nobel Prize, Japan the Kyoto Prize, and the United States the Pulitzers. Now the royalty of the United Kingdom has its own contribution, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, and those who made the Internet possible are sharing the award for 1 million pounds.

The queen will present trophies to Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Kahn, Marc Andreessen, Vint Cerf, and Louis Pouzin on Wednesday, the foundation behind the prize said.

Kahn, Pouzin, and Cerf made contributions to the packet-switching design of the Internet, in which information is broken into small chunks of data that individually are routed across … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel gets celebrities to humiliate Twitter trolls

Few are immune from feeling envy.

Some, though, just can't help expressing it.

In our socially networked world, there are several choices of medium on which to vent one's inadequacies, but none seems so immediate as Twitter.

You can go there and post all sorts of deeply offensive things and actually direct them at the famous people who have turned you green in more places than merely your gills.

For example: "I just saw @JessicaAlba. If this was 2007, I'd be really excited."… Read more

Special feature: The Ken Levine interview (podcast)

Now that BioShock Infinite has been released to the masses, The 404 Show's Jeff Bakalar goes one-on-one with the mind behind the game, co-founder and creative director at Irrational Games, Ken Levine.… Read more

Low Latency No. 57: Well, that's one way to wipe away the debt

Low Latency is a weekly comic on CNET's Crave blog written by CNET editor and podcast host Jeff Bakalar and illustrated by Blake Stevenson. Be sure to check Crave every Friday at 8 a.m. PT for new panels! Want more? Here's every Low Latency comic so far.… Read more

Queen Elizabeth honors Marc Andreessen, others with engineering prize

Queen Elizabeth has honored five engineers who created the Internet and World Wide Web in her first Prize for Engineering.

Louis Pouzin, Robert Kahn, Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, and Marc Andreessen will share an award of 1 million pounds. They are credited for helping spawn the Internet, (Sorry, Al Gore. You didn't quite make the cut.), which the prize site said is "an engineering achievement that has changed the direction of the world."

"The Internet and WWW led to a communications revolution of unprecedented power and impact," the site said.

Pouzin, Kahn, and Cerf made … Read more

The queen: On Facebook, but not your friend

Ever since Helen Mirren played her in a movie, Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed something of an image makeover.

When I grew up over there, it was tempting to believe that her majesty enjoyed such a royal highness that she wasn't always attuned to those who endured a less than regal lowness.

However, in recent times, she has used many of the technological tools at her disposal to make herself more accessible to the small world at large.

The bells at Westminster Abbey should, therefore, be ringing to welcome the queen to Facebook.

Yes, a lively little royal Facebook pageRead more

New parent for Diapers.com

Links from Monday's episode of Loaded:

Amazon is buying the parent company of Diapers.com and Soap.com

Google tests a product to let you record Google Voice calls in Gmail

Google disallows Facebook from pulling Gmail contacts to find friends

The BlackBerry Torch is now available for $99 in black, red, or white

A Chinese company is set to unveil a color e-ink eReader

November 17 will be the day to unfriend your undesirables on Facebook

But don't unfriend the Queen of England because she just joined Facebook

The Hex band gives you a way to be … Read more

The 404 667: Where we find out who Elizabeth Warren is (podcast)

Aunt Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch is back again on the show today, and admits that she wants to marry CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric.

So, what does today's show title mean? If you're a news junkie, you probably already know, but to Jill and Wilson's surprise, even in the financial capital of the country, nobody really knows who the heck Elizabeth Warren is. (In case you don't know, she's the Chairman of the TARP Oversight Committee and will likely be appointed as a "Special Adviser to the President" to run and build the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency.)

Warren has been a leading advocate for consumer financial protection for decades and was the person who initially came up with the idea for the CFPA. But what's interesting is that it was really the Internet, "The Daily Show", and social media that has made her into the "Money Momma." Unfortunately for Jill, "Money Aunt" doesn't seem to have the same ring to it. We won't get into other M-related alliterations.

As usual, Aunt Jill has some great advice for anyone who needs a little financial guidance in these trying times. For the tech enthusiast, there's Mint.com to manage and track your personal finances, and the best feature is its capability to automatically categorize your spending on your credit and debit cards. But keep in mind that you are giving up your personal financial information, user names, account numbers and passwords to a third party.

Some bullet points also to follow:

Don't buy actual gold; buy gold-based traded funds.  In general, don't buy gold unless you know what you're doing.

Follow Jill at @jillonmoney for daily financial tips.  We're still thinking of a Twitter hashtag for her to use.  Send us your suggestions.

The First Time Home Buyers' Tax Credit has expired.

Only consolidate your student loans (and loans in general) if you're going to get a lower rate.

You're probably "SOL" if you bought a brand new car a few years ago, are still making payments, and want to get a new car.  Jill's advice is to buy used always.  She even did, and she definitely makes more money than any of the guys.

Finally, couples who want to start a joint bank account together should find a bank or network that is close by.  If you're adventurous look into credit unions.  And there are a few banks that don't really have branches but will refund all ATM fees.

If you have any financial questions or just want to send your love to Aunt Jill and The 404, feel free to send us an e-mail at the404 [at] cnet [dot]. Or call us at 1-866-404-CNET (2638) and leave a message. Jill demands that you follow her on Twitter @jillonmoney, or follow us at @the404, @rhapsodyartist, @malusbrutus and @jeffbakalar.

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