Apple wins right to use iPhone name in Brazil

The iPhone can now legally be known as the iPhone in Brazil following a court ruling.

On Tuesday, Judge Eduardo de Brito Fernandes ruled against Brazil's IGB Electronica in retaining exclusive rights to use the iPhone name. IGB Electronica had argued that it owned the name based on a trademark filing for its Android smartphone known as a "Gradiente iphone." The trademark was filed in 2000, several years ahead of the first iPhone, but not granted until 2008, according to BNAmericas.

IGB released the Gradient phone in December 2012, just a month before the trademark was due … Read more

Crave Ep. 115: First look at the feature-packed iKazoo

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On this week's Crave, we take a first look a gadget that truly blows, an optical game controller that looks like a kazoo. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gives us some more cooking tips from space. And Hotello is a hotel room in a box. Sounds uncomfortable, no? All that and more on this week's episode. … Read more

Robots from outer space are somehow less terrifying

When we first set eyes on the Telenoid, we were convinced it was not a gadget we'd be comfortable having in our lives. The robot was designed as a telepresence interface; it would act as a sort of speaker phone, expressing emotions and giving you a human face to speak to.

The "human" part needs a little work.

Apparently, though, the Telenoid R1 is perceived as less strange when presented as alien in origin. While on display at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Austria, visitors received a leaflet about the robot. Each leaflet contained the same information about the robot's functions, but contained one of two different origin stories, or no origin story at all.

The first story was completely dry and straightforward, describing the robot as "a communication robot that could become an alternative for mobile phones or video conferences within a few years time."

However, the second -- the one that made visitors most receptive to the robot -- was described it as a creature from outer space. … Read more

Dancers move this interactive light show

A dancer takes the stage, melts to the ground, and then rises as a silhouette bathed in a downpour of digital light. This isn't a hallucination, but rather Apparition, an interactive light show by Austrian media artist Klaus Obermaier.

Built in collaboration with the Ars Electronica Futurelab, the Apparition project turns a dancer and his or her stage into a kinetic dance experience that overloads the senses. As the dancer flourishes, a camera-based motion tracking system monitors the subject's speed, direction, and intensity of movement.… Read more

Swarm of quadrotors lights up the Austrian sky

We've seen many uses of machines in visual art, but few seem as promising as this configuration of dancing lights.

Just check out the amazing vid below, shot in Linz, Austria, at the Cloud in the Net festival.

Ars Electronica Futurelab managed to fly 50 synchronized quadrotors, effectively forming luminous pixels in the night sky. … Read more

The Eigenharp lets you rock Mos Eisley-style

It looks like something the Star Wars Cantina band might have forgotten while gigging on Earth, but the Eigenharp might just become something unforgettable for electronic musicians.

Developed by British start-up Eigenlabs, the gorgeously designed, unusual device combines the dynamic physicality of a guitar or saxophone with the versatility of a modern digital synthesizer and sequencer.

The $6,400 professional-grade Eigenharp Alpha, seen here, is a 4-foot-long cylinder of circuitry studded with rows of rectangular keys, two strip controllers, a breath pipe, and pedal controllers. It also seems to have several rows of sexy LED lights. It weighs nearly 6 … Read more

Report: Daft Punk to score 'Tron 2.0'

For a certain kind of geek, there's no more important film than Disney's 1982 cult hit "Tron."

The story about a man trapped inside a computer who must continually fight for his life by riding light-bikes across a digital playground didn't do so well at the box office but gained a massive following in the years since.

Now, Disney is working on "Tron 2.0," a sequel to the original, and word is that the studio has chosen Daft Punk, the French electronica duo that is itself a cult favorite, to write the … Read more

The Whip, 'Trash': Free MP3 of the Day

Just when you think you can't possibly stand to hear another electronic group that dances coyly over the line between indie and club culture, The Whip comes along and slices that notion to bits. Updating electro, pop and disco-house for the not-so-new-anymore millenium, The Whip delve into dark, driving music that's off-handedly sexy.

Ladyhawke, 'Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)': Free MP3 of the Day

Modular artist and London transplant Lady Hawke is what the world should have heard before all that over hyped Lady Gaga garbage. Coquettishe like Le Tigre and sly on the synths like Goldfrapp, Lady Hawke is one to keep an eye on with her electrified dance-floor burners.