Quirky's Egg Minder has some cracks

Now, $69 sounds steep for an egg holder, but I had high hopes that Quirky's Egg Minder would be an elegant solution to a common food waste problem. After all, when I think of the number of eggs I've wasted because of uncertain freshness, it's not unreasonable to guess I might have disposed of them too liberally. If this device worked well, it might help recoup some of its cost by preventing wasted eggs. Alas, a glitchy app and inconsistent performance makes the Egg Minder a no-go. It's also not quite as smart as you might … Read more

Easter egg lets you Google like it's 1998

1998 was a good year for technology. We got the first Apple iMac and the first mainstream MP3 players. It also brought the founding of Google, which celebrates its 15 year anniversary this week.

While you can't go back in time, there's a fun Easter egg that lets you do just that with Google's search engine. Searching for "Google in 1998" brings you to a retro version of Google, complete with the old logo.

One big caveat: you can't actually do a new search -- it just points to a number of historic results … Read more

Xbox One perks are subscription only

CNET Update needs to work on its missile commanding skills:

In this episode of Update:

- Watch Microsoft unbox its own Xbox One, which doesn't come out for another three months. Also, learn what features require a Xbox Live Gold subscription, and how that differs from the PS4.

- Find your lost or misplaced Android phone with the newly released Android Device Manager. The program also lets users remotely wipe their data, if the phone gets in the wrong hands.

- Try out MixBit, the new video-editing app from YouTube's founders. Users can stitch small video clips together … Read more

Pew pew! Missile Command invades YouTube

Here's another one of those passage-of-time moments that may make elder geeks groan: Thirty-three years after Missile Command blew up the arcade scene, gamers can now play a pint-size version within YouTube.

To play the game, all you need to do is direct your Web browser to any video on YouTube, make sure you aren't in a text field (for instance, search), and type in 1980. Within a second, your video slides down and a basic version of Missile Command appears on top of the video. To get you in the mood, "Defend this video from attack\For great justice!" amusingly appears before you start the game. … Read more

How to unlock the Google Play Games Easter egg

Google is no stranger to hiding Easter eggs in its various products. For those who aren't familiar with the term, an Easter egg is a feature, often playful in nature, hidden in software for users to find. Often times it adds no real value to user experience, other than possibly providing a smile.

The latest Easter egg comes courtesy of Droid Life and Reddit and can be found in the new Google Play Games app.

The Konami Code is an old school way of unlocking an Easter egg, even Facebook has used it. Google Play Games seems like the … Read more

Death Valley: The eggs are out of control

In Death Valley, Calif. -- a desolate place that hit 134 degrees Fahrenheit a century ago -- it's usually so hot you can fry an egg. In a YouTube video posted earlier this month, one Death Valley National Park employee, equipped with a skillet, did just that.

However, the impressive act (with nearly 800,000 views on YouTube) inspired a rash of impromptu copycat chefs, and park employees have been cleaning up the mess ever since.

With the issue sizzling out of control, the official Death Valley National Park Facebook page posted a notice that advises visitors to clean up their egg-related trash.… Read more

Egg spinner scrambles your breakfast in the shell

Isn't it tedious to crack open your morning eggs, beat them, and then scramble them? It's messy and taxing enough to make your life look like a bad infomercial GIF.

Fortunately you can now scramble eggs in their shell, and it doesn't involve spinning them in a shirt or plastic tubes like those tricks on YouTube.

A company called Hikari Tec Hong Kong recently showed off an egg-spinning machine that helps scramble the whites and yolks without breaking the shell. Once spun enough, and after some boiling, the contents of the egg come out of the shell as a semisolid, creamy pudding. Check out the demo below. … Read more

The 404 1,235: Where we charge you just for browsing (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Jeff's review: Using Appetize at a concert.

- The end of "just browsing:" Australian store charges $5 browsing fee.

- How the P2P era of SEO-baiting, intentionally mislabeled MP3s changed our taste in music.

- Hollywood embraces the Tweaser on Vine.

- T-Mobile finally gets the iPhone.

- T-Mobile launches 4G LTE network.… Read more

Rollie Eggmaster makes eggs on a stick

Food comes in all shapes and sizes. However, despite the cornucopia of options that populate supermarket shelves, there is always room for more variety. Sometimes a change does a food product good; just think about how many ways there are to eat something seemingly simple as eggs. Not only can they can be scrambled, fried, or poached, but they also happen to be a vital ingredient in millions of recipes. But when it comes right down to it, all of that pales in comparison to their one true, previously unknown purpose: being served on a stick.

Since the invention of … Read more

Chromebook Pixel legal warnings show sense of humor

Easter eggs can add a little amusement to software and Web sites. But Google tucked the idea into an otherwise mind-numbing place: a pamphlet full of legal warnings.

In this case, it's the pamphlet for Google's Chromebook Pixel, the company's high-end laptop for running Chrome OS. It's nothing that'll make you guffaw out loud, but it's a refreshing break from the ordinary and worth a couple chuckles.

Among the quips:

If your Chromebook Pixel behaves abnormally (e.g. becomes discolored, heats up excessively, emits a foul odor, starts requesting fancy tropical vacations), stop using … Read more