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Digital Deal: Up to 50 percent off EA/Origin games

From 4/17 through 11:59p.m. PST on 4/23 Origin is running its Gigabytes of Deals promotion with most games and expansions up to 50 percent off. Selected titles are available for both PC and Mac -- Origin client required. You can get Battlefield 4 for half off and discount pricing on a BF4 Premium Membership Bundle and Titanfall Digital Deluxe.

Popular Titles:

Titanfall -- $47.99 Titanfall Digital Deluxe -- $67.99 Battlefield 4 -- $24.99 Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe -- $29.99 Battlefield 4 and Premium Membership Bundle -- $72.98 Need for Speed Rivals … Read more

Hackers transform EA Web page into Apple ID phishing scheme

Using some trickery, hackers were able to breach Electronic Arts' Web site and transform one of its pages into a bogus Apple log-in screen. Once users logged on to the fake site, they were prompted to input their credit card numbers, date of birth, and other personal information.

Security firm Netcraft discovered the breach and notified EA on Tuesday. The game maker told CNET that it investigated Netcraft's claims and as of Wednesday the phishing page is gone.

"We have found it, we have isolated it, and we are making sure such attempts are no longer possible," … Read more

EA founder raises $6.5 million for children's learning game

EA founder Trip Hawkins has raised a bundle of cash to build out his learning game for children.

Hawkins' startup, If You Can Company, raised $6.5 million in a Series A funding round led by venture-capital firm Greylock Partners, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Wednesday. Almaz Capital also participated in the round.

If You Can Company's game, called If..., is designed for children and aims at improving their emotional intelligence with social and emotional learning techniques. According to the company's Web site, If... is essentially a role-playing game, requiring children to make decisions based on "… Read more

Nintendo's Wii U sales down, revenue disappoints

Nintendo on Wednesday released its financial earnings for the nine months ended December 31, and once again, there appears to be trouble in Mario land.

The company posted revenue during the period of 499.1 billion yen ($4.8 billion), representing an 8 percent decline compared to the previous year (PDF). Nintendo was able to post a profit during the period of 10.2 billion yen ($99.6 million), but that was down 30 percent compared to the same period in the prior year.

Nintendo acknowledged its troubles during the first three quarters of the year, saying that its Wii … Read more

Hallelujah! SimCity finally gets an offline mode

SimCity will finally be able to go offline.

Patrick Buechner, general manager of Maxis Emeryville, confirmed in a blog post on Monday that the developer was working on a mode that doesn't require an Internet connection, which will come in the next update to the city-building game.

An offline mode has been the single most requested feature from SimCity fans, many of whom have been annoyed by the need for a persistent connection, and the server errors and hiccups that come from such a setup.… Read more

Top 5 launch games for PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 game console is launching with about a dozen games available in retail stores, plus a handful of download-only digital options. Some are excellent, some are uninspiring, some are tantalizing hints at where next-gen gaming can go once developers have more time to learn the capabilities of the new hardware.

Once you shell out for a PS4 console ($399), PlayStation Plus membership ($49), extra controller ($59), and PlayStation Camera ($59), your gaming budget may be tight, so we've gone through the launch lineup and picked our favorite five (by general consensus) to get you started. Be … Read more

Ohio school mad at 15-year-old for using 'Madden' phrase

If there is a more pleasantly excitable sports announcer than Gus Johnson, then he hasn't excited me.

Yet one of his signature phrases has gotten a 15-year-old Ohio student into trouble.

The phrase is: "He's got that getting-away-from-the-cops speed." The student has not been able to get away from his teachers for saying it.… Read more

EA to drop NCAA Football next year after lawsuit settlement

The future of EA's NCAA Football video game franchise is in doubt after the settlement of a series of lawsuits filed by former college athletes who accused the company of using their likenesses in the game without their permission.

The game publisher announced the settlements Thursday, adding that it would forgo creating a new game of the popular game series next year. Collegiate Licensing Company, which holds the trademark licensing rights for most US colleges and universities, also settled, leaving the NCAA as the lone defendant in the lawsuits.

The initial class action lawsuit, which was filed by former … Read more

Red Cross ready to heal hurt SimCities

Earthquakes, tornadoes, and meteor strikes can decimate a SimCity, but a newly released Red Cross add-on can make the healing process a bit easier.

The charitable add-on costs $9.99 (80 percent of purchase proceeds go to Red Cross programs in 10 countries) and enables city builders to place a Red Cross relief center, tents, and vehicles in their town when needed. … Read more

EA names EA Sports chief Andrew Wilson as CEO

Electronic Arts has selected Andrew Wilson, the former executive vice president of EA Sports, to become its new CEO.

Wilson, a 39-year-old Australian native, has been with EA for 13 years. Most recently he lead EA's online portal Origin and headed up the publisher's successful sports franchises, including Madden and FIFA, the latter of which Wilson served as executive producer for prior to heading up the entire sports division.

"When I think about our vision for the future, we have a very strong strategy around the ongoing development of the most amazing teams in the world," … Read more