ePUB to PDF Converter review

ePUB to PDF Converter offers a no-frills tool to convert your ePUB files to PDF, whether you want to read them in a different format or want to make edits. While the software has some issues, and it's arguable whether it's worth the paid cost over some other free options, it works well in most regards.


Quick conversions: The conversion process between ePUB and PDF is relatively quick, allowing you to pull the information out of an ePUB you have on your computer or one you've purchased online and into a PDF relatively fast.

Not too … Read more

ePub Reader for Windows review

ePub Reader for Windows can open any ePub file you have on your computer, and it provides an adjustable window for you to view the document. With this app, you don't have to have a special device for reading these types of files and publications.


Quick conversions: In addition to opening and displaying ePub files, this app also gives you the ability to convert them to PDF or JPG format. This is handy, especially if you want to send the file in an email or download it to another device.

Nice interface:The main window for this app … Read more

Review: NeoSoar provides an alternative eBook interface for your iPhone

NeoSoar attempts to create an alternative eBook platform on your iOS device that lacks many of the features needed to stand out on its own. While it is an effective tool in many ways, it looks a lot like iBooks but with many issues that neither iBooks nor Kindle have with their apps. The result is interesting, but uneven.

The audience for NeoSoar is likely limited to those who already have NeoSoar accounts online. The platform is designed to enable small and local bookstores to offer their own eBook platforms for users on their sites, and then funnel them into … Read more

Name your own price for a sci-fi e-book bundle

I love books. I also love bundles. Typically, the latter consist of things like indie games and productivity software and give you some pretty serious bang for the buck.

If only some clever developer would combine these two loves of mine.

Done! The StoryBundle Big Bang Bundle lets you name your own price for five "indie" e-books. And if you pay at least $7, you'll get two bonus books.

This is StoryBundle's first offering, and hopefully it won't be the last. As with any number of game bundles I've covered before, this one lets … Read more

Analyst: Apple could see $13B in iTunes sales in '13

iTunes could put $13 billion in annual revenue into Apple's pocket in 2013, a Global Equities Research analyst predicts in a story published yesterday by the International Business Times.

Including sales in Apple's iBooks store and its App Store, iTunes could grow almost 40 percent over the next three years, said analyst Trip Chowdhry, who cited research showing that more publishers are supporting the ePub format used by iBooks versus Amazon's Kindle format.

The iPad has also provided a healthy boost to App Store sales, according to Chowdhry. The tablet's application "attach rate" has … Read more

Return of the $79 Barnes & Noble Nook

After yesterday's awesome deal sold out around mid-afternoon, I was looking for something a little more evergreen to post today--something that might last more than 4-5 hours. Well, this ain't it.

By way of eBay, Barnes & Noble is selling the refurbished Nook Wi-Fi e-reader for $79 shipped. Although the "auction" has more than five days left on it, there's a very good chance these will sell out sooner--like, maybe, today.

The Nook, of course, is B&N's answer to the Kindle, and many would say it's the better e-reader of the … Read more

Get a refurbished Nook e-reader for $79.99

The Barnes & Noble Nook is widely regarded as one of the better e-book readers out there--better than the Kindle, many would say.

Today only, 1 Sale A Day has the refurbished Nook (Wi-Fi) for $79.99, plus $4.99 for shipping. That's the lowest price I've seen on this awesome e-reader, meaning it could sell out very quickly.

What's so special about the Nook? Apart from the obvious--its color touch-screen pad that sits below the main e-ink screen--the Nook supports the popular EPUB format, meaning you can check out free e-books from public libraries (among other … Read more

Free e-book downloads for iOS

Enter OverDrive Media Console is an app that cuts out the middleman (i.e., your PC) when it comes to getting free epubs on your mobile device. With OverDrive, you can download library e-books (and audiobooks) directly to your iOS device.

That's the good news. The bad news is that getting the app set up is a major pain, and as e-book readers go, it's mediocre at best. Plus, the selection isn't what we'd call extensive, at least from our test library.

To download books, you must first "Add a Website" (meaning choose your … Read more

OverDrive app for iOS: Free e-book downloads

Back in November I told you about Bluefire Reader, an iOS app with support for the ePub e-book format used by many public libraries.

In other words, you can use it to check out books free of charge--but you had to do a lot of desktop hoop-jumping to make it happen.

Enter OverDrive Media Console, an app that cuts out the middleman (i.e., your PC). With OverDrive, you can download library e-books (and audiobooks!) directly to your iOS device. I just grabbed "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," and I have "The Help" … Read more

Free public-library e-books for iOS

For people who love to read but don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on books, nothing beats the public library. (Thanks Ben Franklin!) Even better, in recent years, many libraries have started offering e-books that you can check out for a few weeks, just like the real thing. Unfortunately, despite the plethora of e-book readers in the App Store, you couldn't read these DRM-protected library titles on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Until now, that is. Bluefire Reader supports not only ePub and PDF formats, but also the Adobe DRM used by most libraries. During … Read more