Open Hexagon, an open copycat of Hexagon

Open Hexagon is a polygonal endurance run that draws heavy inspiration from Terry Cavanagh's Hexagon. Much like its former Web app game, Open Hexagon challenges players in a collapsing environment of walls that cave in. Your goal is to keep a dinky little triangle alive by orbiting around the core while dodging walls and crushing barriers. The game's overall design is a simple pixelated collection of lines and shapes, with some added chiptune tracks to appease the eardrums of our inner geek.

Since its release, the developer, Vittorio Romeo of Vee Software, has received mixed reactions for releasing … Read more

Sony offers two new options for DVD on the go

Two portable DVD players also made their debut at the 2009 Sony line show. New for this year are the DVP-FX730 and DVP-FX930. The DVP-FX730 boasts a 7-inch LCD screen and 5 hours of battery life. Its screen is also covered in an antifingerprint texture, something we've yet to see on a portable player. Look for it on sale this month for around $130.

The DVP-FX930 looks like the successor to our favorite portable DVD player from last year, the DVP-FX820. We were blown away by its impressive high-resolution LCD screen and it appears the DVP-FX930 ups the ante. … Read more

Movies on the go!

Getting ready to go on a long road trip or a flight to far-flung dominions? I can't recommend picking up the Sony DVP-FX810 portable DVD player strongly enough. With this little guy by your side, you can put on your headphones, fire up your favorite movie, and pretend that the baby three rows down isn't out to get you with its incessant wailing.