Star Apps: Sharon Needles

Scare queen Sharon Needles has long regarded Facebook as a necessary evil. On the one hand, it's "nothing but a bunch of teenage f--- brats, seeing who they can piss off the most." But on the other hand, the popular social media site is a way for the "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 4 winner to connect with fans and share album releases and tour dates. Now that Facebook is forcing users to use their legal names or risk losing their accounts, the performance artist has downgraded her opinion to just plain evil. I chatted … Read more

The Extractor review

The Extractor brings ZIP and RAR compatibility, extraction of password-protected files, and support for spanned archives to the crowded field of free compression tools. Version 2 of Simply Free Software's tool is easy to use, thanks to drag-and-drop and context menu integration with Windows.

The Extractor's setup wizard let us associate ZIP and RAR files with the program. We declined the ZIP option but chose to make The Extractor our default app for RAR archives since we mostly want to be able to open RAR files without buying more software. The Extractor's user interface sports large, colorful … Read more

Undo inadvertent drag-and-drop errors in Finder

As with most graphic operating systems where you have filesystem access, OS X offers the ability via the Finder to organize files. You can create new folders and copy or move files into them using the keyboard, but the primary mode for doing this is to click and drag a selection of files using the mouse.

This approach is intuitive, but does have the potential, especially depending on the mouse input device you are using, to run into a problem or two with inadvertently copying or moving files to the wrong location. For instance, if you are not too familiar … Read more

Star Apps: RuPaul

It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since RuPaul first dragged drag into America's living rooms via the "Supermodel (You Better Work)" video, an MTV staple back in 1993. As for the haters who regarded her success as a fluke or her debut album title, "Supermodel of the World," as hubristic, RuPaul has proven them wrong and then some.

Following the initial hoopla with a slew of hit dance tracks -- "Back to My Roots," "Snapshot," "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous," "Workout," "People … Read more

Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is puzzling

Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is a puzzle game that requires you to drag rope in various directions without retracing your steps. While we were intrigued by the game's premise, the actual gameplay was confusing and difficult to maneuver.

The first thing we noticed with Drag the Rope Maze was that English is obviously not the developers' first language; some of the wording a bit awkward and difficult to understand. For example, the directions stated, "Once you tie the rope, different way will appear." Huh? Thankfully, a hand pointed us in the direction we need to … Read more

Real Racing 3 brings the horsepower, but the freemium model prevents perfection

Real Racing 3 (iOS | Android) is the best in the popular auto racing series so far, with real-world cars, tight controls, and amazing graphics, but some people still may be turned off by the game's somewhat intrusive freemium model. In fact, this game would have been a CNET Editors' Choice if EA had stuck with the one-time purchase model of the first two games in the series.

Real Racing 3 delivers the most realistic racing experience available on a touch-screen device. Everything from the car models and textures to the lifelike physics as you speed around real-world tracks fully … Read more

Resize images instantly with Moo0 ImageSizer

Resizing images is one of those "quick and easy" tasks that can turn into a repetitive chore as you resize an image over and over again in an attempt to get it right. Is there a quicker, easier way? Absolutely, with Moo0's ImageSizer. This free tool quickly resizes images to a specified size, but it can also create multiple images in various sizes at once and save them to a new folder in your specified destination. You can quickly find just the right image and delete all the extras simply by deleting the folder.

ImageSizer has a … Read more

World Toilet Day: Let's have a sanitation celebration!

We've already celebrated Pi Day, Tau Day, and Nigel Tufnel Day this year. Now it's time to commend the commode, show some love to the latrine, and praise the privy. Saturday, November 19 is World Toilet Day. Yippee!

The year in toilet tech It's been a busy year for toilet tech news. We met a toilet seat that can handle 1,000 pounds of humanity. Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto created a motorcycle that runs on the power of people poo.

We also found proof that connectedness is just as important in the loo as it is outside of it. Tablet owners (35 percent of them) fessed up to taking their devices to the toilet.

Tempted by toilet inventions? Urine luck! A creative maker fashioned a toilet paper dispenser that prints off Twitter feeds. Kohler unveiled a $6,400 toilet that already has a tablet to control its functions. You can still bring your iPad along for more entertainment options, though.… Read more

Put the pedal to the metal with Drag Racing for Android

Drag Racing for Android puts you in the driver's seat of your favorite street racer. With more than 50 real cars to choose from, dozens of upgrades, and a nearly unlimited pool of opponents, don't be surprised to find yourself behind the wheel for hours at a time.

The game offers four racing modes to choose from. You can Race Offline against the computer, Quick Race one-on-one against an online opponent, join the Pro League against a group of online competitors, or race against Friends. Also, you can choose either quarter-mile or half-mile races, with the shorter distance … Read more

Vance & Hines offers up drag-racing secrets

INDIANAPOLIS--At first glance, the Vance & Hines facility outside Indianapolis wouldn't seem to offer much of interest to anyone. And that would be precisely the case, unless you're interested in motorcycles, speed, drag racing, burning rubber, loud engines, championship trophies, world records, and elite precision engineering.

Two expansive, blandly adorned warehouses hide off a side road beside several acres of corn stalks. But the engineers and mechanics working inside Vance & Hines produce some of the fastest two-wheeled vehicles in the world.

Competing in National Hot Rod Association motorcycle competitions, the 2.6-liter, 385-horsepower Vance and Hines/Screamin' Eagle team motorcycles were the first racers to break the seven-second mark on the quarter mile, with a 6.99.

According to Vance & Hines racer Eddie Krawiec, the next Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson racing goal is to break the 200 mph mark: "I'd love to be the guy who does it, but every racer on the circuit wants the same thing." … Read more