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OneDrive replaces SkyDrive, and adds features in the offing

Microsoft OneDrive is a revamped version of the company's cloud storage service (formerly called SkyDrive) that lets you store files in the cloud outside of your computer or smartphone, so that they're accessible from any device connected to the Internet. With the news, the company also added some tweaks to its accompanying app for iOS.

OneDrive is just one of many cloud services available, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, but has the unique advantage of working flawlessly with Microsoft Office documents as long as you also own the Office app with a subscription to Office 365. Without … Read more

Box gives you a great interface for viewing and storing files in the cloud

Box is a free file-sharing and storage cloud app akin to Dropbox, offering several useful features and a clean interface that's incredibly easy to navigate. At the time of this review, Box is bumping up the storage to 50GB of free space for iOS users, so if you're looking for a cloud storage app, now is the time to grab Box.

Though the app has been available for a few years now, the latest version of Box is a complete redesign of the interface for iOS devices, making all the most common actions easy to get to. The … Read more

Nitro PDF 9.0 review

Nitro PDF is a full-featured PDF reader and editor for Windows, upgraded to meet your needs at home and in the cloud.


Clean, fast design: Nitro has been redesigned to match modern UIs and fits comfortably with Microsoft's flagship Office suite. In many ways, Nitro is impressively designed, trumping many PDF tools with clear, vibrant icons, intuitive placement of tools, and subtle but intelligent use of color to make important features stand out.

Good value, plus cloud support: Nitro PDF is a robust application in both free and premium editions. Standard actions include the ability to mark up … Read more

Google Drive for iOS adds sorting, searching

Google Drive for iOS continues to take small steps in becoming more like its Android counterpart.

Yesterday, Google updated the app with two small but welcome additions: file sorting and a find/replace feature for documents.

Now, when viewing your main file list, you'll see a Sort button in the upper-right corner. Tap it to access the following new options:

Last edited by me Last modified Last opened by me Title (the default)

Google Drive also offers a helpful new tool for anyone who relies on the app for document editing: find-and-replace.

When you have a document open, you … Read more

Review: Create and edit PDFs with our favorite freeware, Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is one of the best free PDF tools available. It's a full-featured PDF solution that can open, edit, print, sign, and, yes, create fully compatible PDFs. It's fast, light, secure, and easy on system resources; yet it leaves nothing out. It integrates with context menus in Windows (XP to 8) as your default PDF tool, but Foxit Reader works alongside other PDF software, including Adobe Reader. But Foxit is no Adobe clone; in fact, many users prefer it to Adobe and other PDF programs, free or not. Recent updates to Foxit Reader 6 include improved support … Read more

Review: Writer for Text Documents is a free way to create TXT files on iOS

Writer for Text Documents is a note-taking application that can save notes in TXT format that can then be opened on a desktop PC later. Though the application is a little too visually complex, given its limited features, the functionality still appears useful for those that need to create TXT files on the fly.

When you open the application, you'll see numerous folders, options for Microsoft Word documents, and more. But these are misleading, as they are not available without a paid upgrade. The application only allows you to create new text documents, to be saved as TXT. Like … Read more

Yes, atomic bomb that fell in US almost went off, says document

Newly declassified documents are on everyone's mind these days, as are inadequate safeguards on national-security programs. But the latest secret doc to see daylight makes the NSA's surveillance missteps look rather like child's play -- at least in comparison to nuking your own country.

That's right, the Guardian reports that the US nearly took out a nice chunk of the Eastern seaboard in 1961 when a B-52 bomber broke apart in midair over North Carolina and dropped two hydrogen bombs -- one of which came one electrical switch away from detonating.

The incident has been talked about for years, but this is the first time this secret document discussing the matter has been published in declassified form, the Guardian says.… Read more

NSA hands Israel intelligence data on 'US persons'

Another shoe has dropped in the National Security Agency's covert mass surveillance program.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has provided The Guardian with a document that outlines the NSA's widespread sharing of "US persons" cellular and e-mail metadata with Israel. According to The Guardian, "US persons" include US citizens, permanent residents, and anyone located in the US at the time of data interception.

The classified document, called the "Memorandum of Understanding," shows that the NSA has been providing Israeli intelligence agencies with reams of raw intelligence data, such as transcripts, phone records, and digital network information, … Read more

Johns Hopkins apologizes for yanking prof's NSA blog

Johns Hopkins University is now aiming to prove it made a mistake in trying to censor a professor's blog post about the National Security Agency. After a back-and-forth on Monday, the dean of the university's Whiting School of Engineering wrote an apologetic letter to the professor.

"I write to apologize for any difficulty I caused you yesterday over the post on your blog. I realize now that I acted too quickly, on the basis of inadequate and -- as it turns out -- incorrect information," Dean Andrew Douglas wrote. "I requested that you take down … Read more

Review: Documents 2 Free File Manager is a rich mobile document creation/sharing tool

Documents 2 Free File Manager is a very well-made, feature-rich document creation, management, and sharing tool for the iOS platform. It is easily one of the most useful currently on the App Store. Using a proprietary file format to ensure speed and accuracy, Documents 2 uses the power of the iOS devices on which it runs to provide exceptional value at every step. Whether you are creating new documents filled with notes during a meeting or need to edit an important report while on the go, this is an app you should have on your phone and tablet.

What makes … Read more