Doctor on Demand review

With Doctor on Demand, you can video chat with a licensed, US-based doctor for 15 minutes for $40. The app won't stand in for all your medical needs, but it looks good and works well.


Straightforward and quick: Doctor on Demand connects you with an MD in just a few minutes. All you have to do is set up a payment method, enter your symptoms, mention allergies or meds you are taking, and place your call.

Video or voice only: If you don't feel like video chatting, you can place a voice call instead -- a nice … Read more

Doctors testing Google Glass to get real-time patient data

While the general public appears to still be making up its mind about Google Glass and the idea of wearing a face computer, in some fields of work the wearable could be a helpful asset.

One such field is medicine. By using Glass, doctors won't have to use their hands to dig through files, search computers, or look up facts on a tablet. With a simple nod of the head or blink of the eye, they could get all of the real-time information they need without having to leave a patient.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has … Read more

Outrun daleks in the Doctor Pacman Flash game

Play a Time Lord version of Pac-Man complete with a pixilated bow tie in this fan-made Flash game Doctor Pacman -- made by Ruben P. Vargas from Rarity Workshop. Ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde (renamed Caan, Thay, Jast, and Seec) are replaced with their corresponding colored daleks.

As Doctor Pacman, you must gobble the sonic screwdriver to disable the daleks and make them vulnerable to attack. When the daleks are in attack mode again, they chant "exterminate" over and over as they chase your Time Lord, who runs around the Tardis, just like in "Doctor Who." … Read more

Ban lifted! It's time for 'Doctor Who' Lego

Grab your bricks and build a Tardis worthy of a Time Lord. Lego Cuusoo, which previously banned fans from submitting ideas based on licensed properties, recently posted in the License Conflicts and Resolutions section of its Web site that there's no longer a conflict with the "Doctor Who" license.

"Sometimes we have to turn down project submissions that refer to specific brands or licensed properties," Lego Cuusoo said. "We do this to avoid getting your hopes up for something we know we aren't able to make. In these cases, we already know the Lego Group can't secure licensing rights to produce construction toys based on a particular brand or property, due to a conflicting interest with a third party. If such a conflict goes away, we'll then be able to accept projects based on a particular brand or license." … Read more

Artist reimagines Spock, Sherlock, Time Lords, and Avengers as cats

Catvengers? Lokitty? Purrlock? Artist Jenny Parks reimagines beloved geek characters such as Avengers and Sherlock Holmes as cats.

"What I like to tell most people when they ask me the question of my inspiration is 'I just like cats,'" Parks told Crave. "I started drawing cat versions of people when I was 11 or 12, for the simple reason that I liked drawing animals much more than I liked drawing people. Years later, after I graduated from art school, I decided to have some fun and re-draw cat versions of all of the Doctors, which I first did when I was in high school, and was also years before the new series of 'Doctor Who' started in 2005."… Read more

Geek's guide to subverting Valentine's Day

Mushy love e-mails. Giant boxes of chocolates. Teddy bears holding red satin hearts. Valentine's Day can be enough to make any self-respecting geek run screaming from society. The objections are many. Perhaps you're single. Maybe you disapprove of it as a "manufactured holiday." Maybe you don't think love can be expressed with the same greeting card that thousands of other people are giving to the objects of their affection.

It's OK to say "no." You don't have to participate in the schlocky madness. Take some suggestions from our handy guide to geeky ways to avoid dealing with the dreaded V-Day.… Read more

The 404 1,424: Where we say 'Good Night' to you (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out The Sleep Doctor's new app, Good Night.

- Follow Dr. Michael Breus on Twitter!

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Adorable amigurumi 'Doctor Who' dolls charm fans

Austin-based artist Allison Hoffman makes crafty tributes to pop culture icons such as Pee-Wee Herman, Conan O'Brien, Carl Sagan, Willie Nelson, and Questlove, but it's her new crocheted amigurumi dolls of "Doctor Who" Time Lords that seem to be getting a lot of attention online lately.

"When someone approached me with the idea to make a set of 'Doctor Who' dolls and a Tardis, I didn't know that much of the show, but I was definitely up for the challenge," Hoffman told Crave. "I knew the David Tennant 10th Doctor and the Tom Baker 4th Doctor were going to be really popular. I had so much fun making David's hair, and the scarf for Tom Baker is actually a scaled-down version of the real scarf he wore. I used the same colors and pattern of striping so it's really long and as close to authentic as I could get it." … Read more

'House' episode helps doctor diagnose rare cobalt poisoning

When a patient in Germany stumped his doctors with a strange combination of severe symptoms including heart failure, vision and hearing loss, acid reflux, and enlarged lymph nodes, Dr. Juergen Schaefer was called in to lend his expertise. Turns out the doc isn't only gainfully employed solving medical mysteries at the Center for Undiagnosed Diseases just outside Frankfurt -- he's also a fan of the TV show "House."

Schaefer had recently seen and lectured about an episode in which the fictional Dr. Gregory House sees a patient with the same symptoms. In the episode, the fictional patient had been on the wrong end of a botched hip replacement and was suffering from cobalt poisoning. Schaefer told The Associated Press that, thanks to the show's well-researched script writing, "After five minutes, I knew what was wrong."… Read more

Cat Tardis: Paws-itively perfect for your Doctor Mew

Humans aren't the only ones who can fly the Tardis. Remember Tom Baker's robot dog companion K-9? Well, now your cat can have fun napping in everyone's favorite blue police box from "Doctor Who" with this Tardis cat condo made by MonksHomefurnishings on Etsy.

The cat Tardis is custom-made from plywood and carpet, and is built to order. It stands 47 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. There are three levels for the cat to sleep and play on. … Read more