DoNotTrackMe review

DoNotTrackMe's free Android app protects you from security breaches and data theft by blocking Web sites' ability to track your device and location. It also creates masked email addresses that let you send and receive emails without disclosing your actual address. You need to create an account to use DoNotTrackMe, but that's free, too, and only asks for your email address and a password.


Getting Started, FAQs, and Support: A handy intro and a variety of tutorials help files and other resources explain how to use DoNotTrackMe and help you customize it to your needs.

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DoNotTrackMe review

DoNotTrackMe - Mobile Privacy lets you mask your device, email, phone number, and credit cards to protect against unwanted calls and identity theft. With the tools this app provides, you have much more control over who has access to your personal information and who can get in touch with you.


Temporary credit cards: When you choose the Mask My Card option, the app will generate a temporary credit card number that you can use to make purchases and that will link back to your actual credit card account. With this feature, you can use your card to make purchases … Read more

DoNotTrackMe: New name, same tracker-blocking game

While providing sharp teeth for the Do Not Track header has proved to be futile so far, Abine's DoNotTrackMe makes increasing your privacy online as easy as installing an add-on. The latest update, available exclusively today from, makes it much easier to use while making some important but small security changes.

Known as Do Not Track Plus when it underwent a massive overhaul at the beginning of this year, DoNotTrackMe remains available as a cross-platform, multibrowser add-on.

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Pinterest joins the billion-dollar network club

It's a good day for pinning photos, protecting privacy and paying your taxes:

Yet another social network joins the billionaires club. The social photo-sharing network Pinterest has been valued at $1.5 billion. The valuation comes after it received a $50 million investment from a Japanese e-commerce site. Pinterest makes no money, but you can bet that investors will push to change that by integrating e-commerce tools. And if you want to see what all the fuss is about, here are some tips and tricks to getting started on Pinterest.

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This hard drive will self-destruct

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New rules in Europe prevent Internet advertisers from tracking people without permission

The next version of Apple's OS X operating system may have a do-not-track option in the built-in Safari browser

Toshiba has a new hard drive that will self destruct in the wrong hands

Google now allows you to set your own background image in Gmail

You can now control your Netflix queue with motion control in Microsot Kinect

The Nook Color is coming to Staples

The next Madden NFL game will launch August 30

Apple's Safari sports 'do-not-track' in dev build

Apple is the latest in a series of Web browser makers to add a new privacy feature that keeps online advertising networks and other tracking tools from monitoring user activity.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the latest developer preview of Apple's Mac OS X 10.7, codenamed "Lion," sports a version of Safari with a do-not-track feature built in.

Do-not-track is technology that allows users to opt out of being tracked by third parties in a similar fashion to the do-not-call lists for telephones. The movement accelerated following a report released last December by The Federal … Read more

A do-not-track-me browser

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Mozilla is considering building a do-not-track feature into Firefox

News Corp. is thinking about selling off MySpace

Panasonic is getting closer to launching its portable gaming system, the Jungle

AT&T adds HBO and Cinemax streaming access to its U-Verse service

Microsoft may be seeking to compete with Netflix for streaming video

The Facebook application that claims to show you who is viewing your profile is a scam