CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe review

CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe bundles Fun Webcam, Creative Camera App, Smart Work, and Easy Organization features into an all-in-one Webcam and camera utility. It edits photos and videos, adds special effects and filtering, creates video presentations with narration and desktop animation, and organizes videos and photos. Recent updates include HDR and Panorama photos and touch-friendly editing and effects. YouCam 6 Deluxe's free 30-day trial disables some filters and other features.


All-in-one: YouCam 6 Deluxe bundles a lot into one program, including fun-oriented filters and effects and other features that are all business.

Calendar view: The Calendar view organizes … Read more

DivX Plus improves player design and adds DLNA streaming over Wi-Fi

DivX Plus packs in a video player, codecs, and tools that cover the basic needs of streaming and converting your videos. It was considered one of the more popular video standards when high-definition content was first trickling to the Web. Version 9.0 brings with it updated features and some sleek changes to its look. So how does it hold up?

The core player has been skinned with an unobtrusive look and a dark, sleek interface. It doesn't compete for your attention with a bunch of bells and whistles or knobs. Nothing is meant to really distract you from … Read more

Introducing Nasne, Sony's sleek DVR of (Japan's) future

The new Sony Nasne tuner and media device, due in Japan on July 19 for 16,980 yen ($209), sort of looks like a miniature PlayStation 3. However, don't let the aesthetics fool you: Nasne contains many features the game console lacks, such as a built-in 500GB hard drive for recording content from digital terrestrial or satellite TV broadcasts. … Read more

HTC's Media Link goes where AirPlay has gone before

HTC finally has an answer to Apple's AirPlay.

The latest incarnation of the HTC Media Link is a small box that allows you to stream music, photos and videos straight to a TV from an HTC phone using a three-finger swipe.

Media Link will also support full mirroring, allowing you to stream whatever is being displayed on your phone to your TV. That could potentially allow for streaming video from premium video sources like Hulu Plus or HBO GO, although that hasn't always been the case with Apple's competing AirPlay streaming standard, which allows apps to block full-mirroring. … Read more

PowerDVD wants to control all your media

PowerDVD version 12 Ultra is here, and it brings with it increased 3D support and improved playback controls. At the same time, it changes its game a bit by offering tools for organizing and managing all of your media across devices. Now you can use your desktop PC as a server for all of your content, and with PowerDVD Mobile, you can browse and play that content from anywhere.

PowerDVD's bread and butter has always been its movie playback capabilities, and with version 12 that hasn't changed. The program can still play DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and an impressive … Read more

Philips appeals to Apple-haters with 'Android SoundBar'

LAS VEGAS--If you consider yourself a "Fandroid," you might like to know that Philips has announced the CSS5123 SoundBar: the "first Android streaming Home Theater experience."

The $349.99 SoundBar is designed to sit at the center of a home-streaming setup controlled with a dedicated Android app, SimplyShare, which Philips is pitching as an alternative to AirPlay. It's worth clarifying that the SoundBar itself doesn't run on Android.

SimplyShare is based on DLNA and is compatible with other DLNA devices including Windows PCs, network servers, and dare we say it, (probably) DLNA apps on … Read more

New Yamaha app gives greater AV, media control

Yamaha has unveiled its AV Controller App 2.0 for Android and iOS devices. The app is designed to let users not only control Yamaha receivers and Blu-ray players wirelessly but also stream music to them via DLNA and from a mobile device.

The new app also offers multizone functionality, enabling users to control music in any zone, in addition to system functions such as power, source selection, zones, DSP, and volume.

The app lets users select computers and/or NAS devices from a source list, browse the media contained on them, and stream that media to a receiver. Yamaha … Read more

Cloudy, with a chance of video

With Apple's iCloud coming next week, hot on the heels of Amazon and Google's cloud services for music, it seems like the years-old dream of cloud media streaming is coming to greater fruition than ever before. That's promising news to me, a person who cut the cord on his cable TV over a year and a half ago. I live off the Internet and my various devices--my laptop, game consoles, iPhone, and iPad--to get my media, be it TV shows, movies, music or books.

So far, it looks like 2011 will be more the year of Cloud Music than that of Cloud Video. And that's a shame, because I'm getting fed up with my half-baked digital-video life.

I've spent the last week with a product called Pogoplug Video, which attempts to do what no one's currently offering yet: the ability to stream multiformat video files easily across multiple platforms, be they gaming console, computer, or phone/tablet, even across the Internet or 3G.

I held high hopes for the Pogoplug Video. The $199 device is much like the Pogoplug Pro we reviewed last year, equipped with a more powerful processor. And, it does what it promises, to a point: video files stored on hard drives or USB sticks plugged into the Pogoplug do indeed technically play back on iPhones, iPads, laptops, or even via DLNA on an Xbox 360 or PS3.… Read more

Will Pogoplug Video now make cloud video sharing easier?

We've reviewed several iterations of the Pogoplug, a unique and pretty easy-to-set-up device that turns any available home hard drive or USB flash drive into cloud-sharable networked storage. While Pogoplug's features are extensive--existing versions can stream music, movies, and photos to computers, mobile devices, and even the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360--we found the performance of video streaming to be a mixed bag. Some video files required lengthy transcoding, and others got pretty choppy when played back.

The $199 Pogoplug Video, now available, clearly aims to fix those problems. While it looks the same as any other Pogoplug, … Read more

Samsung adds wireless to new camcorder line for spring

LAS VEGAS--Moving slightly upscale from its mainstream HD consumer camcorders, Samsung introduces a new flash-based S series characterized by larger 1/2.3-inch, 10-megapixel backside-illuminated sensors, and two of the new models incorporate Wi-Fi/DLNA connectivity for wirelessly uploading video and streaming directly to your TV, a potentially useful feature.

The S series is comprised of three models at as-yet unspecified prices. The lowest-end HMX-S10 has no built-in memory and lacks the wireless support; the HMX-S15 includes 32GB and the HMX-S16 has 64GB. (Samsung makes a big deal of saying it uses SSD, but flash by any other name will … Read more