How to mount your smartphone on a tripod (DIY)

This five-minute DIY project is the simple solution to shooting time-lapse videos, getting steady shots, and even capturing group selfies. It's a simple way to securely mount your smartphone to a tripod, and it only costs about $15. Assuming you already own the tripod.

The solution is easy. I used an L-shaped bracket to prop up the phone and secure it to a standard tripod. The secret is in using a 1/4-inch nut, a trick used in the stringpod and the gliding camera strap.

You'll need:

A 1-inch L-shape corner bracket Some kind of adhesive (epoxy … Read more

Easily mount your HDTV

When I moved into my new place, I left behind my ancient, embarrassingly small TV. I jumped up to a 47-inch HDTV, which is still modest by today's standards, but big enough where I had good reason to worry about it toppling over -- especially with a kid in the house.

I decided to wall-mount the TV, not just to protect my kid (and the TV) but because a beautifully mounted TV looks amazing. It's like it's just floating there, defying gravity.

After doing some research on wall mounting, three things became clear. First, mounts have become … Read more

1981 DeLorean modded with in-dash iPad interface

Dr. Emmett Brown made a good point in "Back to the Future" when he said to Marty McFly, "The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"

If you plan on roaming the streets in a 1981 DeLorean, you might as well customize it to your liking. That's exactly what YouTube user DMCPat says in a video about the impressive modifications he made to his classic DeLorean, including adding an iPad Mini interface.

This 1981 DeLorean is a Vin 1880, which means it's one of the first 1,000 cars shipped to the US. It has many modifications, including a rear spoiler, a high-mounted third brake light, remote lock/unlock, new wheels and steering wheel, seal-beamed LED lights, LED fog lights, blue LED interior door lights, and blue LED underbody lights, just to name a few. … Read more

Upgrade or replace the hard drive in a Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is like Apple's forgotten stepchild. Since it first debuted in 2005, the small computer has only seen one major redesign in 2010, and is often left out of the company's dazzling press events. In fact, the latest model hasn't even been updated to include Intel's newer and more efficient Haswell processors, despite the iMac, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro receiving updates.

Given that Apple doesn't give Mac Mini owners many reasons to upgrade, there are a still a good amount of happy customers using older models. We were one of them, but … Read more

Hand-stitched 'Star Wars': Tapestry of a galaxy far, far away

If you watch the "Star Wars" movies enough, you can retell the epic story of Jedi, Sith Lords, droids, tauntans, wampas, Wookiees, Yoda, and the Death Star without too much effort. Now try to re-create every memorable scene stitch by stitch on a 30-foot tapestry.

Artist Aled Lewis did just that for six months. Creating each scene first on his laptop, he then transferred it in pixel format onto cloth and cross-stitched every detail.… Read more

Cat Tardis: Paws-itively perfect for your Doctor Mew

Humans aren't the only ones who can fly the Tardis. Remember Tom Baker's robot dog companion K-9? Well, now your cat can have fun napping in everyone's favorite blue police box from "Doctor Who" with this Tardis cat condo made by MonksHomefurnishings on Etsy.

The cat Tardis is custom-made from plywood and carpet, and is built to order. It stands 47 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. There are three levels for the cat to sleep and play on. … Read more

'Star Wars' sled strikes back: AT-AT races in Cardboard Classic

Darth Vader himself would approve of the giant AT-AT sled that raced against 50 other entries in the 8th Annual Cardboard Classic last weekend in Lansing, Mich.

Contestants enter sleds made completely from cardboard, paper, glue, tape, paint, and creativity. All sleds race down a short hill near the Gier Community Center with hopes that their unique creations hold together by the time they meet the finish line.

Doug Brewbaker, Garret Geiger, and James Groves spent more than 70 hours creating the 7-foot, 8-inch tall cardboard AT-AT -- short for All Terrain Armored Transport -- modeled on the four-legged vehicle … Read more

Cook sous vide as simple as can be with Sousimple

The kitchen is made for tinkering in. Except unlike other tinkering areas like the garage or the back yard, one gets to eat the results when constructing in the kitchen. But as it turns out, there is more to do than just test recipes and food combinations.

The Sousimple sous vide kitchen controller is a Kickstarter project that takes an interesting approach to introducing kitchen tinkerers to the cooking method. Designed to be a bare-bones entry machine, the device keeps costs down by keeping things simple. Instead of a sous vide unit that requires an immersion circulator, precision control, and … Read more

Geeky alphabet blocks teach numbers and nerd icons

Why teach your child the alphabet with boring images of ponies and apples when you could introduce your younglings to all the coolest geek icons in science, video games, movies, comics, and more? That's exactly what Canada-based nerd dad Jonathan M. Guberman thought when he created these geektastic alphabet blocks.

The 36 blocks -- which include the English alphabet, plus numbers -- use geeky icons and characters like Ada Lovelace and Zelda to teach the alphabet and numbers. … Read more

Piper DIY security systems now available for purchase

We were quite taken with Blacksumac's $239 Piper home security system during our recent review. It was one of the very first DIY products of its kind to grace Indiegogo and actually become a living, breathing preorderable product. As of today, Piper is available for general purchase in the United States -- that's an impressive turnaround for a crowd-funded project.

Piper is similar to the $199 Canary security system. In fact, Canary's Indiegogo campaign started about a month before Piper's and earned a whopping $1,961,862 compared with Piper's $309,119 (both had a $… Read more