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Windows - DivX is a stylish video player and converter, with some of its features locked behind a paywall.

DivX isn't just a powerful video converter, but a stylish universal video player as well. It can convert and play just about any video file you want and gives you plenty of advanced control over your product. Though some of its features are locked behind a paywall, it is worthy enough to be your sole conversion program.

In addition to a custom browser toolbar, this program's installation has a search page and home page takeover attached to the download. It tries to force you to accept one or the other, which is annoying. The program includes a video … Read more

Review: Convert videos with the greatest of ease with Wise Video Converter

Few users will find fault with the easy-to-master approach WiseCleaner's Wise Video Converter takes to converting all kinds of videos to play on all kinds of devices (like your phone) since streamlined really is better, not to mention quicker.

WiseCleaner boils the video conversion process down to an almost effortless process with little to no knowledge required, other than knowing if you want to watch your videos on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Wise Video Converter couldn't be easier to set up or use; It's elementary and free to try, though the trial version only converts … Read more

Convert and play video files in several formats with DivX Plus for Mac

Handling many popular file formats, DivX Plus for Mac is the latest DivX player for the Mac platform. With its editing and conversion options as well, we found it to be a great potential addition to any user's Mac toolbox.

As you would expect, DivX Plus for Mac handles DivX format video files, as well as MKV and AVI files. This latest version of the player also allows for conversion from MP4 format, so you can format existing video files for use on the iPhone and iPad. You can also use DivX Plus for Mac as a streaming platform … Read more

DivX Plus improves player design and adds DLNA streaming over Wi-Fi

DivX Plus packs in a video player, codecs, and tools that cover the basic needs of streaming and converting your videos. It was considered one of the more popular video standards when high-definition content was first trickling to the Web. Version 9.0 brings with it updated features and some sleek changes to its look. So how does it hold up?

The core player has been skinned with an unobtrusive look and a dark, sleek interface. It doesn't compete for your attention with a bunch of bells and whistles or knobs. Nothing is meant to really distract you from … Read more

Enjoy the power of DivX

DivX 8 for Mac is a tool for watching video on a Mac. The app installs a bunch of additional software like DivX Converter, DivX Community Codec, DivX Player Plus, and DivX Web Player, as well as Google Chrome, without asking the user's permission. Also, the free version of DivX Converter, like the other apps that come with it, can be used only for a limited time, which means it falls behind its open-source competitors, despite its nice interface and integrated mouse gesture controls.

Although the DivX package ships a bunch of tools, most of them are useless to … Read more

Free video conversion

The Free Convert to Divx AVI WMV MP4 MPEG Converter is an application for converting your video files into another supported format.

The features of this application are pretty simple. All you need to do is click Add to select a video and then click Convert to start the process. The time varies, depending on the file size. Also, the Format and Profile options that you choose will influence the conversion time. AVI video format seems to take longer (10 to 15 minutes for a 15-minute video), but MPEG-4 video is done in about 2 minutes for the same video … Read more

Compress your videos with XviD Video Codec

If you've ever tried to compress a video file, you know that such files are already pretty dense and don't have much room to compress further, and also that video playback quality tends to suffer the more a file is compressed. But that doesn't mean you don't have options when you need to compress video for storage or bandwidth needs. XviD Video Codec is a free, open-source MPEG-4 codec that's specifically designed to maximize compression without sacrificing video quality. Its algorithms remove the parts of a video file that don't affect the viewer's … Read more

Create high-quality digital videos with DivX Pro - limited offer from CNET

UPDATE June 28, 2011: This offer has now ended.

Happy Friday! As we start the summer here in San Francisco, we bring you yet another exclusive offer for CNET readers. For four days only, you can upgrade to DivX Pro for both PC and Mac at half of the price for just $9.99 (orig.$19.99).

DivX Pro provides an easy way to convert and customize your digital videos into high-quality, highly compressed videos formats, with an easy "one step" conversion to customize your video settings. You can limit your file size, remove audio tracks, and set … Read more

Easy DVD creator

Burning your videos to DVDs is easy, right? You just convert them to a compatible format, create an ISO image, and... wait! Don't go: we found a program that actually gets your saved videos from your computer to DVDs without an engineering degree. You can watch the DVDs it creates on any DVD player. And you don't have to burn them to disks to enjoy the files ConvertXtoDVD creates; you can watch them just like DVDs on your computer. VSO ConvertXtoDVD automatically adds chapters, menus, play buttons, and other DVD features.

ConvertXtoDVD's compact console holds a tree … Read more

Play nearly any video file

As you probably know, the iPhone and iPod Touch make terrific video players--but they're limited in terms of the video formats they support. If you've got, say, Divx or MKV files you want to watch, you're out of luck unless you run them through a converter first--a time-consuming hassle, to say the least. If you're lucky enough to own an iPad, the VLC Media Player app enables you to work around this limitation by playing virtually all video formats, no conversion required. Even better news: it's now available for iPhone and iPod Touch as well. (… Read more