Distiller wants to help you find the perfect bottle of whiskey

Shopping for whiskey is hard. There's a lot of jargon and terms thrown around that often lead to intimidation and end in surrender. On the rare occasion I have ordered a whiskey drink, my typical response when questioned about the type of whiskey I want has been "whatever you recommend."

Thanks to a new iOS app I might actually start learning a thing or two about whiskey. The free app called Distiller not only wants to help the whiskey aficionados expand his collection, but it wants to help people like me, who know next to nothing about … Read more

Convert files -- five of them, anyway -- with DeskPDF Pro

There are any number of utilities out there that can quickly and easily convert a variety of file formats into PDFs, so there's no reason to settle for one that doesn't quite meet your needs. DeskPDF Pro combines an efficient drag-and-drop interface with some useful features, but the limitations of the trial version are significant, and there are free programs with many of the same features.

Once installed, DeskPDF Pro appears as an icon in the Windows system tray; clicking it brings up a small interface onto which users can drag files for conversion. This launches a window … Read more

She blinded my tastebuds with science

Although most of my posts are about products for everyday users, you should really only consider this next product if you're a chemistry teacher, a molecular gastronomist, or a food texture-obsessed professional chef.

No, this kooky contraption isn't the newest version of that chemistry set you got for your 12th birthday: it's the Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator by Brinkmann, a tabletop distiller that allows you to turn your favorite foods into concentrated flavor syrups.

The Micro Evaporator is made to be used in several types of applications, including chemical and pharmaceutical research and determination of fat and … Read more