IoSafe Solo G3 review: There's hope

Beside death and taxes -- and April 17 is approaching, in case you don't pay attention -- the loss of data might be the third thing that's certain in life; it's just a matter of time. But there's hope.

Since you can file an extension to do the tax return, which you should avoid, there's also a way for you to further prevent data loss, which you definitely should do. And the Solo G3 from IoSafe is one of the best, if not the best solution, all things considered.

In a nutshell it's an … Read more

IoSafe silences Solo G3 drive, recommends Synology

LAS VEGAS--IoSafe has finally learned that silence is golden.

In addition to the new Rugged Portable Thunderbolt that was announced with a bang, the maker of disaster-proof storage devices also unveiled today at CES 2012 the brand-new Solo G3 external hard drive.… Read more

IoSafe Rugged Portable review: Anger management alternative

Admit it! Sometimes you are so mad, you just want to slam something on the floor, step on it, and then kick it a few times. I know a friend who did just that with his portable drive only to later regret losing data and hurting his big toe. If only he had had the IoSafe Rugged Portable, his data would have been safe. His toe's another story, however.

First introduced at CES 2011 with a bang (quite a few bangs, actually), IoSafe's Rugged Portable is the first mobile external hard drive that can really withstand serious beatings and abuse. The drive can handle drops, water submersion, dust, chemicals, and being crushed by a vise. I have personally shot at it with a shotgun--at a demo, not out of anger--and it didn't break.

This means that if you happen to drop it in the street and the thing gets run over by cars, chances are it will survive quite easily. As a matter of fact, the only situation it seems the Rugged Portable won't survive is extreme heat, which its brother the IoSafe SoloPro can handle. To make up for this, the Rugged Portable is about 15 times more compact and lighter. The drive is slightly smaller than a 3.5-inch internal hard drive and weighs about 1 pound. It's designed to be carried around, while the SoloPro is meant to be used at home only. … Read more

IoSafe pitches Rugged Portable drive

LAS VEGAS--If you're looking for a hard drive that can withstand fire, water submersion, being crushed by a 35,000-pound excavator, and so on, there are none better than IoSafe devices such as the IoSafe SoloPRO, which is based on a regular hard drive, or the Solo SSD, which is based on a solid-state drive.

They all have one problem, however: their physical size. The drives are generally huge and weigh tens of pounds thanks to layers of protection. This means they're not even in the vicinity of portability, which is something most of us want these days.

Well, that's now changed. The company announced today its very first portable drive that offers similar levels of mishap-resistance as the rest of its products, the IoSafe Rugged Portable external hard drive. By the way, this is the product IoSafe has been being mysterious about in the weeks leading up to CES 2011.

The Rugged Portable comes in three flavors, including aluminum HDD, aluminum SSD, and titanium SSD. The HDD version is available in capacities between 250GB and 1TB, while the SSD versions are available in capacities of either 256GB or 512GB. All versions are based on a standard 2.5-inch drive and support USB 3.0 with backward-compatibility to USB 2.0. IoSafe says the drive will support Firewire connectivity by March.

IoSafe claims that the Rugged Portable provides physical security features including:… Read more

ioSafe plays mystery game pre-CES

ioSafe, maker of disaster-proof storage devices such as the ioSafe SoloPro for general consumers, is looking to get people excited about what it's going to unveil at CES 2011.

The company put out a short blog post on its Web site today challenging people to guess, well, what it's going to show off at the world's biggest annual consumer electronic show. The reward for the lucky winner: a sample of the product itself.

Apart from a short clue that reads: "It weighs more than a Cadbury Cream Egg but less than an adult coon hound," the company also posted an ambiguous-looking image of the device, pictured above. To qualify to win, you just have to leave a comment at on the blog post by January 2. Some other restrictions apply, of course.

My guess is as good as yours, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be another superrugged storage product, possibly even bullet-proof, considering the blog teased the users by suggesting a "Napalm-proof NAS."… Read more

IoSafe SoloPro: Serious external storage gets speed

IoSafe released on Wednesday a new member of its family of disaster-proof external hard drives, the IoSafe SoloPro.

Measuring 5 inches by 7.1 inches by 11 inches and weighing 15 pounds, the IoSafe SoloPro is about as serious as a single-volume external hard drive can be when it comes to physical size and ruggedness. For comparison, the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk, one of the biggest conventional desktop single-volume external hard drives, weighs about 2 pounds.

All the extra weight in the SoloPro comes from layers of protective materials, which are designed to keep it safe from potential fire and … Read more

Setting ioSafe's Solo on fire: The hottest blog ever!

ioSafe claims its disaster-proof Solo external hard drive can survive both water submersion and intense heat. At CES Thursday, the company set out to prove the drive's hardiness by tossing it into a pool for several minutes and then setting it on fire at more than 1,600 degrees. Crave contributor Dong Ngo watched the demo, and reported back on the results. Click here for the full fiery gallery.

ioSafe Solo: Disaster-proof external hard drive

Copying data to an external hard drive is probably the easiest, most popular way to back up. This won't help save important data against fire or flood, however, unless the external hard drive is the one unveiled by ioSafe at CES this year: the ioSafe Solo.

ioSafe is known for making internal hard drives that can survive extreme heat. The ioSafe Solo is the result of putting that internal hard drive into an external case that features a USB 2.0 connection to hook up to a computer.

According to ioSafe, the Solo can withstand fires up to 1,… Read more