Mozilla gets into content creation with Voices

Open jobs for engineers are plentiful at Mozilla, the browser maker, privacy advocate, and open Internet proponent. But the company has only one opening for editor-in-chief, a new role listed only for the past two weeks.

Mozilla, as is the case with many other companies, is getting into what the tech world has come to call with not even a scintilla of irony, "content creation." Not unlike similar positions at other Internet firms, the new role at Mozilla would be to make videos and write blogs, while creating and curating an editorial voice that dovetails with Mozilla's … Read more

Mozilla to sell New Tab page ads in Firefox

Ads are coming to Firefox's New Tab page, browser maker Mozilla announced on Tuesday.

Revealed at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's annual leadership meeting in Palm Desert, Calif., Mozilla said that the ads are part of an attempt to connect new browser users to sites that they might find relevant.

Called Directory Tiles, the initiative will use a combination of sponsored sites, popular sites based on geographic location, and Mozilla ecosystem items to fill in blank New Tab pages. Currently, the nine empty boxes on a new New Tab page fill in over time with sites culled from the … Read more

Yahoo lucks out; Mexican court chucks $2.75B damages award

A Mexican court ruled last November that Yahoo and Yahoo Mexico had to shell out a whopping $2.75 billion in a lawsuit over a yellow pages listing service's lost profits. On Thursday, Mexico's Superior Court of Justice reduced that number to a mere $172,500 in damages.

This is likely welcome news to the tech company. Damages of $2.75 billion is a huge portion of the company's revenue -- in Yahoo's most recently reported quarter, it only generated $1.07 billion in revenue.

The lawsuit was originally filed by the Worldwide Directories and Ideas … Read more

List an OS X folder hierarchy with TextWrangler

The OS X Finder is a great tool to use for organizing your documents and projects into folder hierarchies; however, it is a bit limited. If you would like to save this hierarchy as a list in a file then the Finder and OS X does not provide these options. While the Finder does support printing a folder's listings by dragging a folder to a print queue, this is about the limit of the options for listing folder items.

One alternative to this is to use screenshots; however, these are static images in which items cannot be selected and … Read more

Twitter makes account searches easier with Profiles Directory

Twitter has made it easier to find its millions of users on search engines by launching a new "Profiles Directory" tool.

The directory lists all user accounts alphabetically and includes profiles with numbers and non-Latin character names.

Twitter did not formally announce its new directory but instead quietly debuted the feature on the bottom of its homepage. "We launched this a few weeks ago," a Twitter spokesperson told CNET, "to help people find the accounts they're looking for with various search engines."

The tool was most likely created to get Twitter into more … Read more

Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature in which we answer questions e-mailed in by our readers.

This week readers wrote in with questions about a Mac system issuing a beep tone and not turning on when the power is pressed, Active Directory accounts not properly accessing e-mail through Apple's Mail program, and the best way to install OS X on a new hard drive. We welcome views from readers, so if you have any suggestions or alternative approaches to these problems, post them in the comments!

Question: Mac beeps and does not turn on MacFixIt reader Navid asks:

I have … Read more

Get a system overview with ManagePC

There's a lot that goes on in Windows behind the scenes. If you need an easy way to view processes, programs, and a lot of other information, try ManagePC. This simple program makes it easy to view details about nearly everything that's going on on your PC in one well-organized place. We think it's a great choice both for system administrators and for others who need to know the details of what's happening on their own or other people's computers.

ManagePC has an intuitive interface, with a series of buttons across the top giving access … Read more

How to rebuild a user account in OS X

Problems with user accounts in OS X can happen that result in an account not being able to change configuration options and previously accessible resources. One example of such behavior is an admin account no longer being able to authenticate to access system preference settings even though it is listed as an admin account. Another indicative behavior would be the inability to modify that account's settings, such as its password, log-in window picture, or custom home folder location.

While people might think to look for the root of these problems within the user's folder, they will not find … Read more

View your disks' content with JDiskReport

JDiskReport is a free Java-based tool that displays the size, capacity, free space, and other parameters of your files, folders, and directories. You can display data in different views and rapidly switch between them. To use it, you must have an up-to-date version of Java installed, but of course that's free.

JDiskReport starts by scanning either a selected tree directory or your C drive; we chose the latter. We could save and reopen scans, too. JDiskReport displays a folder tree view in the left-hand panel and five tabs in the main window: Size, Top 50, Size Distribution, Modified, and … Read more

OS X Lion Finder bug deletes moved files

When you move files from one location to another in the OS X Finder, if their names are the same as existing files or folders, the system will ask you whether you wish to keep both files, replace the existing file, or cancel the move operation. If you replace the file, then the one you are moving should be the only one left in the new location; however, a bug in the Finder in OS X might result in both files being deleted.

Earlier today, Mac OS X Hints posted steps that show the Finder deleting both the original and … Read more