Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme review

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme features adorable icons and a super-cute overall design, making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves dinosaurs. Apart from its delightful graphics, this theme also impresses with its optimization, eating few system resources and not having a big impact on the battery, like other themes do. This theme is especially great for kids, but because of its careful, delicate design it may appeal to some grown ups, too.

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme installs before you can count to five and greets you with a fancy green dinosaur, its wallpaper, and gorgeous little icons, … Read more

Dinosaur Puzzle for Toddlers review

Dinosaur Puzzle for Toddlers tries to improve your toddler's hand-eye coordination and develop early problem-solving skills by having them place missing puzzles in the correct location to form dinosaurs. While the game concept is straightforward, the reduced size of the puzzle pieces, their at-times problematic fitting, and the lack of any rewards for completing puzzles or of a natural progression in difficulty make this game appealing only for a short while.

Dinosaur Puzzle for Toddlers comes with average background graphics, but the colorful dinos that take over the screen somewhat compensate. There are 23 puzzles in total, which your … Read more

Paleontologists discover 'chicken from hell' dinosaur

A 66-million-year-old dinosaur has been discovered -- a birdlike creature that provides palaeontologists with a first in-depth look at an oviraptorosaurian species called Caenagnathidae (SEE-nuh-NAY-thih-DAY) -- one that has long been difficult to study, since most remains have only been skeletal fragments.

Named Anzu wyliei (Anzu after a bird-demon from Mesopotamian myth and wyliei after Wylie, the grandson of a Carnegie museum trustee), the new species was put together from three separate skeletons found in North and South Dakota, forming almost one entire skeleton. The resultant dinosaur measures 3.5 metres from nose to tail-tip, weighing in at 225 kilograms (496 pounds), with sharp claws and a feathered body -- resembling, according to the researchers, led by Matthew Lamanna of Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, a "chicken from hell."… Read more

Mini Museum puts skulls, gold, London Bridge in your pocket

You don't have to be a globe-trotting explorer to obtain a fragment of the oldest matter ever collected (C. 4,568,200,000 years old), an insect in amber (C. 3,430,000,000 years old), or even an ancient mummy wrap (C. 350 BCE). There's no need to trek across the desert to an archeological dig in hopes of laying your hands on a triceratops' brow horn, or a T. rex tooth.

Thanks to collector Hans Fex, avid natural history fans can be curators of their own Mini Museum via his successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. These portable collections of fossils, bones, lunar rocks, and pieces of history are painstakingly assembled by Fex who broke these covetable specimens into smaller pieces, then embedded them in resin. The Mini Museums are handcrafted, individually numbered, and extremely limited.… Read more

Artificial tails make chickens walk like dinosaurs

Scientists have a problem. They want to study how dinosaurs walked, but there are no dinosaurs left to observe. So they turned to some of their modern cousins, chickens. But chickens don't have quite the same anatomy. So, what's a scientist to do? Make fake dino-tails for chickens to wear, a concept that appeals not just to scientists, but also to people who like to dress up their pets in funny costumes.

A group of scientists from the University of Chile and the University of Illinois at Chicago published a paper on chicken-walking observations in the online PLOS ONE journal. The study, titled "Walking Like Dinosaurs: Chickens with Artificial Tails Provide Clues about Non-Avian Theropod Locomotion," details how test chickens were outfitted with fake tails and their movements observed to learn more about the way dinosaurs went for a stroll.… Read more

For Pleo the robot dinosaur, a second act in an American life

LAS VEGAS -- It was an unforgettable scene: A crowd of smiling people gathered around a table on the show floor watching a charming, animated, and lifelike green robot dinosaur called Pleo for the first time.

Was this CES 2014? No, it was Maker Faire Austin 2007, and Pleo was finally having its public coming out party after first being unveiled at the Demo conference in early 2006.

Wait, though. It was CES 2014. Indeed, if you walk the floor of the Robotics section of the giant consumer electronics trade show here this week, you'll see Pleo, as charming … Read more

Birds could be turned back into dinosaurs, says biochemist

It's fairly clear that we're in for a period of rapid change.

This might lead to a stunning new world, if you believe Google. Or, in the view of some scientists, it might also lead to a re-creation of Sam Neill's finest moments.

So please imagine, if you dare, a world in which dinosaurs roam again. I am sure they will appreciate the advent of large meals in America and especially the Big Mac and large fries.

How might this all happen? Well, one British biochemist believes that she might be able to take the DNA of … Read more

Spin the droidel for a geeky Hanukkah

Some celebrate Hanukkah with age-old traditions, and others celebrate with Lego and "Star Trek."

Some of the more unique dreidels out there include spinning tributes to "Star Wars," and "Doctor Who." But as long as you have the letters in the right place, anything is possible.

"Building a dreidel builds other stuff, too, like enthusiasm for the holiday and a deeper appreciation of those four important letters and what they stand for," says J Create Magazine. "The letters on a homemade dreidel need to be arranged in the correct order going right to left. Nun, gimmel, hey, shin are the abbreviation (an initialism, actually, if you want to get all nerdy) of 'nes gadol hayah shom: a great miracle happened there.' So, a shin will never be adjacent to to a gimmel, for example." … Read more

Toy dinosaurs romp at night through parental magic

Refe Tuma and his wife are the architects of a grand mystery that has their children waking up to a new wonder every morning in the month of November. While the kids are asleep, the parents place plastic toy dinosaurs in entertaining positions, making it look like they came alive when nobody was watching.

It turns out toy dinosaurs are a bit unruly as house guests. They tend to get up to antics like invading the fruit bowl, pulling eggs out of the fridge, drawing on the walls, and throwing little dino-parties.

The mini-dinos aren't always naughty. They have taken time to do some audio recording, photography, and portrait painting. They even did the dishes once, ending up in a massive pile of suds during the process.… Read more

No Pixar film in 2014 due to reported production issues

Pixar won't be putting out a movie in 2014, the first time since 2005 it will miss its annual production cycle.

Thanks to what the Wall Street Journal said are production problems on "The Good Dinosaur," which was supposed to come out next year, Pixar has decided to delay the film's release until 2015.

Though Disney wouldn't confirm the film's production problems, it did tell CNET that "The Good Dinosaur," which had an original opening date of May 2014, is now slated for a November 2015 release. That also means that Pixar'… Read more