CallApp Social Dialer CallerID review

CallApp Social Dialer CallerID scans social sites and retrieves information about the person who's calling you, including photos, workplace details, Facebook status, latest Tweet, and more. If you get a lot of calls every day, this app can help you figure out which you should answer right away and which you should avoid.


Comprehensive: CallApp Social Dialer CallerID provides social, business, and personal info about callers and contacts that you would need at least 15 minutes to gather manually via your Web browser, not to mention that it scans yellow-pages, white-pages, and other sources you'd probably not … Read more

Automatically dial extensions for Android contacts

A lot of companies have an automated service that answers their incoming phone calls. However, it's a bit of a pain when you're trying to dial a company and have to wait to enter the extension number each time for the department or person you're trying to reach. This is especially true when you don't remember the extension and you have to check out the contact information to find it.

Luckily Android dialer apps allow you to program the extension into the contact information. There are two different styles you can use: pause or wait. Read … Read more

Lookout fires off Signal Flare in big update

Staying ahead of the curve has been a hallmark of Lookout Mobile Security (download), one of the few Android-only security companies to gain a loyal fanbase on Google's mobile platform, and today they've released a major update.

The key feature improvements in the refreshed Android app are a new feature for tracking lost phones with low battery and a dialer-scanner to prevent Dialer app attacks like the one that reared its head in September. The threat was no mere digital crank call. Had you tapped the link and dialed the malicious number, it could remotely wipe your phone. … Read more

Lookout now blocks Dialer exploits

Android fragmentation affects security patches, too. Instead of waiting to see which devices have been protected against a Dialer app vulnerability discovered earlier this week, Lookout Mobile Security (download) has stepped into the breach with a patch for it today. So far, it's the only known Android security app to block the exploit, but even Lookout's patch requires initial user input.

The vulnerability allowed some Samsung phones to be remotely wiped from the Dialer app, the "phone" part of your smartphone. While Samsung pushed out a patch quickly, it's not clear if other phones have … Read more

CallApp adds informative contact management to Android

Remembering all the details about a contact can be difficult if you're speaking with many people across many companies. To combat this issue, CallApp for Android will provide a wall of information about each person you're contacting.

You might be wondering: why do I need another app when I can add notes to contact profiles on my phone? Well, that little text box is definitely handy, but it simply doesn't compete with CallApp's features.

CallApp will let you see publicly available social media and other related information for individuals and businesses. For individuals this is helpful … Read more

Manage calls on your Mac

Dialectic is a scriptable dialing utility for telephone power users that can save you time making and managing calls, whether via a landline, Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, or VoIP. Dialectic integrates with Address Book and other similar apps, including Microsoft Entourage and Now Contact, as well as Marketcircle Daylite, FileMaker Pro, launcher apps like LaunchBar and Quicksilver, and many others. Thanks to recent updates, Dialectic also supports Exchange, CardDAV, and LDAP accounts configured in Address Book.

This high-powered utility gives you system-wide dialing using contextual menus (and system-wide "speed dial"), voice-activated dialing, and auto-redial and incoming call detection, even … Read more

Vlingo's SuperDialer aims to be an Android 411

If you own an Android phone, you already know how to use Vlingo's SuperDialer, a beta feature that expands the app's vocally triggered "call" command to search not just your personal phone book, but also a wider directory of businesses.

Tap Vlingo's home screen widget and speak out the name of the business or category of business you'd like to call, for example "Call Little Star Pizza" or "call pizza." (Omitting the "call" command will trigger the default Google search, but not the SuperDialer's business listings.)

Vlingo … Read more

Malware found lurking in apps for Windows Mobile

Scammers are distributing apps for Windows Mobile-based smartphones that have malware hidden inside that makes calls to premium-rate numbers across the globe, racking up expensive bills unbeknownst to the phone's owner, a mobile security firm said on Friday.

The apps--3D Anti-Terrorist game, PDA Poker Art, and Codec pack for Windows Mobile 1.0--are being distributed on as many as nine popular download Web sites, including DoDownload, GearDownload, and Software112, according to John Hering, chief executive and founder of mobile security provider Lookout.

Someone has copied the programs and repackaged them with the malware inside, he said. Once the app … Read more

Camera Dialer: Point-and-shoot phone dialing

Remember the old days, when dialing a phone number meant tapping out 10 digits on your iPhone screen? Talk about a time-suck!

Camera Dialer makes phone dialing as easy as pointing your iPhone's camera at a phone number.

When you tap the app, it fires up your camera and overlays a small green box in the viewer. Just frame the number inside the box and presto: your iPhone immediately dials it.

Is this really faster and/or easier than just dialing a number manually? Yes and no. In my tests (with an iPhone 3GS), Camera Dialer was quick and … Read more

Simple phone book

MyPhone Book Dialer could not perform its functions of storing contacts and dialing numbers much more simply. Users will be able to jump right in, thanks to its simple design and quick results.

The program boasts an incredibly intuitive interface as far as the datebook goes. Field requirements are obvious and quickly inputted. The only snag was that users hit an arrow key to save their work instead of a Save key. Dialing a number was equally simple, but users may want to visit the Help file to ensure their phone is set up properly. Users will have an easy … Read more