Diablo III: Reaper of Souls review

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is an expansion of role-playing game Diablo III. The game takes place immediately after Diablo's death and follows the Nephilim's quest to track down and defeat evil once and for all.


Addictive action: Reaper of Souls should have been called Reaper of Clicks. The successful point-and-click combat of Diablo III has made its way into the expansion with the one promise of ensuring more demon slaying and darker thematic gameplay. Blizzard has ensured that you're rewarded for defeating every monster mob with achievements, increased item drop rates, and bounties that keep … Read more

Hack and slash through your bank account

Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS|Android) is the latest installment from Gameloft's popular hack-and-slash RPG franchise, and it gets a lot of things right but may discourage some with an aggressive in-app purchase model.

All the right ingredients As hack-and-slash Diablo-like RPGs go, Dungeon Hunter is one of the best franchises in the genre for smartphones. Set in a medieval fantasy setting, you'll be charged with picking from four character classes, then fighting your way through hordes of demons. You can choose from two ranged classes that include a bow-wielding Sentinel or a spell-casting Warmage. On the melee side … Read more

Diablo III looks ready to rock the living room

The PlayStation version of Diablo III appears ready to hack 'n' slash its way into living rooms.

Game maker Blizzard Entertainment showed off a new trailer and let gamers play the game at the PAX East conference taking place in Boston this weekend. While there's nothing too surprising about the footage shown, it's clear there are a few tweaks here and there to make things easier and faster for someone using a Dualshock controller.

Blizzard didn't comment or show off any footage of Diablo 3 for PlayStation 4, nor did it reveal the release date for the PS3 version. Interestingly, a company representative at the expo told Penny Arcade Report that the game isn't a PlayStation exclusive, but kept mum on an official announcement. Could Diablo III be in the works for the Xbox 360 and/or Wii U?… Read more

Sony, Blizzard ink partnership: Diablo 3 headed to PS3, PS4

Sony has inked a deal with Blizzard Entertainment -- maker of World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo -- to bring the last of those titles onto the PlayStation platform.

The two companies today announced a strategic partnership that will bring dungeon crawler Diablo 3 to both Sony's PlayStation 3 and the upcoming PlayStation 4.

On-stage in New York during the PS4's unveiling today, Chris Metzen, Blizzard's senior vice president of story and franchise development said the company already had Diablo 3 running on the PS3 and that it was "amazing," though he did not give … Read more

Surface Pro as a gaming rig? It's ready and able

Microsoft's new Intel-powered tablet isn't being advertised as a gaming platform, but maybe it should.

The Surface Pro handles Diablo III and Portal 2 at near-maximum settings, according to a post by Jason Evangelho at Forbes.com.

Gamers "represent an important -- and arguably sizable -- potential demographic for Microsoft. As the company knows from its wildly successful Xbox platform," he wrote.

At the moment, Microsoft is marketing Surface as a business tool, with no mention of its gaming chops.

The closest it gets is ad copy about Intel's laptop-class Core i5 processor and the … Read more

E3 2012: Don't forget PC gaming

Like every year, PC gaming will likely get lost amid the retail and console-focused hullabaloo out of Los Angeles next week. Nintendo will tout its crazy new console/handheld hybrid; Microsoft has the Xbox-as-entertainment center and a new Halo and Gears of War to flog; and Sony will be talking about, you know, Sony stuff (and maybe the acquisition of a cloud gaming service).

Huge, PC-specific game announcements rarely happen at E3, but here are some of the current PC-specific topics bubbling under the surface.

Minecraft on the Xbox 360Mojang Software's Minecraft debuted on Xbox Live on May 9 … Read more

Does Diablo III's big online-only bet pay off?

One week after its release, Diablo III remains the only PC game anyone is talking about. Some of that talk is about how the game, a decade in the making, is a huge hit, with millions of copies presold before the May 15 launch. But much of the talk is also about the big bet developer and publisher Blizzard is making by forcing even solitary players to log in online to play.

Dan: I've spent years attempting to divine the line between mainstream and enthusiast gaming, trying to figure out which games could cross over into popular culture, and which ones were going to stay locked into a small, but dedicated, core audience.… Read more

Diablo III woes plague launch day players

The epic Diablo III role-playing game experienced several hiccups on launch day today as players reported numerous errors preventing gameplay. Not long after the midnight launch, some concerned players hit parent company Blizzard's Battle.net support forums with concerns about "Error 3006," perhaps the worst error seen so far.

The bug, which only affects the Demon Hunter class, supposedly occurs when one equips a Templar follower with a shield early in the game. Performing this action reportedly causes the game to disconnect the player immediately, and then follows up with a disastrous repetitive "Error 75" that continuously prevents the user from further log-in. … Read more

Diablo III is going live, but is Diablo still relevant?

For a PC-only game built on well-trod swords-and-sorcery territory, Diablo III is generating a surprising amount of buzz from not only serious PC gamers, but also more mainstream and casual gamers. That's good for PC gaming, as this may be the biggest thing to happen to that field since Minecraft.

But will Diablo III be able to capture hearts and minds the way its two predecessors did, starting back in 1996? PC gamers Dan Ackerman and Rich Brown debate the relevance of this action RPG. … Read more

Pay $2 to promote your Facebook status?

In today's show, we're buying status updates, finding a new route and building a new game addiction:

Would you pay $2 to get your Facebook status message seen by more people? It's something Facebook is testing in New Zealand. (And tell me your two-cents on the issue via Tout!)

The Foxconn factory for Apple products is preparing to build the much anticipated Apple television set. The chief at the Foxconn spilled the beans in a news conference.

According to 9to5Mac, the next version of iOS will not include Google Maps. Rather, it will have Apple's own mapping software. … Read more