RunCore intros hard drive with a kill switch -- a real one

RunCore introduced a new SSD this week -- aptly named InVincible -- that offers one unique feature: a self-destruct button.

Well, the special hard drive actually includes two buttons; a green clicker for intelligent destruction (software-based wiping), and a red option that literally burns and cracks the storage chips within the drive via a major surge of electricity. … Read more

PayPal dispute ends in destruction of violin

Quite the donnybrook is brewing on the Internet over PayPal's decision to order a customer to destroy a purportedly rare violin.

A reader named Erica related yesterday how she sold an old French violin "that made it through WWII" to a buyer in Canada for $2,500. However, the buyer disputed the authenticity of the label and demanded his money back. When the buyer contacted PayPal with his concerns, the payment processor instructed him to destroy it and refunded the purchase price.

"Rather than have the violin returned to me, PayPal made the buyer … Read more

Spybot to go

Spybot - Search & Destroy Portable is a free security program that scans for and removes malicious or unwanted adware, malware, spyware, and other threats on any compatible Windows PC without requiring you to install it. That's because it's been portable-ized by PortableApps. Its download contains everything you need to run Spybot without the program making any changes to your PC, beyond purging junk, that is.

Spybot's portable application installer (.paf) can save the program's executable to virtually any directory, including a USB thumbdrive. Spybot's interface consists of a two-paned main window and a navigation … Read more

Wreak havoc with Death Worm

In Death Worm, you play the role of gigantic, man-eating mutant worm, hell-bent on creating as much destruction as possible. Your abilities include burrowing through the ground with frightening speed, jumping above the surface, Nitro bursts (essentially temporary turbo speed-ups), and shooting fireballs.

The game play is simple: ram your worm into anything you can catch. There are human soldiers running about as well as animals, tanks, helicopters, even UFOs. Some enemies are stronger than others, so they may require multiple hits before going down, and of course, you're under attack as well.

In Campaign Mode, you progress through … Read more

Need to destroy data? This sticker is a tickler

Hard-core downloaders probably have a recurring nightmare of police or federal agents crashing through the door, seizing everything in sight that uses an Internet connection. Game over.

What's the backup plan in this life-changing situation? There are several serious solutions, such as a hard-drive eraser device, or forensic-beating software like Darik's Boot and Nuke. Randy Sarafan of the Free Art & Technology Lab, suggests an alternative in the special Media Artist Contingency Plan stickers, which inform one exactly where to drill to ensure some headaches for investigators.… Read more

Darth Vader's personal Lego spaceship flies Sept. 1

Lego said Friday that it will begin selling a new Star Wars model seat featuring Darth Vader's own personal ship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. The set will go on sale on September 1 on Lego's Web site and in its branded retail stores.

This will be the longest Star Wars Lego model at 50 inches, and it takes 3,152 bricks and pieces to put together. All told, it will weigh eight pounds. One feature will be a command bridge underneath a removable section of the top of the model. Inside will fit mini-figures of several Star … Read more

The 404 649: Where we're too 'Loaded' to start on time (podcast)

Jeff's filling in for Natali Del Conte and "getting Loaded" all week while she's away on maternity leave, so our sincerest apologies to live listeners for this morning's late start.

Luckily, close fran (friend/fan) of The 404 Rana Sobhany drops by for a surprise visit to make up for lost time and tell us all about her new project as an iPad DJ and producer!

We've had Rana on the show before (who could forget the infamous Valentine's date episode?) so we know all about her professional endeavors, but we had no … Read more

Inside the Navy's next-generation destroyer

PORTSMOUTH, R.I.--As someone interested in the cutting edge, one of the best things about Road Trip 2010 has been getting a rare look at the U.S. Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier and the world's most advanced submarine.

But that wasn't enough for me. I also had to see where the Navy is going with destroyers, and that's why my visit to Raytheon's Seapower Capability Center here was such a good investment of time: I got a chance for a lengthy discussion on the next-generation, Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer, which the Navy expects to be … Read more

Top antispyware software

If you are using a Windows machine or even a Mac running Windows in a virtual environment, you need to pay attention to security. At the very least, you should always have at least one program for each of the major security threats: antispyware, antivirus, and a software firewall (if you don't already have a router-based firewall). Some antivirus suites have begun to include antispyware in their software, so if you have antivirus software, check to make sure you're covered. But if you're reading this and you don't have software to cover these three areas, we … Read more

The 404 365: Where Andrew WK gives us bloody noses

Artist and newly crowned TV show host ANDREW WK joins The 404 today in what might be the crowning moment of our careers. We run the gamut in our extra-long show--we chat about his music career, an upcoming album, his new show "Destroy Build Destroy," and Jeff and I actually reveal our two chance encounters with the man. IT'S TIME TO PARTY!

After pimping out his appearance on the show for the past two weeks, we're very, very excited to welcome Andrew WK to our humble studio. Unsurprisingly, Andrew's super posi vibe gels well with the group and we get right into the interview, beginning with a story about how Andrew got into the piano as a kid and how it shaped his music today.

If you haven't had a chance to see Andrew play live, do yourself a favor and check it out with The 404's highest recommendation for a guaranteed good time. Also be sure to listen for a very special clip from Andrew's newest sold-out record, "DAMN! The Mixtape Vol. 1", currently only available for download on iTunes or Amazon. We also pick Andrew's brain for his opinions on the current state of music, including the overuse of auto-tune and his newfound appreciation for Dave Matthews Band.

After the break, we launch right into a conversation about Andrew's newest endeavor, a brand new show debuting on the Cartoon Network this Saturday, 8:30 p.m. EDT called "Destroy Build Destroy." The premise is simple: two teams of teenagers (with plenty of guidance and safety measures) compete to destroy a large structure, build the remnants up into something else. The winner of the competition gets to obliterate the loser's! You had us at "destroy," Andrew, the premise sounds like a mix between Double Dare and Battle Bots.

AWK's all over the place! In addition to Santos Party House, his successful bar in downtown Manhattan, Andrew also talks about his next solo album entitled "55 Cadillac" that's a pretty wide departure from his normal rock and roll. Listen to a few clips on his MySpace, give him a call, and let him know how much you love it!

Click on the slideshow above for candid shots from our interview with Andrew WK, courtesy of Sara the Woah-mantern, and a big thanks goes out to Anna David for introducing us to AWK! Wait, is it time to party yet? Yeah, it's time...LET'S GET A PARTY STARTED!

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