Houzz Interior Design Ideas review

Houzz Interior Design Ideas lets you access the world's largest database of interior (and exterior) decorating ideas from your Android smartphone. That means you can take great ideas with you to the hardware store, lumber yard, or antiques mall.


Sign in with Facebook: You can sign up to access Houzz's huge database with your Facebook account, which also makes it extremely easy to share ideas and seek advice from friends.

Ideabooks: We could save design ideas, products, and other items in Ideabooks or view awesome Ideabooks shared by contributors.

Go pro: Houzz Professional lists decorators, contractors, and … Read more

Sothink Logo Maker review

Sothink Logo Maker 3.5 provides all the necessary elements and tools you need to quickly design great-looking logos. You can either start from a clean sheet of paper or launch and modify one of the many available templates.


Quick learning curve: Completely self-explanatory, Sothink Logo Maker's interface allows even novice users to start designing logos right away. Within 10 minutes we had a good idea of the menus, and 30 minutes later we had completed logos that looked clean and professional.

Number of options: It's hard to find a subject, shape, or effect not covered by … Read more

CyberLink PowerProducer review

PowerProducer 6 takes advantage of Cyberlink's video heritage to help you create differentiated disc creations of your videos, photos, or a mix of the two. Editing is also enhanced by some good tools and a number of templates that will help you arrive at an overall attractive result.


Good guidance through creation stages: Cyberlink PowerProducer 6 targets home video users who wish to be well guided through the whole process of creating a presentation. We found all steps very pleasurable to follow, and the end results were above what most home users would manage in a manual environment.… Read more

Get Pixar's rendering software behind 'Toy Story' absolutely free

Pixar's award-winning, in-house rendering software, RenderMan, will be free starting in August. All you have to do is sign up. The Emeryville studio has announced that it will offer the $500 rendering software for free, provided it is used for noncommercial purposes. The animation giant has also stated that the "free non-commercial RenderMan is exactly the same as the commercial version." This is pretty awesome news for aspiring digital artists.

The free version of RenderMan will be released with its commercial counterpart sometime in August. You can sign up here to get notified once it goes live. … Read more

Original design creation review

Original design creation, or ODC, is a custom wallpaper maker that lets users combine images and background colors to create their own wallpapers. Unfortunately, the app doesn't offer much in the way of options, limiting how customized its wallpapers actually are.


Easy to use: ODC has a very basic interface, and instructions when the app first opens explain its features. You swipe left or right to scroll through the app's ten background colors, swipe up and down to scroll through the app's 21 images, and tap to change the image color. This makes it easy to … Read more

Epic Games opens Unreal Engine 4 to public for $19 a month

SAN FRANCISCO -- In a pivotal shift in how it licenses its massively popular and widespread game engine, Epic Games has made the next-generation version of that software, the Unreal Engine 4, available to the public as a subscription-based service. It will cost $19 a month and will involve a royalty agreement asking for 5 percent in gross sales. The engine is available for download today.

"We've always made this available to AAA game developers -- costs many millions of dollars, involves negotiating for weeks or months at a time -- but for the very big teams that … Read more

Frame Design review

Frame Design is a cool tool if you're working on a building project or just need a tool to help you in an engineering class. It lets you map out schematics of all sorts of designs and do tests for how much they can hold, move, and more. While most people won't be interested in this app at all -- as it may be over their head -- the people who need it will really love it.

This app presents you with a digital sheet of graphing paper, so you can draw and modify designs. It responds quickly … Read more

Microsoft: Pretty please make Windows Phones based on our design

BARCELONA, Spain--Microsoft wants to make it a lot easier for companies to develop Windows Phones.

The software giant on Sunday unveiled plans to release a reference design based on its mobile operating system and using Qualcomm hardware. Basically, that means anyone -- from established handset vendors like HTC to PC makers like Hewlett-Packard -- can build phones relatively quickly and cheaply. If the companies want, they can essentially slap their own branding on the device from Microsoft.

"We're open for business on Windows Phone to anyone who wants to build a Windows Phone," said Nick Parker, the … Read more

Pink Home Screen Designer Pro review

Pink Home Screen Designer Pro contains multiple options for wallpaper, as well as shelf designs and frames, to help your phone look its best. Use some of the available options, or choose a photo from your camera roll, and then add the finishing touches to design a background that makes you smile every time you turn your phone on.

The interface of this app is highly intuitive, but the one major drawback is the number of fullscreen ads that pop up as you try and use it. The ads can be cleared quickly, though, and if that doesn't bother … Read more

Watch a Boeing 767's landing gear strained to its limits

Whenever a pilot tells me that planes can withstand all kinds of turbulence and lightning strikes, I believe him.

To the level that I believe a politician when he tells me he can change the world.

However, after many years of flying, it's clear that planes are designed to withstand more than a layperson's mind can imagine.

Which is why footage posted to YouTube on Sunday might reassure one or two of the more-nervous flying types.

Here we have a Boeing 767 landing at my hometown airport, Birmingham in the UK.

In the past few weeks, England has … Read more