Review: TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac makes translating single words fast

TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac's clean interface makes translating words from English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian fast and easy, although it stumbled with blocks of text. The widget doesn't come with any dictionaries but the user can download all they need from the developer's Web site.

TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac unzips and installs to the user's dashboard, where it functions as a useable widget that may be positioned according to the user's preference. The application is basic and the interface reflects that. Users add dictionaries by clicking the information icon located on the … Read more

Nintendo 2DS handheld targets new crowd

CNET Update needs a bigger pocket:

In this episode of Update:

- Spend $50 less on Nintendo's Wii U Deluxe when a new bundle comes out for $300 on September 20.

- See if there's an appetite for the cheaper Nintendo 2DS portable system -- which happens to be less portable than the 3DS. (The Internets have not been kind.)

- Save $100 on the unlocked Nexus 4 smartphone, now starting at $200. (Don't be surprised if a Nexus 5 crops up later this year.)

- Read up on the new Kindle challengers from Kobo, the e-ink AuraRead more

Bombard your enemy with artillery shells in Pocket Tanks Deluxe

Pocket Tanks Deluxe is an artillery game that's easy to learn and difficult to master. Available from iTunes, Pocket Tanks Deluxe is a free download, but additional add-on packs with various capabilities are sold for 99 cents each for those aficionados who want to extend their gameplay.

The Pocket Tanks Deluxe graphics are pretty simple, but they work in the context of the game. You're presented with a few simple controls for angling your artillery, then you lob shells at the enemy, trying to wipe them out before they get to their targets. You can clobber them directly, … Read more

Enjoy a simple game of air hockey with Air Hockey Deluxe

Simple, slightly addictive, and quite competitive, this app reminded us of Pong, the game that revolutionized arcade gaming in the early 1970s. Even though Air Hockey Deluxe resembles Pong in style of gameplay and is in general quite fun, it shows some imperfections that could easily be fixed by the developer.

Interface of Air Hockey Deluxe offers no advanced options or specific game settings. It simply provides you with one-player and two-player options. The one-player option will put you against an AI, while the two-player option lets both players play on the same screen. The controls of the game don'… Read more

See the Wii U unboxed

November 18 marks the release of the first new home console in six years. The Nintendo Wii U promises a brand new gaming experience with the use of an innovative tablet controller.

So what's in the box? Tune in to see what's packed inside the Wii U Deluxe Set that goes for $350. Keep it here for a full review of the console closer to launch.

Play realistic slots on your Android device with Slot Machine Deluxe

It used to be that you had to go to Las Vegas to play the real slots. Then more casinos gave more players access to real Vegas-style slot machines, and online slots just sweetened the pot. Now you can play casino-style slots with Slot Machine Deluxe, a free Android app (you can buy more coins, though). We installed it on a Samsung smartphone running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Slot machine opens with two carousels of Slots displayed, though all but the first are locked. Before we started playing, we tapped the Settings icon, but the only changes involved turning off the … Read more

The 404 1,150: Where burritos > bagels (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- It's It: The story of the Bay Area's most famous dessert, or, the other San Francisco treat.

- This is why we behave so strangely in elevators.

- Snopes debunks "Elevator Express" trick.

Bathroom break video: Empty America series profiles San Francisco.

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Nintendo sets Wii U price, unveils TVii

Wii play around for Thursday's Nintendo news roundup:

Nintendo announced that its new Wii U game console will be available in the U.S. on Nov. 18, coming in two flavors. The white "Basic" bundle is $300 and comes with a GamePad and Wii U with 8 GB of memory. But it makes more sense to pick up the $350 black "Deluxe" bundle, which includes a 32 GB Wii U system, charger, stand and Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land is a pack of 12 mini games which use the GamePad and allow 5 people to play … Read more

Mixing it up on the set of 'Copper'

"Copper," the new BBC America crime drama, is set in NYC in 1864, while the Civil War was still raging. I was intrigued because the 10-part series was created by Tom Fontana, who did "Homicide: Life on the Street" and "Oz," and on a more personal level, my old friend Frank Morrone is a sound mixer for the show. We met in 1999 when I was writing a feature story on mixing sound for Ron Howard's film "Edtv," and more recently, Morrone shared some of his experiences about mixing sound for … Read more

Create slideshows to go with PicturesToExe Deluxe

The problem with most photo slideshow programs is that you have to have them installed on any machine that you plan to display your slideshow on. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem, such as PicturesToExe Deluxe. This easy-to-use program lets you create custom slideshows and package them in a variety of different formats that can run anywhere.

The program's interface is plain and intuitive. The multipane layout makes it easy to navigate to the desired directory and add images to the slideshow via drag and drop. You can customize slideshows by adding a variety of transition effects, … Read more