Battery Defender review

By disabling your Wi-Fi or data networks when you're not using your phone, Battery Defender keeps your Android device's battery charged longer. Maintaining a network connection uses more power than it needs to, so temporarily disabling connections while you sleep or when your screen goes blank reduces battery drain without impacting your phone service. You can customize how and when Battery Defender goes into action. Infolife's Battery Defender is free with ads.


Stay in charge: There's no mystery about Battery Defender: Turning off Wi-Fi or data when your phone or tablet is idle reduces the … Read more

JuiceDefender -- Battery Saver review

JuiceDefender -- Battery Saver by Latedroid reduces the strain and drain on your Android phone or tablet's battery by powering down stuff that doesn't need to be running. Presets range from standard to aggressive and extreme battery conservation, including custom and advanced options. JuiceDefender is free with Pro and Ultimate upgrades aimed at heavy users.


Welcome screen: JuiceDefender opens with a Welcome screen cautioning users to leave the app on and running for a few days to get a good average measure of your habits and battery use.

Help tab: Help is always a tab away, including … Read more

Anvi Smart Defender review

Anvi Smart Defender helps you keep your computer clear of all types of viruses and malware using both local and cloud scan engines. This technique enables Smart Defender to provide better protection through quicker and more accurate identification of harmful files and programs.


Multiple scanning options: You can choose to run a Full Scan or Quick Scan anytime you open the program. And if you're more experienced using these types of programs, you can take advantage of the Custom Scan option.

Clear data presentation: Scan results are presented in a way that makes them understandable to even the … Read more

Review: Defender Pro Antivirus Online Security protects your computer

Defender Pro Antivirus Online Security identifies viruses and malware and takes appropriate action to protect your computer. The security scans that Defender Pro performs will quickly detect a problem program or file and quarantine it or otherwise prevent it from causing problems. It also scans Web sites for issues, so that threats can be eliminated before they even reach your computer.

Installing Defender Pro is straightforward, although it does require a restart of your computer to complete. There was also an update to install immediately upon installation. But these are completed quickly, and the interface is streamlined and intuitive. From … Read more

CES 2014: Startups steal the show

The importance of CES as a showcase for major consumer product launches has undoubtedly lessened over the past few years. Big companies choose to launch their big products at smaller events; places where they can control the tone, control the tempo, and control the access. Thankfully, that opening void has been more than filled by two things: cars and startups.

It's the latter category that's been really opening our eyes of late, small, independent entrepreneurs and crowd-funded darlings who have been filling the halls of CES' Eureka Park with an unpredictable collection of frequently awesome products and services. … Read more

Crave Ep. 134: Homemade portable NES pushes our buttons

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This week on Crave, a Canadian dentist wants to clone John Lennon with a tooth he bought for $31,000. A computer scientist builds an awesome portable Nintendo Entertainment System. Plus, we all want to take a turn with the "beercade" machine, which serves up cold brews as you play vintage video games. All that and more on this week's episode of Crave. … Read more

Review: Bitdefender Security is faster and better

Bitdefender Antivirus continues to remain a top-performing security suite that improves over time by adjusting to your computer usage and performance.

Bitdefender's latest version sheds the yearly version identity and brings back the same expected arsenal of security tricks and tweaks that made version 2013 so competitive among the AV crowd. Features like MyBitdefender return to address the rising demand for multidevice protection as many other rivals like Norton and AVG have followed suit.

Bitdefender's cost has gone up for each of its products across the board: Antivirus Plus now retails for $49.95, Internet Security for $69.… Read more

Review: Space Tower Defender pits you against enemy ships

Space Tower Defender is not a tower defense game; rather it is a fast paced turret game in which you must destroy wave after wave of enemies before they can reach you. The quick setup, ease of entry into the mechanics, and enjoyable theme all make it a very well executed game that will keep you entertained for hours.

In Space Tower Defender, you will occupy a tower in the center of the game screen. You can turn the tower and fire by tapping anywhere on the screen around you. This is important, because shortly after starting, enemies start appearing. … Read more

Crave giveaway: OtterBox Realtree Camo case for HTC One

Congrats to Ken W. of Tallahassee, Fla., for winning a Sonic Alert Sonic-connect 2 in last week's giveaway, and to Maher K. of Maple Grove, Minn., for winning a Grace Digital Ecoxbt Bluetooth speaker the week before that. This week's prize is for the HTC One owners out there.

HTC's new flagship smartphone has generated lots of buzz with its all-metal design and revamped, love-it-or-hate-it Sense user interface. CNET reviewer Brian Bennett calls the Android device "the fastest, most beautiful phone I've ever used," and if you're going to have a gorgeous phone, you're going to want gorgeous clothing for it. That's where our freebie comes in.

We're giving away a rugged OtterBox Defender Realtree Camo case with a built-in screen protector; damage defense from drops, bumps, shock, and impact; and a cool nature-inspired design that'll make it easy to blend in to your surroundings when you and your HTC One commune out in the woods.… Read more

Five Android apps that prolong your smartphone's battery life

Have you found yourself wishing that your Android's battery would last longer? Don't answer that, I already know. Be it poor app design, ever-larger display sizes, or our constant desire to play mobile games, we're eating up battery life faster than we'd like.

As a platform, Android has improved with each iteration and task management, and multitasking keeps getting smarter.

With that said, one of the first complaints from new smartphone users is that the battery doesn't seem to live up to expectations. Sure, the 2013 crop of flagship phones seems promising, but not everyone … Read more