Despicable Me, NCAA football, space deathmatch, and more: New iPhone games of the week

I know it's summertime, but there's only so much fresh air and sunshine a person can take. Sometimes you just want to hole up in an air-conditioned room and play games till your brain rots. Then, back outside for fresh air and sunshine.

With that in mind, let's take a look at four new games sure to rot your brain--er, keep you entertained--during these lovely summer months:

Despicable Me: Minion Mania: I always find it a little strange when a movie tie-in arrives before the movie ("Despicable Me" opens July 9), but when it's … Read more

Playing Eliminate Pro can eliminate your money

Popular iPhone gaming developer Ngmoco released Eliminate Pro yesterday, its much-anticipated, online, first-person shooter. This well-polished "free" game features smooth looking graphics, onscreen controls that are fairly effective (no match for a controller or keyboard/mouse setup, but that's to be expected), a number of power ups to improve your weapons and armor, and five playable maps. In-game kills and winning matches earn you credits you can use to buy new weapons and armor. There are eight armor types, five weapon types, and items to buy like armor designs (skins) to give you a new look. The … Read more

The Ultimate Tech Celebrity Deathmatches

Gladiators with oversized forks. Boxers with oversized shorts. Rugby players with frighteningly deformed ears. Throughout history, man has pitted himself against his fellow man and cheered as limbs were ripped from limb and teeth flew like confetti at a wedding. Given our general lack of buffness, however, geeks have never got in on the act. Until now.

Today, with tongue firmly in cheek, metaphors at the ready and whimsy mode set to "on," we're pitching the top celebrities of the technology world against each other. Kevin Rose, founder of digg, takes on Rob Malda, founder of Slashdot. … Read more