7 apps for 7 daters

Meeting people is easy, but meeting the right person is challenging. If you're finding too many Ms. or Mr. Wrongs, then you probably just haven't met the right app yet. We've screened dating apps and have picked our top 7, paired with personality profiles, so you can find your app match.

Committed ( iOS, Android)

If you're looking for a lasting relationship, then is for you. Why else would you pay for a plan that runs from $21.99 to $129.99? This beautifully designed app features robust profiles, and if you pay … Read more

Will crowdfunded NY-to-SF dating airlift face rocky landing?

As a single lady living in San Francisco for more than 18 years, I can say with expert-level knowledge that dating in San Francisco isn't easy.

I've had plenty of dismal dates with wannabe indie rock stars, crazy artists, money-obsessed biz-dev dudes, clueless Glassholes, smug hipsters, and even a guy who insisted on wearing a cape (and not in a sexy cosplay way) everywhere we went. I've had longer relationships, and more reliable ones, with my local pizza delivery guys. I've always thought San Francisco is one of the hardest cities for a single gal to find Mr. Right. Too many of us settle for Mr. Good Enough.

But according to The Dating Ring Crowdtilt Campaign, there are more datable straight guys here in San Francisco than in New York City. And there are supposedly more available single gals looking for serious relationships in New York.

Because of this single-guy-to-girl ratio, The Dating Ring wants to play cross-country Cupid with those hoping to catch a few love arrows by bringing a planeload of New York ladies to the Bay Area. … Read more

The 404 1,436: Where you're never too old to start Tindering (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Apple CarPlay to bring iPhone experience to your next car's dashboard.

- This electric condom promises to supercharge your sex life.

- 60-year-old goes on Tinder tear: "By the end of the year, I had slept with 15 men, 11 of whom were in their 20s or 30s."

- A smart Netflix employee invents wristband that pauses your shows when you fall asleep.… Read more

Tell your friends their relationship sucks? Here's an app for that

"I give it 12 months," we say, while sitting in a dusty church pew wearing our oversized hat or only clean suit.

"Oh, I don't know. She's a bit friendly with the best man, if you ask me. Six months at best," someone will mutter, just before singing a love song specially chosen by the newlyweds.

We fancy ourselves as knowing just how long it will take before a happy couple becomes an it's-your-fault-you-lazy-faithless-farm-animal couple. We'd put money on it.

So sing hosannas to a disruptive tyke of an iOS app called ForeverNOT. This entirely helpful social service allows you not only to bet on the potential length of your own friend's relationships, but also those of famously true lovers. … Read more

Love me, Tinder: The app that keeps Olympians sane

I had always imagined that when thousands of athletes, brimming with thighs that could pull a train into a station, are gathered in a confined space, striking up a flirtatious conversation wouldn't be difficult.

Perhaps they don't even have to talk. They merely look at each other and all the inner chemicals that bristle within them do the rest.

Sometimes I am horribly mistaken.

It seems as if instant attraction and carnal confluence need an app to oil their joyous path.

My inveterate and active reading of US Weekly tells me that there is one chosen app among the young and the vestless of Sochi: Tinder.… Read more

Online dating tip: Skip the selfies, guys

Pictures on dating Web sites are notorious for being misleading. They're usually old, like when the person was 20 pounds lighter and had more hair. But even worse than that is a guy taking a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror.

That's a big no-no, according Shayan Zadeh, CEO and founder of the dating site Zoosk.

"Your picture is really important," he says. "Taking a picture that shows your full body actually improves your chances of responses. If you're a guy, avoid selfies. Selfies don't work for guys. Women, yes. Selfies work … Read more

Apple Mac Pro ship date pushed back to April

Apple has pushed back the delivery of its high-end Mac Pro computer to April.

The listing for the sleek, black, cylindrical computer on the company's US online store shows that both the Quad-Core and 6-Core versions of the Mac Pro won't be available to ship until April. Previously, ship dates were posted for February but then were pushed back to March.

The device, which is 9.9 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds, went on sale in December. The computer comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $2,999 and customization add-ons that can push the cost … Read more

Car Guy goes on a date

Who'd have thought that a tweeted picture would result in a date? In fact, who'd have thought going on a date would have been a remote possibility for me in any way?

Such is the power of social media that even guys like me, monosyllabic and an unwavering dullard in every way, can come across as having a modicum of that thing the tabloids call the "X Factor," but most of us still call personality.

Anyway, I digress. A photograph of an S-Class appearing in a hitherto quiet follower's timeline had sparked a conversation. As … Read more

Part-time love? There's a dating site for that

I need to tell you about my dishwasher.

Sometimes it washes every dish, giving me a radiant feeling in several places. On other occasions, it spits, pouts, and leaves red plates brown.

There seems no reason why. It's just like that.

If it was a person, my dishwasher would be on Part Time Love. This is a dating site with an alluring promise: "Meaningful romance without everyday commitment."… Read more

The 404 1,412: Where we game the system (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- How a math genius hacked OKCupid to find true love.

- Did the mathematician who hacked OKCupid violate federal computer laws?

- This is the most awkward feature on the Internet -- so why is it still around?

Episode 1,412


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