9 gadgets that should never become self-aware

It's a science fiction trope that keeps many folks, particularly our less tech-savvy relatives, up at night. What happens if the machines take over?

Those of us who are a little more familiar with the world of technology tend to be less concerned, in my experience, about a real-life Skynet becoming self-aware and reinterpreting its own code to call for the extermination of its creators.

But surely there's no harm in being prepared, right? So why not try to identify those gadgets that are currently out there now that would pose the biggest threat (or just be downright creepy) should they be granted the gifts of sentience and free will?… Read more

Cylon teddy bear is frakkin' scary

Looking for a new and imaginative way to terrify your kid? No, we're not talking about the Wiggles (though equally traumatic). Instead, why not try a duplicitous robot bear bent on destroying the human race?

The fine folks at Instructables have a tutorial for hacking a teddy bear into a Cylon killing machine from "Battlestar Galactica." The project seems fairly simple and cheap, especially if you already have a suitable teddy bear that you're willing to perform some surgery on. With a $15 kit from ThinkGeek, a cheap voice memo recorder, scissors, and some basic soldering … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 857: Dumber than a robot donkey

In today's show, we find out that the demise of humanity is imminent (or that all of our robot mythology is fundamentally rooted in self-hatred), the RIM BlackBerry Storm takes the world by drizzle, and Microsoft hopes that actually giving you songs will convince you to buy a Zune. Oh, and we don't care about Yahoo Glue. In case you were wondering.

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RIM BlackBerry Storm arrives

Meet the first multitouch consumer laptop: HP’s TouchSmart tx2 more

Air purifier zaps germs at 400 degrees

A USB air purifier is fine when you're on the road, but at home you need something more powerful for a fully sterilized bubble. That's when you might want to consider the "Airfree Platinum 2000."

Its name may sound like something out of RoboCop, but the purifier claims to eliminate 99.99 percent of all germs. The secret weapon is a ceramic core that reaches 400 degrees, a temperature where no micro-organism can build their germ villages, according to Appliancist. (Airfree claims that it functions at these levels without burning down the house. Glad they mentioned … Read more