Myst creators crowdfund new game Obduction

Released in 1993, Myst was a groundbreaking game. Its gorgeous, immersive world full of puzzles challenged players to use their minds and problem-solving skills rather than weapons. Cyan, the studio behind both Myst and its sequel Riven, has now gone to Kickstarter for the new game Obduction.

The Obduction storyline begins with your character getting abducted and swept across the universe to a mysterious, alien world. In classic fashion, you will have to explore and solve puzzles to progress. Cyan has decided to use the Epic Games Unreal Engine, the same engine that has powered games like BioShock and Infinity Blade.… Read more

Nokia Lumia 900 white and cyan models now available from AT&T

Consumers eyeing Nokia's Lumia 900 can now find the phone in all three of its colors at AT&T's online retail store.

The black and white models are in stock and available immediately, while the cyan model requires a wait of five to seven business days.

Both the white and cyan models were out of stock at AT&T just a couple of weeks ago, so Nokia seems to be revving up its supply to catch up with demand.

A Nokia representative told CNET last month that the company was striving to ramp up production of … Read more