Cut the Rope: Time Travel review

Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes a few of our favorite things: ancient history, advanced physics, and candy; and brings them together in another of our favorite things, an Android game. In Cut the Rope, you'll travel back in time to help Om Nom feed candy to hungry ancestors in six fun new scenarios. ZeptoLabs' free app is suitable for both phones and tablets.


Physics is fun: Basic physical laws govern how fruit falls, and you must figure out which rope to cut to drop the fruit into a hungry Om Nom ancestor's mouth.

Top-quality graphics: The … Read more

Review: Deduct home mortgage, investment income, and more with H&R Block's Deluxe Web site

H&R Block's Web-based Deluxe tax preparation service lets you easily include your home mortgage, investment income, charitable giving, and other credits and deductions. The Deluxe option includes everything in Block's Free and Basic services, such as the ability to import data and documents from other tax software and online storage and access of your tax forms. But the Deluxe service adds expert guidance for your mortgage and other deductions, live and real-time technical support, and other extras. You can try H&R Block Deluxe for free without filing or paying until you're satisfied. We … Read more

Review: File taxes with mortgage, investment, and other deductions with H&R Block's Deluxe service

If you own your home or have some investments, H&R Block's Deluxe online filing service delivers the convenience of eFiling with expert guidance, and for a surprisingly affordable (and recently discounted) price. The Deluxe option has everything offered in the Free and Basic options plus help with your home mortgage, investments, dividends, and charitable deductions. You can also file your state taxes for an additional fee. You don't have to file (or pay) until you're satisfied and H&R Block guarantees its arithmetic, too. The Deluxe tool lets you import previous filing data from … Read more

TV subscriptions drop as video streaming services rise

TV channels must be starting to feel the sting as more subscribers opt for video streaming services. New data from global information company The NPD Group shows that television channel subscriptions fell 6 percent in the last two years, while streaming services grew 4 percent.

It appears that with the ease and relative low cost of TV and movie streaming services, more people are canceling channel subscriptions like HBO and Showtime. According to The NPD Group, 67 percent of all digital video transactions are via subscription video-on-demand, or SVOD. This includes services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus.

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Intel cutting workforce as PC growth slows

Intel plans to cut about 5 percent of its global workforce, the company said in a statement Friday.

That comes to roughly 5,000 out of a total workforce of 107,000, Reuters said.

"Intel will be aligning resources to meet the needs of the business this year. This will include targeted workforce reduction in addition to realignment of resources," Intel said in a statement provided to CNET.

The statement continued. "While we expect that employment will come down by approximately 5 percent this year, we are not announcing a layoff. When we talk about reduction of … Read more

Review: Sony Vegas Pro 12

Sony Vegas Pro dominates the space between basic video-editing software like Windows Movie Maker and professional applications like Adobe Premiere. Sony won this niche by offering professional tools and functions at a fraction of the competitors' prices. The latest version of Vegas Pro 12 adds a good deal of improvements to an already great video editor.


Packed full of features: With Vegas Pro, you can edit SD, HD, 2K, and 4K footage in either 2D or stereoscopic 3D. Sync material from multiple cameras using the multicam feature to add a little perspective to your movies. The celebrated masking abilities … Read more

Cutting board + iPad holder: What could possibly go wrong?

LAS VEGAS -- CTA Digital already conquered the realm of the bathroom with a toilet paper holder that doubles as a tablet stand and the iPotty, an iPad toilet-training arrangement for kids. Now the company has set its quirky sights on the kitchen with a line of cutting-edge tablet holders.

For people with precise knife control skills, there's the $34.99 Bamboo Cutting Board with Stand for iPad and Knife Storage. It elevates your iPad just a bit above the cutting surface and includes knife slots along the side. Just be careful when you're slicing away not to peel a bit off your screen. For people who may be a little more klutzy, there's a $24.99 bamboo cutting board with a screen shield that should also keep your precious tablet protected from flying vegetable peels and meat juices.… Read more

Review: Photo Cut offers a number of tools for cutting and customizing your photos

Photo Cut provides tools so you can cut out parts of photos and combine them with other backgrounds, or add effects to an existing photo. The app offers a handful of decent tools and the cutting option is useful, but the interface combined with sometimes lower-grade graphics makes for a mixed experience.

When you open Photo Cut you'll be presented with a muddled interface and a number of options that are not clearly labeled. Some are obvious like the Scissors that allow you to cut your photos, or Sticker that allows you to add certain effects to the current … Read more

Review: Cut N Place is feature rich but often overly complex

Cut N Place offers much more than just the typical fare found in other photo snipping apps, but because of the sometimes confusing interface, the app suffers despite its abundance of features. Where it tries to reach beyond basic drag-and-drop snipping, it becomes inaccessible in some ways. For users with the patience to watch and use the tutorials and videos provided, Cut N Place will prove to be one of the better apps for snipping photos on the App Store. For those who want something quick and easy to use, this may not fit the bill.

After opening Cut N … Read more

Review: AThumb Cut (photo collage) makes precision cropping easy

AThumb Cut (photo collage) makes it easier to cut and paste yourself into a picture than traditional methods of photo-editing. The results can look just as good as they would if you were a Photoshop expert. There is a small learning curve involved, but once you get past that, this app rewards you with plenty of power and advanced features.

AThumb Cut lets you precisely cut any object -- including a person -- out of one picture and into another. The app does an excellent job of finding the object for you, but it does require you to trace some … Read more