The 404 402: Where you mess with the best you die like the rest

After debuting the final chapter in our 404 Superhero series (thanks Hayato!), we break into chats about the next-gen air-con, an Xbox autographed by Palin, cell phone crackdowns, and a Nintendo inflatable cushion that raises questions of hygiene...yikes!

Thanks again to Hayato Shimizu for making the image you see above, which features all three of The 404 hosts as their respective superheroes in the Four-Oh-Force! You can always depend on us to save you from a bad day! Well...except for Sundays, you're on your own there.

Lots of stories to get into today, like this Nissan car with a built-in revolutionary air-conditioner that blocks "unpleasant smells" from entering your car. Having driven with Jeff and Wilson before, I can say without hyperbole that I'm more worried about the smells coming from inside the car, but I'm sure that invention is in development as well.

We also talk about San Francisco cracking down on cell phones in the car and a Sarah Palin autographed Xbox 360 fetching 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS on eBay, but the weirdest story of the day comes from Nintendo, who is developing an inflatable cushion for the Wii used to simulate riding on the back of an animal or being in the driver's seat of a vehicle. There are a million and one jokes to be made here, and we get to about 4,297 of them in the second half of the show, so be sure to check that out. Nintendo has officially lost its marbles.

A big apology goes out to everyone who couldn't leave a voice mail last night--we've since cleared it all out, so please call us back at 1-866-404-CNET and leave another message!

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Are they just messing with us now? The strangest Wii accessory yet

Just when you thought Nintendo Wii accessories couldn't get any more bizarre, along comes a patent filing that has left us speechless. According to the actual online patent page, the proposed inflatable air cushion will have room for a Wii remote and can be used to simulate riding on the back of an animal or being in the driver's seat of a vehicle.

Judging by the rest of the images in the set, the user would be able to plug in a Nunchuk attachment as well. The sample figure drawings also suggest the cushion itself wouldn't be … Read more

Just sit right there

WhoopieCushion is a free and extremely simple app that attempts to replicate the classic, red-rubber toy of the same name. Like the original toy itself, there are countless competing imitations--offering everything from timers to motion sensors--so shop around to find the right flatulence simulator for you. WhoopieCushion stands out because of its price (it is free) and its clean interface: you just tap the photo of the "Whoopee Cushion" on your iPhone or iPod Touch screen, and the app will randomly produce one of a handful of "Bronx cheer" noises. No similar app--this one included--can quite … Read more

'Geek Cushion' keeps you from going belly-up

We thought we'd found the ideal laptop angle years ago with the "Easy Desk Aluminum," but that position can get a little old especially when used at play as well as at work. That's where the aptly named "Lazy Geek's Cushion" comes in.

Unlike many of its other products, Japan's Thanko may actually have come up with something useful with this, er, workstation, at least for those of us afflicted with terminal laziness. It supposedly claims to alleviate back and neck pain, though we have no idea if there's any actual … Read more

Klipsch buds use gel cushions for the right fit

We've complained before about the plight of our misshapen ears and the resultant problems with headsets that fit, and if we were a decent lot we'd stop whining. But we're not, and we won't.

At least, not until we find a pair of headphones that solves the problem, which is why we're intrigued by a new pair offered by Klipsch. A line of three models known simply as Custom 1, 2, and 3 feature buds with gel cushions intended to snuggle up to even the most aberrantly configured aural canals. The high-end Custom 3 also … Read more

Bluetooth cushion for lazy callers

At first glance this might seem like ridiculous proposition, and for $531 it probably is. But if you talk a lot and don't have a decent speakerphone or other way to have a comfortable hands-free conversation on your mobile phone, the "purCushion" might not seem as silly as it looks.

Except for taking photos, this Bluetooth cushion includes several basic phone functions, according to GeekAlerts, including volume control, muting, redialing, and other features, with 8 hours of talk time and 300 hours on standby per charge. And unlike most handsets, it's washable.

A perfect tan without losing your stuff

Sometimes the only way to endure the oppressive winter gray is to daydream of warmer climes, so even the silliest summer gadgets can look pretty good this time of year. And this one certainly fits the bill.

The "PODilllow" may look as ridiculous as its name, but it's the price one must pay for a perfect tan. It's like a portable version of the face cushion on a massage table, but with one important difference--it has a hidden compartment for your MP3 player (and other must-have possessions) so you can drift off to the tunes with … Read more

New JVC headphones sound like running shoes

Just got the press release on JVC's new in-ear HA-FX66 headphones. For a second I thought I was looking at a Nike press release after I read the headline "JVC Introduces In-ear Air Cushion headphones" and that they "use a soft cushion of air to provide a secure, comfortable fit."

The release goes on to note that JVC's research shows that "consumers' biggest problem with in-ear headphones is their tendency to fall out." (Wow, guys, you needed to conduct a study to come to that conclusion?) "The HA-FX66 headphones tackle that … Read more

We don't heart this pillow

It occurs to us that the previous item may have left an erroneous impression. For the record, we wish to let it be known that not all LED products are actually useful. In fact, if Crave's posts are any indication, the superfluous may well outnumber the practical. (On second thought, Crave should never be used to judge reality in any form.)

In any event, this next example ranks right up there with the "Illuminated Handbag." The "LumiHeart" cushion is made of fiber-optic fabric lighted by batteries stuffed inside, according to Gizmodiva. There's apparently a … Read more

MP3 pillows can go on tour with you

With the iPod clothing business practically all sewn up (sorry), the cottage industry seems to be turning its sights to the Pottery Barn crowd. But while products like the iCushion appear destined for the living room, the Mi speaker pillows--which come in neck or rectangular shapes--can be taken with you on a plane or car ride. Chip Chick points out that the red cushions even match Bono's iPod color scheme, though Hammacher Schlemmer notes diplomatically that they'll work with any MP3 player too.