Avoid spam calls, find numbers faster with Current Caller ID on Android

Last year, I shared how to use the Whitepages Current Caller ID app to easily track blocked calls and texts. Now, Whitepages has added the ability to spot many of today's spam/scam numbers, along with some other convenient features.

If you don't have the app already, there's no time like the present to get a copy. Current Caller ID is available for Android 2.2 and up.

The UI for the app has received a makeover, sporting lighter colors and better organization for its features. For example, the previous version of the app had two tabs … Read more

Review: Read high-quality magazines on your Android device with Google Currents

Read top magazines for free on your Android phone or tablet with Google Currents. Topics include News, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Lifestyle, and more. Familiar titles such as Popular Science, Forbes Now, and TMZ are presented in a familiar page-turning format with high-quality images and text comparable to print editions, only they're free to read in Currents, either online or in high-speed offline editions. You can subscribe to titles, too. Currents incorporates a lot of Google features, such as Google Search for breaking news as well as Google's blog, feeds, and translation tools. An optional widget also delivers breaking … Read more

Dog tail-wagging takes sides, scientists determine

When humans see a dog wagging its tail, we pretty much equate that with a happy dog. It turns out that a dog's tail may be much more expressive than we realize. Research has shown that happy dogs tend to wag more to the right, while anxious dogs go more to the left. A new study published in the journal Current Biology delves into the question of whether other dogs read this response.

This asymmetry of wagging is traced back to left- and right-brain action. Researchers showed dogs videos of other dogs, or silhouettes of dogs wagging their tails, with a preference in one direction or another. The viewing dogs had their heart rates measured and were monitored for their responses.… Read more

Review: Organize your Internet bookmarks with Hao123 Current

Hao123 Current takes an average Internet browser and successfully improves it with colorful bookmarks and basic gesture controls. This app initially seems appealing because of the clean and modern design, but it ultimately doesn't deliver a more effective way of browsing the Web.

Hao123 Current installs easily but the setup can take some time. The app is fully customizable to the user's preferences. It consists of a home screen and a browser. The home screen includes slots that can be filled with various links and information such as latest news and Facebook and Twitter updates, daily horoscope, weather … Read more

Google Reader is done; here are five alternatives

Editors' note: This post has been updated with new and better alternatives to fit your news-reading style.

Hear that? That's the sound of millions of news junkies on the Web scrambling to find an alternative to Google Reader.

As you may have heard, Google Reader will be no more starting July 1. Unfortunately for many of us, the search giant has announced that it will shutter its much-maligned -- though still widely used -- RSS reader, which will no doubt leave many users in a tizzy, searching for other ways to subscribe to their favorite feeds. Sure, Google Reader … Read more

Current Caller ID shares caller's social-media updates: TMI?

Current Caller ID is an almost fiendishly clever app. It feeds your contacts' social-media updates right to your Android phone. Even if Aunt Matilda's status update about her recent purchase of an iPhone 5 fell under your Facebook radar, you'll be able to quickly get up to speed when she calls you for tech support.

For friends and colleagues who use Twitter and let apps access their Facebook pages, the Current Caller ID app works very well. If a good chunk of your contact list falls into that category, then the app can add a lot to your experience. … Read more

The main perk of Starbucks-Square deal

Wednesday's top headlines are served with a low-fat triple shot of mobile news:

You may wonder why it matters that Square partnered with Starbucks. Customers could already pay for coffee by using the Starbucks app and show their phone screen to the barista. And how much time does that really save compared to taking out your wallet?

This deal is all about awareness. Seeing the Square logo in stores will help people get more comfortable with the idea of phones being a wallet replacement. Apple will also be pushing this concept in iOS 6 with the Passbook app that … Read more

Google Currents 1.1 goes international

According to Google, the top requested features for Google Currents were international availability and quicker syncing, and with today's jump to version 1.1, Google has made these requested features a reality.

First, Google Currents is now available globally. This means that no matter where you are, if you can download an app through Google Play or the iTunes App Store, you can download Google Currents. What's more, readers can also add their favorite local blogs to Currents, giving them a truly international experience.

Second, Google Translate is now seamlessly integrated with Currents, which perfectly complements the new … Read more

Current TV plugs wrong Twitter ID for Olbermann replacement

In its haste to make it look like it had everything in hand following its firing of high-profile anchor Keith Olbermann today, Current TV made a fairly embarrassing faux pas: It promoted the wrong Twitter ID for the mercurial Olbermann's replacement, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

It would be one thing if the Internet TV channel had simply given out an incorrect Twitter ID. But according to Mediabistro, Spitzer doesn't even have a Twitter account. Current TV has been suitably red-faced in the aftermath of the ID mishap, telling Mediabistro, "Our apologies that this was incorrect … Read more

NASA video visualizes a 'Perpetual Ocean'

NASA has released a computer visualization project called "Perpetual Ocean" that presents a data-created time lapse of the Earth's ocean and sea surface currents over a two-year period.

The animation (see below) shows the globe slowly spinning as white swirls curl and move in the water around landmasses. It looks as if Vincent van Gogh had painted into the oceans -- from the Gulf of Mexico to the Indian Ocean to the Black Sea.

Using NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's computational model called Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean Phase II ( ECCO2), scientists simulated … Read more