1Mobile Market review

1Mobile Market brings you a selection of some of the best and most interesting Google Play apps as chosen by a group of editors. With its extensive yet specific categories and helpful autocomplete search feature, it can make it easier for you to discover and install top apps.


Fast and accessible: Because it features only free, mostly top-rated apps, 1Mobile Market proves easier to digest than Google Play, helping you to discover interesting titles that you might otherwise miss.

Powerful search: The autocomplete feature for the search bar, rather than showing you suggested keywords like in Google Play, provides … Read more

Read the news alongside your friends' social statuses

Paper, from the people at Facebook, lets you browse statuses and other news categories using a new, more visual interface than what you're used to with the official Facebook app. Mysteriously, the app is iPhone-only at the time of this writing, but it seems like it would be a great fit for iPad.

Taking a page from Flipboard, Facebook Paper delivers a tiled interface that shows your standard Facebook news feed, but also gives you curated news content organized by category. That combination makes Facebook Paper a distinct and more robust product that's meant to complement, rather than … Read more

Flipboard expands into mobile commerce with catalog feature

Flipboard, the social magazine app for iOS and Android, is extending its feelers further into mobile commerce with a new catalogs category. The update, released Monday, allows companies and individual users to create specialized buying guides out of items found within Flipboard and on the Web. The guides can then be deposited into custom magazines with price tags and product info alongside active links to allow purchases.

Back in March, Flipboard -- which in September raised another $50 million on a $800 million valuation -- introduced its magazine-creating feature in its 2.0 update. That extended the app's curation … Read more

Apple said to be promoting employee projects on iTunes

Apple's patting some of its employees on the back for work on various digital media projects, according to a new report.

9to5Mac said the company's launched a new internal site to promote some of the digital projects done by its employees.

The new section, called "Employees on iTunes" will promote books, songs, movies, and TV shows that Apple's staff have created, or otherwise been involved in. That's according to an internal memo from Apple SVP Eddy Cue, which was posted in full by the rumor site.

Those works are not currently published on any … Read more

Spotify copies Songza with curated playlists

CNET Update is in the mood for Pure Moods:

In this episode of Update:

- Tune in to Spotify's new Browse feature, which mimics Songza's curated playlists for moods. You'll also be hearing about curated playlists when MOG relaunches under a new name.

- Size up the September phablet launches with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 and the rumored HTC One Max.

- Save $100 on Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet (which will go toward buying the keyboard cover.)

- Find your lost Android phone with Google's Android Device Manager, coming later this month.


iTunes (HD) |&… Read more

Twitter says no to auto follows, yes to curation

Twitter has updated its developer guidelines, killing off auto-follow features and loosening the reins on curation services.

That means developers of third-party applications won't be able to let users automatically follow someone who follows them or suggested follows. But Twitter is reducing its restrictions for services that gather and display tweets, like Storify. So curation is OK, as long as it's done manually.

[Via The Next Web]

Find the apps that matter with 1Mobile

The 1Mobile Market for Android offers a curated selection of fun, useful, and otherwise interesting apps, all of which are free. It's unique because it's managed by a team of actual editors, rather than a set of algorithms that try to home in on what you're looking for.

First thing you'll notice is that 1Mobile's main panel looks a bit like a cheap knock-off of Google Play, with its large tiles and similar color scheme. For some, this might be comforting, but for me, it feels a little tacky.

While looks may not be 1Mobile'… Read more

Fancy pins from your Android device

With no official Pinterest app yet available for Android, there are swathes of users itching to pin their much-loved items while on the go. Enter Fancy, an Android app for another visual cataloging site,

Just like the popular Pinterest service, Fancy is about saving pictures of the people, places, and things you love. Rather than pinning items to pinboards, however, Fancy lets you "Fancy" items and save them to a list (or multiple lists). You can search for items, scroll through recently Fancy'd items, or look through the lists of users you follow. It's … Read more

Enhance copy and paste with Clipboard

How do you improve a staple function like copy and paste? Simple. Make it smarter.

Clipboard is a content-centric utility designed for copying and saving content on the Web. With Clipboard, you can copy and paste custom elements from any Web page, whether it's images, articles, videos, or a combination of all three. No more worrying about precise highlights and tedious Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc. Simply register and log in to the Clipboard site. Clipboard will show you a quick tutorial video on how to add Clipboard to your bookmark bar.

After finding an … Read more

Why did CNN buy the news aggregator Zite?

"It's not an aggregator," KC Estenson, general manager of CNN Digital says. "It's a curator."

By any name, CNN's acquisition of iPad news reading app Zite is a strong and positive signal to companies working on news reading apps, like News360, which I recently covered. But CNN is in the business of producing news stories, on which it sells advertising impressions at a rate commensurate with the expense of creating the content in the first place. Traffic to an automated news gathering service will sell at a substantially lower rate (especially now that … Read more