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Dish-Disney deal changes future of online TV

CNET Update is hacking coffee machines:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why Dish made a deal with Disney so its DVR won't auto-skip commercials on ABC shows for three days after airing. In the compromise, Disney scored the rights to stream Disney-owned networks online, including ESPN, and that could be a game changer in accessing TV on the Internet.

- You may need to hack the Keurig 2.0 machine if you want to use bargain-priced unlicensed single-serve coffee cups. Keurig is fighting copycat K-cups with high-tech machines.

- Watch thousands of music videos on Xbox Music, … Read more

Keurig 2.0 brews up DRM to freeze out copycat cups

In an effort to reclaim control over the single-serve coffee market, Keurig parent company Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' new generation of "Keurig 2.0" brewers will include interactive readers programmed to work only with Keurig-licensed K-Cups. The company confirmed the news in a recent earnings call, as reported by Techdirt. The new brewers are due out in stores later this year.

The move comes at a time when Keurig's grip on the booming single-serve coffee market might be slipping. The company's original K-Cup patent expired at the end of 2012, and not surprisingly, bargain-priced competitor cups … Read more

World Cup to begin with mind-controlled exoskeleton kick

A paralyzed teen, using a mind-controlled exoskeleton, will start off the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, thanks to The Walk Again Project.

The exoskeleton will support the lower part of the body and enable the paralyzed wearer to walk using wireless electrodes attached to the head that collect brainwaves, which then signal the suit to move.

The Walk Again Project is a nonprofit collaboration among the Duke University Center for Neuroengineering; Technical University of Munich; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne; Edmond and Lily Safra International Institute of Neuroscience of Natal in Brazil; University of California at Davis; University … Read more

Larry Ellison-backed Oracle Team USA takes America's Cup

OpenWorld, Shmo-penWorld. The real Oracle action Wednesday happened on the San Francisco Bay, where Oracle Team USA cemented an astounding America's Cup comeback by winning the whole shebang to hold on to its defender title.

The Race 19 victory crowned a return from the losing side that many are calling one of greatest turnarounds in recent sports history. Lagging behind finals competitor Emirates Team New Zealand by seven points just a week ago, the team backed by Oracle founder and billionaire Larry Ellison won Race 17 by 27 seconds and Race 18 by 54 seconds Tuesday to erase what once seemed like an insurmountable lead and tie for first. … Read more

Apple design chief wants to work on...cups?

Before coming on board at Apple, Sir Jonathan Ive was designing and pitching toilets as part of consultancy outfit Tangerine.

It appears the man, who has since designed the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad (to name a few) sees an opportunity to put a dent in the drinking cup industry as well.

In an interview alongside fellow Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi (who leads Apple's software teams) with USA Today, Ive noted that he'd "like to design cups" if he were not designing gadgets for Apple.… Read more

The K-Cup lovers brewer: the Cuisinart SS-700

With a competitive $199 retail price, the Cuisinart SS-700 is a handsome-looking kitchen appliance with thoughtful design and durable-feeling construction. It is designed to make single servings of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in less than a minute by way of a K-Cup brewer design licensed from Keurig. If you're environmentally conscious, using the nonrecyclable K-Cups will likely not appeal to you, but unlike three of the five other brewers we tested, the SS-700 includes a reusable coffee filter. That fact, along with its sturdy construction and a generous three-year limited warranty make the Cuisinart SS-700 a sound choice … Read more

A bitter brew from Keurig's K75 Premium brewer

With a retail price of $179, the Keurig K75 Platinum Brewer sits in the middle of the price spectrum among the sub-$200 single serve brewers we've reviewed. Overall, it is a reasonably priced, reasonably sized brewer that performs only adequately compared with its companions on the market. It has the ability to make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate using the brands available in the Keurig K-Cups or your own ground coffee or tea with the purchase of a separate reusable brew basket. One of our primary complaints about the machine centers around its construction, which seems light and … Read more

A Starbucks brewer for Starbucks lovers

Starbucks has a devoted following that's even more robust than its beans, and many of these loyalists will likely be interested in checking out the Verismo 580. With the pull of a lever and the touch of a button, the java giant's initial entry into the world of single-serving home coffee brewing promises to bring the Starbucks experience into your kitchen, delivering fresh brewed coffee, shots of espresso, and even lattes in less than a minute, all for a suggested retail price of $199.

The Verismo is attractive and easy to use, but it uses the Starbucks-specific Verismo … Read more

To the K-Cup and beyond: Single serve coffee makers reviewed

We targeted high-end, single serve coffee makers in one of our first appliance round-ups, and we were surprised at how much diversity we found. We expected some differences in their features--different programming options, maybe a unique brewing mode or two--but what really stood out for us was the differences in flavor between each unit, even using the same kind of coffee.

Features and usability are important, too. For many coffee drinkers, all that matters at 6:30 am is that the caffeine comes fast and easy. If that's all you care about, you don't need to spend more … Read more

Meet Bunn's outstanding MyCafe MCU

The Bunn My Cafe MCU promises quick and easy brewing of whatever coffee you want, however you want it. Its clever design can adapt to pretty much any coffee-making situation, from K-Cups to fresh ground beans and everything in between, and it scored at or near the top of the class in each one of our taste tests. The look of the machine is distinctively industrial, which isn't terribly surprising given that the majority of Bunn coffee makers are designed for restaurants, cafeterias, and industrial kitchens. However, style aside, in terms of sturdiness and usability, the design of the … Read more