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Handy Photo review

With its redesigned UI, precise controls, and outstanding smart features, the new version of Handy Photo proves to be without a doubt one of the best photo editors for Android. The small investment that this paid app requires is more than worth it if you're after an editor that lets you retouch, alter, and apply filters to images with ease through an intuitive interface.


Outstanding smart features: Handy Photo's intelligent Magic Uncrop feature for expanding photos and straightening crooked horizons works wonderfully with most images. These are features no other similar Android image editor we know of … Read more

Review: Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro for Mac lets you convert and merge DOCs into PDFs

With its functionality and good performance, Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro for Mac makes file conversion to PDF quick and seamless. This premium product supports formats such as TXT, DOCX, PRC, and MOBI and allows 15 free conversions. One thing to note is that there are no OCR capabilities, so text in converted images will not be searchable or able to be selected.

Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro for Mac installs quickly and greets you with a basic interface you'll have no problem navigating. There are three different modes of conversion depending on the types of files you use, but a … Read more

Review: Image Creator offers a range of tools but no clear direction or theme

Image Creator is a free app trying to do too many things and not quite getting any of them spot on. It's not a bad app, but with limited options in the two or three areas it tries to offer features, it will feel incomplete when editing most images. The result is a messy interface and images that look half edited.

When you open Image Creator you can open a new image, take one with the camera, or prep a canvas. Most of what you do will be done to an image, however, and there are a few options. … Read more

Review: Make memes with the greatest of ease (and Free Meme Creator)

If you've ever wanted to create and share a meme but just didn't have the time, skill, or software to do it, try Free Picture Resizer's Free Meme Creator. It has just the tools you need to add captions to pictures and nothing more, all boiled down to one compact piece of freeware. You can choose the font, color, and size of your caption and place it anywhere in your meme before sharing.

Free Meme Creator's user interface is so plain that we weren't sure it had loaded completely. On the left is an image … Read more

Review: Create and edit PDFs without the acrobatics with deskPDF Studio X

Billed as "the ultimate paperless solution," Docudesk's deskPDF Studio X is aimed squarely at Adobe Acrobat. Studio X can create PDFs from any application, edit the text and images in any PDF, and convert PDFs to Word, Excel, HTML, and other document types. It can sign, stamp, and add freehand and freetext markup as well as letterheads, watermarks, and other custom touches to your documents. Features like PDFzen integration allows one-click Cloud storage and easy publishing and sharing of documents online via social media, e-mail, and fax, while 256-bit encryption, digital IDs, and other strong security measures … Read more

Review: Floor Plan Creator is a neat way to lay out a house

Floor Plan Creator includes almost too many tools and grids to help you lay out your home. It's not very easy to use on small-screen phones, though, as it will get too cluttered too quickly. However, if you have a tablet or phablet and want to picture a home's layout before you move or make big redecorations, this is a great way to do it.

The app starts you off with one floor plan so you get the hang of things. Playing with this floor plan is definitely recommended before you start your own, or else you might … Read more

Review: Photo Collage Creator creates great collages, but takes some effort

Photo Collage Creator features dozens of great frames, borders, and editing effects to show off your photos. However, it's a little hard to use and even harder to dodge its incessant ads.

The app makes you submit to not one, but two different ad agreements before you can use it. It has pop-up ads that are nearly impossible to close without an accidental tap or two, as well. You are rewarded with dozens of different frames for your collage once you make it through the ads, though. There are plenty of effects and borders you can use on each … Read more

Review: Collage Creator lets you design praise-worthy collages

Collage Creator lets you combine several of your photos into a cool, artistic collage to share on any social network. The only thing holding Collage Creator back from being a five-star app is how long it takes to get started.

The app tries to get you to log in to Facebook, but you don't have to give up any password to get to any of the app's main features. If you do log in with Facebook, you can snag photos from your profile to add to your collages. Collage Creator makes you tap through several different tutorials before … Read more

Harlem Shake Creator Lite Review

Want to get in on the latest YouTube fad but don't have advanced editing skills? This fun app can help you create a Harlem Shake video in just a few minutes. Harlem Shake Creator Lite works surprisingly well compared to similar apps you'll find in the Play store. It's riddled with ads, though.

The app asks you to opt-in to an ad service that hits your phone with browser and status bar ads. You can opt out and still have the app's full functionality, though. There are obtrusive ads in the app itself, too. If you … Read more

myRingtoneCreator 2.0 Review

Today, it's easier than ever to download a song or convert a song you already have to a ringtone for use on your phone. The App Store is filled with tools that promise to do this on autopilot and myRingtoneCreator is one such option; but the overly intrusive ads are very distracting.

In fact, the first thing you'll probably notice about myRingtoneCreator is just how many ads appear when you open the app. Two separate pop-up ads appear that need to be closed before you can access the main menu, and then there are two large, animated banners … Read more