Adobe stock hits new peak as investors cheer subscriptions

Those who despised Adobe's shift to its Creative Cloud subscriptions predicted that customer defections would sink the company's stock price -- but so far, the opposite is happening.

Adobe Systems' stock hit an all-time high in after-hours trading when Adobe reported strong first-quarter financial results on Tuesday. It surpassed analyst expectations and increased Creative Cloud subscriptions by 405,000 from the previous quarter.

In after-hours trading, Adobe's stock rose 35 cents, or about 0.5 percent, to an all-time high of $68.52.

The company is in the midst of a sales transition with software titles like … Read more

Adobe reports strong Q1, 1.84M Creative Cloud subscriptions

Adobe's fiscal first-quarter earnings and revenue came in at the high end of the company's expectations as it continues to land cloud subscriptions.

The company on Tuesday reported first-quarter earnings of $47.05 million, or 9 cents a share on revenue of $1 billion. Adjusted earnings were 30 cents a share, a nickel better than estimates.

The main takeaway from Adobe is that it added 405,000 Creative Cloud subscriptions from a year ago and has annualized recurring revenue approaching $1 billion for its Creative business.

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Despite complaints, most Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers plan to renew

Adobe Systems is having a hard time convincing skeptics that its Creative Cloud is worthwhile, but most of those who've signed up plan to renew their subscription to Adobe's software and services for another year's payments.

Those are some of the findings from the latest survey from CNET and analyst firm Jefferies. We've been tracking the demise of Adobe's Creative Suite software, which is sold through perpetual licenses but no longer updated, and its Creative Cloud replacement, which grants access to the CS software, some extra new titles, and online services for publishing, sharing files, … Read more

CNET survey: Will you renew your Creative Cloud subscription?

Ten months ago, Adobe announced that if you want to use the latest version of Photoshop, Illustrator, and all its other software for creative pros, the Creative Cloud subscription is the only way to get them. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up -- and now we want to know if you think it's worth it.

CNET and analyst firm Jefferies have conducted a series of surveys about Adobe, its Creative Cloud subscription, and the Creative Suite products it replaces. Now we have a new survey on Adobe we invite you to fill out to see what you think … Read more

Adobe brings 3D printing to Photoshop CC

Watching 3D printing evolve reminds me of the nascent days of desktop publishing -- now complete that deja vu with Adobe jumping into the market. The company thinks 3D printing is on the cusp of going mainstream and sees a coming inflection point in the consumer market once full-color printers, full-color content, and a robust marketplace for third-party downloadable models emerges. Adobe sees its role as providing the tools for helping generate the full-color content -- that makes sense given its users and applications.

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Adobe stock hits all-time high on subscription shift

Adobe Systems' transition to software subscriptions will be essentially complete by this time next year -- and investors are happy about it.

The company's stock rose $5.36, or 10 percent, to $59.35 in trading early Friday after the company reported financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter on Thursday.

"The company continued to beat its goals and consensus' expectations for net subscriber additions and annualized recurring revenue (ARR), the metrics that investors are using to measure the progress of the transition from a perpetual license to subscription revenue model," FBR analyst Samad Samana said in … Read more

Lightroom 5.3 supports Nikon Df and D610, Lumia 1020 phone

Adobe Systems released Lightroom 5.3 on Thursday, extending its support to two Nikon full-frame SLRs, the enthusiast-oriented D610 and the retro Nikon Df, and one of the two first mobile phones that can produce raw photos, the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Nokia just released the Lumia 1520 phablet, making it the first phone that can produce raw images -- those that record the unprocessed sensor data before conversion into more convenient but less flexible formats like JPEG. For Adobe, though, it's the more mainstream Lumia 1020 that got the first Lightroom support, although its software won't be updated … Read more

LinkedIn: Bosses don't want to hear you're responsible

What are the best words to avoid on a resume? Responsible, strategic, and creative.

It's not that potential employers aren't looking for people who are responsible, strategic, and creative, it's that these words are said to be painfully overused. This information comes from LinkedIn's fourth-annual most overused words list, which was released on Wednesday.

The professional social network comes up with its word lists by sorting through its nearly 260 million member profiles worldwide and tallying up what words people use most to describe themselves.

Besides responsible, strategic, and creative, the other top-10 most overused words … Read more

Adobe photography promotion lures new subscribers, says survey

It looks like Adobe Systems' Photoshop-Lightroom promotion attracted some new customers to the Creative Cloud subscription business.

In a survey with CNET and analyst firm Jefferies, 48 percent of Creative Cloud subscribers who signed up for the Photoshop Photography Program weren't Creative Cloud subscribers before.

Some of the 92 respondents who are Creative Cloud subscribers just changed subscriptions to the Photoshop Photography Program: 17 percent moved from a Photoshop-only subscription and 9 percent moved from the full Creative Cloud subscription, which costs $50 per month but offers Adobe's entire array of software.

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Survey: Did cheaper Photoshop subscriptions win you over?

Adobe Systems has been more aggressive of late with its subscription plans, and we'd like to know if you think they're worth it.

That's right: It's time for the fourth Adobe survey in a series that CNET and analyst firm Jefferies are running to try to gauge customer sentiment about Adobe's products and its transition to a subscription company.

Click the link above if you want to take the survey, but here's a preview of one part: We'd like to know if you signed up for Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program.

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