Crave giveaway: Cowon Auto Capsule AC1 dashboard camera

Congrats to Jean F. of Gainesville, Fla., for scoring a Crux360 iPad case with Bluetooth keyboard in last week's giveaway.

Do a lot of driving? You and your car (and your insurance company) will love this week's freebie, a Cowon Auto Capsule AC1 dashboard camera.

The 2-megapixel cam with a 16:9 wide screen records and stores high-resolution 1,280x720-pixel high-definition footage in real time at 30 frames per second. When the device's internal accelerometer detects a shock, it automatically captures a video clip ("see, a Tasmanian devil really did dash in front of me!"). … Read more

Cowon C2 shows hope that you still care about FLAC

Ah, remember when people cared about the audio quality of their portable devices? Before our gadgets all became platforms for Angry Birds and Facebook status updates, the killer app was music playback.

The fine people over at Cowon are either blissfully unaware that the iPod era has ended, or are taking a long shot by pretending this whole smartphone and tablet thing is just a phase.

As evidence, we have photos of the Cowon C2 portable media player. As a successor to the Cowon D2, this latest version promises excellent audio quality, a generous assortment of format support (though no … Read more

Android Atlas Weekly 35: Opposable thumbs don't really work for us (podcast)

Android guys Antuan Goodwin and Justin Eckhouse get grossed out by the Playstation phone, are confused at the Facebook phone, and take a look at a two-screened Transformer of a phone. Our latest How To video shows you how to free space for apps on Froyo and we answer your questions about the Motorola Atrix and Xoom on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

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Android might not be the best-selling OS in smartphones more

Cowon's D3 Android player, hands-on

Any hard-core audiophiles out there probably have a soft spot in their hearts for Cowon. The Korea-based manufacturer made an early splash in the iPod era with products like the iAudio X5 and the D2 and their exhaustive spec sheets, supporting every file format under the sun and propping them up with a wide array of sound enhancement tools.

And while most manufacturers have fled the field of dedicated portable media players, Cowon has bravely (or foolishly) decided to stick it out. Cowon's latest device is the Cowon D3, a $370 premium portable media player running a heavily skinned version of Android 2.1, packed with 32GB of storage.

As expected, it sounds wonderful, and features the full suite of JetEffect sound presets Cowon is known for. Codec support is outstanding for both audio and video, the latter of which supports resolutions of up to 1080p. Other features include FM radio, a Web browser, e-mail, calendar, photos, and all that Android typically brings. Well...almost.… Read more

Cowon V5 supports HDMI, DivX, and WTF?

The Cowon V5 is a portable video player with flexible audio and video format support, HD video output capabilities, and a pocket-size design that's roughly the same dimensions as an iPod Classic. Unfortunately, those are about the only good things we have to say about it.

Overpriced at $299 (16GB) and $369 (32GB), the Cowon V5 plays out like a case study in how not to design a touch-screen user interface. 

Some design elements are just goofy and harmless, such as the progress bar used on audio and video playback that features a lovelorn man running toward a … Read more

MP3 Insider 184: Insert lyrics here (podcast)

This week, Donald and Jasmine discuss a monumental smackdown between the Beats Solo by Dr. Dre and the Bose On-Ear Headphones. OK, maybe not quite monumental, but it is certainly interesting. Of course, if you think we're going to reveal the outcome without making you suffer through all three judges' rantings on the matter, you're sorely mistaken. Also on tap for this week: Cowon trots out a new video player, V-Moda makes an appearance with some new iPhone-friendly headphones, and Real takes a huge, industry-changing beating from the MPAA-holes. Plus, what exactly do the MP3 Insiders think about keeping all our media in the cloud? Tune in to find out.

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