T-Mobile's tech chief: I want to decimate Verizon's map ad campaign

T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have an increasingly complicated relationship.

The two companies are in the middle of closing a deal in which T-Mobile would get valuable wireless spectrum for $3.3 billion, a move that would aid its ability to offer coverage in rural and less populated regions of the country. Yet that isn't stopping T-Mobile from directing its sights at Verizon.

The latest attack: questioning the validity of Verizon's long-running campaign featuring coverage maps of all four carriers (of which Verizon, unsurprisingly, comes out looking far better than its competitors).

"I want to decimate that ad … Read more

Verizon CEO: Our NY wireless problems are nearly fixed

Verizon has been "fortifying" its wireless network in New York and addressing the coverage problems there, according to CEO Lowell McAdam.

"We're now back to where we want to be," he said during an investor conference on Monday.

His comments come nearly a month after Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo acknowledged that Verizon was facing wireless network pressure in big cities.

McAdam, however, specifically referred to the issues in New York, which he called "its own beast" of a market.

The company identified 49 cell sites in the New York area that have … Read more

The carriers' not-so-secret weapon to improve cell service

When it comes to building out a network to deliver high-speed wireless service, size increasingly doesn't matter.

In fact, the wireless industry, which usually thinks big, has been buzzing about something a bit more diminutive. Wireless executives can't go through a public speech without mentioning them, tech conferences devote whole sections toward them, and one trade group has named itself after the technology in order to draft behind the growing hype.

They're called small cells, and they're poised to dramatically improve your wireless service, bringing higher speeds and more capacity to networks that are facing ever-increasing … Read more

The 404 1,253: Where there ain't nothing wrong with a little Bjork and grind (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- New app helps prevent Icelanders from sleeping with their relatives.

- Dudes: stop making the same face in every photo, or, a gentleman's guide to the selfie.

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The 404 1,251: Where we find the cipher in the sound (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Did 4chan just find the Boston Marathon bomber?.

- 4chan's Boston bombing Google Doc culls photos, speculation, and accusations.

- Internet tough guys and girls already pointing fingers at the Middle East. Response: "Please don't let it be a Muslim."

- Beating conspiracy theorists at their own game.

- Using Microsoft Photosynth to recreate a panoramic photo of the bombsite.

- Encode hidden messages in your Facebook pics with "Secretbook" extension.

- Demonic portraits and other evils lurking beneath waves of musical spectrograms.… Read more

Where to watch Obama's inauguration online

President Obama was sworn in for his second term today in a quiet ceremony at the White House. But it was a simple prelude to the festivities that will take place tomorrow when Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are sworn in outside of the U.S. Capital before hundreds of thousands of spectators -- and countless more who will be tuning in online to watch the event.

The last presidential inauguration ceremony in 2009 was considered by many to be the most interactive ever. But thanks to multimedia content -- including the return of high-resolution satellite imagery from GeoEyeRead more

No. 1 factor in selecting wireless service? Network coverage

You can buy the coolest and most advanced smartphone out there. But if you can't get a wireless signal, it's not worth much to you.

In this edition of Ask Maggie, I offer some advice to a reader about picking a wireless service provider based on which one offers the best coverage. I also explain to another reader why, even though the Verizon iPhone 5 is unlocked, it won't work on any other 4G LTE networks.

Coverage, coverage, coverage

Dear Maggie, I've loved my iPhone ever since I got it in June last year, and absolutely … Read more

Web site presents 'all sides' of election news (podcast)

John Gable doesn't believe that there is really such a thing as objective journalism. "There's a great group of reporters that have really tried to be unbiased but as an individual," he said, "it's impossible to do that and do that reliably."

He feels that voters would be better off if they knew where writers and editorial organizations are coming from, so he built a "bias engine" to calculate that so his new site,, can link to articles from the left, right, and center "and bring the best … Read more

The best iPad carrier for you

As Apple's first 4G LTE-compatible device, the new iPad has a lot riding on its wings. And because it costs a pretty penny, it makes sense to consider every issue--including which 4G network is right for you.

Whether you know it or not, no two carriers are exactly alike. The same goes for AT&T and Verizon. Although both offer 4G and international roaming (but not on 4G LTE bands), there are different caveats and benefits to each, making for two different iPad experiences. Read on if you want to know what these two companies have to offer (… Read more

Do yourself a favor, get AppleCare+ for the new iPad

If you were one of the millions following along today (hopefully on CNET's Live Blog) as Apple released its latest iteration of the iPad and have now decided you must buy it, be sure to add AppleCare+ to your order (pricing has not yet been made available).

First, everyone should know what sort of coverage is offered with every new iPad purchase. For included coverage, Apple shows that it truly believes in its products. Your new iPad will get one year of hardware coverage against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. That means, if your hard drive dies, some of your … Read more